Today we are very pleased to introduce you to Nunn Designs a company created by designer Becky Nunn which offers gorgeous handcrafted jewellery findings.

We came across Nunn Designs at CHA earlier this month and were very impressed with their creations.  Although all the pieces were displayed in the form of jewellery, what struck us was how easily the products could cross over into our paper crafting, hand crafted home decor and mixed media work.  While the projects that Becky and designer Cheryl Spector created are in the form of jewellery, they can easily be adapted for other uses as well – attaching them to altered journals and books, embedding them in mixed media canvases, using them as charms in altered art etc.

What we really loved about the Nunn Design projects is that there were so many different levels of difficulty.  Personally I have been considering trying my hand at jewellery making for awhile now, but always felt quite intimidated.  In visiting the Nunn Design booth, Becky made it seem so approachable and so do-able.  You’ll see that in the projects being featured today, as well as in the video tutorial. We specifically asked Becky to showcase projects that would be great starter projects for those of you wanting to dip your feet into this fun new world.

The Nunn Design website is their wholesale site for online retailers. We’ve linked to it so that you can easily view their entire product line in one place. There are numerous places where you can purchase Nunn Design products including Etsy and many other online stores. Click on the link HERE and it will take you to the Nunn Designs product locater page on their site.

The website also includes videos on each of their collections.  Click HERE to view each collection.

And, we also have a special give-a-way for you!!  Please leave a comment below this blog post about Nunn Designs and you enter to win a chance to win the fabulous give-a-way pictured below.  A few samples of Nunn Design products.

JunnFall 2012 Giveaway


Remember, each comment you leave is one entry, so be sure to visit today not only for the great project idea, but also to enter your name into our give-aways.

About Nunn Designs

It began in the expansive wilds of Alaska. There, in the land of the midnight sun, Rebecca Nunn first discovered her budding sensibilities  as an artist, and entrepreneur. Shaped by the unhurried passage of time and breathtaking natural beauty around her, Rebecca  developed a deep love for the road less traveled — the unrushed exploration of hidden byways, beckoning with undiscovered  treasures. This, coupled with a burning desire to craft and create became the foundation for what would one day be Nunn Design® .   Drawn into the wider world at age 17, Rebecca received a scholarship that brought her to the north of Italy where she lived for 12  months as a foreign exchange student. There, she was surrounded by brand new forms of beauty, and a sensory richness she’d never  before experienced: the enchantment of Renaissance iconography, gilt metal hooks, skeleton keys, gold leaf frames, antique  clocks, and the moment-to-moment flow of artistic exploration. It was a year that changed Rebecca’s life, and fueled her full immersion  into graphic design, art, and entrepreneurship. Adventures to Australia, Bali, and other parts of Europe followed over the ensuing  years, each trip yielding new inspirations. Ultimately, Rebecca returned to the Pacific Northwest filled with the passion to create  a special kind of company — one that would foster connection, build community, and facilitate the creation of beauty.

Today, Nunn Design® is the realization of that dream: a small company, producing findings of the highest quality, with generational  artisans based in the United States. Our vibrant, extended family produces uniquely classic, handcrafted pieces, each individually  inspected down to the detail. And all of this is driven by Nunn Design® brand’s commitment to supporting the individuality  and creative vision of each of you, our esteemed customers and enthusiasts. We are devoted to fostering the inspired expression of your distinctive voice. And we are honored and delighted to help you follow your art.

Nunn Design Creations

Today we have with us Nunn Design Designer Becky Nunn and design team member Cheryl Spector. You will find their projects below, but first here is a little bit about each of them:

BeckyheadshotBecky Nunn’s mission as the founder and owner of Nunn Design is; “Through collaborative relationships, Nunn Design inspires and nurtures creativity”.  Becky believes that everyone is creative and that we are born with natural abilities and a desire to express ourselves in some creative form or another.

