Trendy Tuesday – Three Dimensional Paper Crafts

 Trendy Tuesday – Three Dimensional Paper Crafts
By Colleen Harshaw

Three dimensional paper crafts can open up a whole other world of paper crafting for those who have previously only done stamping or scrapbooking.  Shadow boxes, gift packaging, home decor, and stationary holders are just a few of the things that you can find samples of online.  Different techniques are employed than those you typically use in other forms of paper crafting.  When creating 3D projects you will do a lot of scoring and red line tape will become your trusted friend!  It gives you the strong bond that is required for 3D projects to remain stable.

Lately, I have noticed that crafters are crossing over into using more fabrics and felts as well.  Many die cutting machines will successfully cut felt or other fabric, giving you many more options for your crafty creations!  I have one such sample below.

This is a home decor project.  A simple pillow cover was made to cover a standard pillow form.  A rolled rose die was used to cut felt, which was then used to create the roses that were hot glued to the front of the pillow.  The frame was also cut out using a scalloped frame die and then a simple bow was added.  Overall, this project was fairly simple to create, but the finished product looks very sophisticated!

TT9-1Project created by Joanne Basile for

If you take the time to search online, you can even find some free tutorials for 3D projects.  Our very own Andrea has some projects posted that go back to the time before The Paper Crafter’s Library came to be!  This next project is one of Andrea’s ‘oldie but goodies’.  The tutorial can be found at

Another great resource for tutorials is  You can register for free, and a wealth of information is available on that site!

 TT9-2Project created by Andrea Walford for

In addition to online tutorials, there are sometimes templates available for download too.  Some templates are free, some are available for purchase, and there are still others that can be purchased as ‘cut files’ to be used with certain electronic die cutting machines.  If you want to know more about cut files or how to manipulate, size, or use them, I am NOT your girl!  I simply want to make you aware that they exist!  I am afraid that that is all a bit too ‘techie’ for me.  I really like the feel of the paper in my hands, and (for me) the cutting and glueing process is all part of the paper crafting experience!  For that reason, I have not jumped to try digital scrapbooking either.  Maybe some day I will get there, but I am not there yet!

This next project was also created by Andrea.  She calls it the Circle Easter Treat Box Tutorial and it can also be found at  There is no reason that this has to remain an Easter Treat Box; use your imagination!  Go wild and make it a Christmas Treat Box, or if you are feeling really daring, you could make it into a party favour treat box! *wink*

 TT9-3Project created by Andrea Walford for

This next project was created by a woman named Lauren Meader.  Many of you may already know of her.  She is the 3D packaging queen!  She loves creating pretty packaging so much that she has created a whole business out of the hobby.  She has many items for sale, and you simply have to google her name to find out more.  Back before Lauren built her packaging business, she did create and post some free tutorials.  One of the very first tutorials she posted was this Purse and Wallet Gift Set.  The tutorial can be found at

TT9-4Project created by Lauren Meader

This next project is another created by Lauren Meader.  She calls it the Boxed Bag Holder.  You could use it for many different purposes by simply switching out your patterned paper and changing the focal image.  You can also find this tutorial posted online at

TT9-5Project created by Lauren Meader

These next two photos are of another Lauren Meader project.  Masculine themed gifts can be SO difficult to make!  I know many of you feel the same way because it is such a common discussion!  This project is a small 3D toolbox.  The handle of the toolbox is made by a pencil, and the box itself is large enough to fit a giftcard or other small gift inside.  Isn’t it adorable?

 TT9-6Project created by Lauren Meader

TT9-7Project created by Lauren Meader

 Next I have an adorable little post-it note holder to share with you.  There are various different ways to make post-it note holders, many of which are available online.  With a few minutes of research, you will be surprised with what you can come up with!  These make cute little favours for birthday parties or showers.

TT9-8 Photo credit to the

These fun little owl candy holders are a first for me.  I hadn’t seen them before, but they really are adorable!  With the popularity of birds and owls in papercrafting over the last several seasons, these little cuties come in right on trend!  Although I can’t say for certain, it looks like the head of the owls could have been created using the Stampin’ Up! Top Note Bigz Die.  The wings are made from scalloped circles and the eyes are regular circles.  All in all, not too difficult to replicate!

TT9-9Photo credit to

OK, I am not going to lie; I think this next 3D paper creation is awesome!  It looks just like a real picnic basket!  I have no idea how it was made, as I found the photo on Pinterest, but I would love to learn.

TT9-10Photo credit to

I have a large binder full of tutorials that I have printed off from various stamping and scrapbooking sites on the internet.  I tell myself that someday I am going to have the time to create each and every one of them!  I don’t know how soon that time will come, but I think I will have a lot of fun with the exercise once I begin!  I encourage you all to give some of these tutorials a try too.  Hand made packaging makes a gift that much more special, so why not give it a try?

Have fun crafting!



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