To be inspired and nurtured, visit Nunn Design at



Cheryl lives on the Olympic Peninsula with her partner (now fiancé) and their toy poodle, LuCee.

She is a member of the Nunn Design Team and has been a life-long crafter. Cheryl enjoys creative expression in many forms – cooking, decorating, making stuff, and now jewelry making – the process of creating brings her happiness and joy.




 Nunn Designs Jewelry

There are three pieces below.  This first piece from Becky is a ball chain necklace.
I love the Antique Copper and all the darling little charms.



Becky’s Piece 1
Supply list for Ball Chain Necklace

bcs-cb Ball Chain Small – Antique Copper
oftt-cb Ornate Flat Tag Tablet – Antique Copper
mdr-cb Medallion Reconciler – Antique Copper
ylpcc-b Young Lily Petal Charm – Antique Copper
fccc-b Flower Crystal Charm – Antique Copper
flcc-b Fleur Charm– Antique Copper
jr9tc-cb Jumpring 9mm Textured Circle – Antique Copper
tsdw- Transfer Sheet Decorative Word
gel du soleil

How it was Created:
A transfer sheet was affixed to the ornate flat tag and then a bit of gel du soleil was used on top for a waterproof finish.  All pieces were attached to the ball chain using jumprings.


The next piece from Cheryl is a lovely Bangle Bracelet. It’s so elegant and would dress up any outfit!


Cheryl’s Piece 2
Supply List for Bangles Bracelets

bbfs-sb – Bangle Bracelet Flat Small – Antique Silver
jr9tc-sb – jumpring 9mm textured circle – Antique Silver
ctc-sb- Crest Tag Circle no hole – Antique Silver
lower case letter stamping set
sharpie marker
ompcs-sb – Ornate mini pendant circle single loop – Antique Silver
tangerine metal paint from Christi Friesen line
gel du soleil

How it was Created:
This is piece has multiple techniques. First I made a mold from a vintage button using silicone-molding compound. Then using white crystal clay, I filled the ornate mini pendant with the mixed crystal clay. Then I used my mold to make the impression in the clay.  Once the clay had cured for a while (probably about 4 hours) I used a bit of the tangerine dye-oxide from Christi Friesen to colorize the clay. Then I let that dry for about and hour or so. Once it was dry I applied a layer of the UV resin, gel du soleil and allowed it to cure under the UV lamp. Then I took the crest tag circles and metal stamped the letters (my nephews’ initials) on each tag. I used a sharpie to darken the letter and wiped off the excess with a baby wipe. After that, I attached each charm to the bangles using a textured jumpring.


Now we have Cheryls other.  It really catches your eye, the colors are wonderful.


Cheryl’s Pieces
Supply List for Tree Pendant

lpr-sb – Large Pendant Rectangle in Antique Silver
crystal clay – latte
turquoise Chatons
coral Chatons
sfcc-sb – Small Fine Cable Chain – Antique Silver
gel du soleil
Non – Nunn Item – Tree Charm with bail trimmed off

How it was Created:
How I made: I used ball of mixed crystal clay and pressed it into the large pendant rectangle. Then I placed the trimmed charm into the clay and embedded the Chatons. When the piece had cured for a while (about 3 – 4 hours) I applied a layer of our UV Resin – Gel du Soleil.


Bezels with Epoxy Clay & Chaton Crystals Video Tutorial


Take a look a this short video tutorial below filmed by Becky showing you how to create some these gorgeous bezels using her Epoxy Clay & Chaton Crystals.

Check out a great video tutorial on Beaducation showing you how to make jewelry using UV resin (the piece shown below) by clicking HERE.  The UV resin is what Cheryl used in making her pendant.




How to Enter the Give-Away

JunnFall 2012 Giveaway As mentioned at the beginning of this post, Nunn Designs is graciously giving away this set of jewellery findings which contains 58 individual pieces valued at over $40.  To enter the give-away please post your comment in the comments section of this post.  We’d love to hear about whether or not you have done any jewellery making of your own, or whether you’ve incorporated these types of pieces into your cards, scrapbook layouts, home decor pieces, altered art, art journals, mixed media pieces etc.

This give-away is open for one week – the winner will be announced next Wednesday.  Please ensure that when you leave your comment you include your email address (it is kept private) because we will need that to contact you if you are the winner.

We also encourage you to take a minute to visit the Nunn Designs Blog – please leave them a comment letting them know that we sent you , and then we encourage you to look around as they have LOTS of fantastic project ideas as well additional video tutorials. It is only through the generosity and kindness of sponsors like Nunn Designs that we are able to offer YOU – our fantastic audience – these give-aways so we appreciate you showing your support here and on their blog.



108 replies on “Nunn Designs With Designer Becky Nunn & A Give-Away”

  1. I have not made any jewellery pieces, but use items from jewellry maiking for my scrapbook pages. I would love to win this to use on my pages, and maybe try a necklace. the peices created above are very inspiring. thanks for the chance to win.

  2. Great pieces! I’m especially liking the bracelet and the tree necklace! I have made some bracelets and necklaces for myself and while I haven’t incorporated much of my jewelry makings into papercrafting, it’s always a possibility.

  3. Great designs! I can think of a million ideas and uses for such a great product!! Would love to win!!

  4. I love to use charms and jewelry findings in my papercrafting projects, and I’m just starting to get into jewelry making. Glad to learn about Nunn Designs—they’re just my style! Can’t wait to learn more from them!

  5. i have made some jewelry before, i enjoyed making bead earrings or charms for necklaces

    this jewelry is beautiful!

  6. Just lovely. Cards and minibooks are my papercrafting choices, and jewelry embellishments give such a design complexity. I hope your introduction gives them a new market for their lovely things. Winning would be a gift, not simply luck.

  7. Jewelry making is my passion, these fantastic components would make me happy for my birthday and beyond 🙂
    So many ideas and possibilities – crystal clay, chattons, resin!!
    I adore Nunn Designs for the superb quality and beauty

  8. I especially love the tree design pendant. I’ve used a few of the Nunn Design components and look forward to using more in my future designs. Looking at these designs really gets the creative juices flowing!

  9. fantastic pieces, as always!
    Nunn Designs components are so versatile and wonderful, I would love to play with these!
    I am new to jewelry making but it is developing to a real passion 🙂

  10. Love Nunn Designs. Have used several of their pendants in my jewelry designs. Great products.

  11. I love the charms. I do scrapbooking and cardmarking and would love to have some of these on my cards…

  12. I am a jewelry designer in the begining phases. I do hold a full time job and also have a 14 mo old baby girl. I currently sell at 2 local shops, via my facebook page, and I do custom orders for people as well. I balance my work, home, jewelry careers very carefully and am excited to be able to grow my small jewelry hobby / business as well as I have been able to while maintainining the joy in it. I started using Nunn Designs through Lima Beads website orders and loved these pieces. Now I have a direct account and can purchase wholesale through my company name. So far I have done many resin bezels with the nunn bezel frames and sheets as well as stone / crystal beaded necklaces using toggles, jump rings , pins, and chain all from Nunn. I especially love the copper, antique silver, and antique gold findings.

    Thanks for a chance to win some more goodies to experiment with! Becky 🙂

  13. I have been to Alaska twice. It is a beautiful and inspiring place. I love these jewelry pieces and hope my name gets picked. None better than Nunn.

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  29. I love adding little trinkets to my cards and scrap book pages. One of my grand-daughters uses the trinkets by adding jump rings and lobster claw rings and makes little charm bracelets out of “Grandma Rosie’s” cards.

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  35. Love their pendants! Really lovely. I have not used their products in my jewelry making, but have made necklaces, bracelets and a few earrings to sell at my booth and craft fairs. Nunn Design items look like they are very high quality. Thanks.

  36. Yes, I have made jewelry, I use the bracelets that i no longer use and I use them in the mini albums that I made.

  37. Wow! The jewelry pieces are just beautiful.. I love the findings and have so many ideas on how to use them if I were to win. I do make jewelry and also use findings in my paper crafting. Thank you for the opportunity to win.

  38. I have been teaching myself to make jewellery since I was medically retired. It is very therapeutic and rewarding. Becky and her team are amazing talented and so friendly. Winning any Nunn components is a massive treat and will definitely inspire your creative muse!

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    Thanks for the introduction PCL!

  44. I love to jewellery make, as well as card make, and quite often I incorporate the two together, especially if I have leftover pieces. I haven’t done anything with resin, but it really intrigues me and is the next step I would like to take.

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  51. I absolutely love the girls from Nunn Designs creations! I have dabbled a little in making some jewelry pieces and have loved playing and creating! I’ve made a few bracelets and a necklace as well as played with glass tiles and reduced photos to make pendants and key fobs. I would love the opportunity to play with their products and run wild with my imagination. I know I’m in the US and not Canada but would still really LOVE to win this beautiful “gift” from you and Nunn Designs! I also really enjoy all of your newsletters and your featured designers. I’ve learned so much from you over these last few years! Thank you for all you girls do! 🙂

  52. I absolutely LOVE Nunn Designs! They have the most amazing products! I have been a jewelry designer for almost 3 yrs, and I use A LOT of thier components. I would so love to win this awesome giveaway! Pretty please count me in! Thanks a bunch!

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  54. Beautiful pieces. Nunn design always blows me away! I made some ‘Nunn’ pieces for my mum’s neighbour for Christmas 2012 gifts. This is a lovely giveaway & i wish everyone the best of luck!

  55. Lovely pieces of jewelry. Nunn Designs is top quality–I have some of their components.

  56. I am finally back. I saw the link to your site and give-a-way and came over to look. Seeing what it was, and seeing all the kinds of things you offer, AND seeing the videos, I had to go explore. I love this kind of jewelry and crafting! I see so many possibilities. I haven’t done a lot of jewelry making because I am not very experienced but your website certainly makes it easier. Thanks for new opportunities!

  57. Have made fun jewellery with my grandkids but not pieces of this calibre. However, I do include pieces in my crafts, especially to special people in my life. The Nunn Designs are most impressive.

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  59. I was just looking at some jewelry made out of pop tops. I am getting interested in something new to me. my husband recycles cans and in his quest for cans he sometimes brings pieces of jewelry home to me. This is a great site for jewelry ideas. Thanks

  60. I’m familiar with Nunn Designs products and have used some in my jewelry pieces. I am intrigued by this clay! I have ideas bouncing all round my head. Rings!!!! I bet you could put some texture on that clay then use a charm to make a great ring. I wonder if you can color it with alcohol inks? I have used metal clays before but they are rather pricey for me right now. I was thinking of using polymer clay but now I wonder if this cvlay might not be more practical for me? I would love to win this great giveaway and play and play and play. Thanks for the opportunity.

  61. I’m a huge fan of Nunn Design and have made many gorgeous pieces with Nunn Design components (this avatar is one). Top notch quality. Top notch company. The winner of this pack will be super happy.

  62. I made my first stick pin recently and placed it on a birthday card. I have been tempted since then to join a make your own jewelry club, but not sure how to incorporate findings etc on my cards. It is an expense I’m not sure I want to incur. I watched your video on making the rhinestone bracelet, very inspirational. Thank you.

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  64. It has been a few years since I made any jewellery but this has inspired me to return to the craft.

  65. I have. It made jewelry, except for one make’n take at a Crop ‘n Create. I do not incorporate jewelry. Not my scrapbooking but I love the look.

  66. Wow! What a beautiful bracelet! Looks so easy to make and turns out spectacular! this would be a great asset to my book projects that I have been making.

  67. I’ve made simple jewelry (earrings and stringing necklaces) for years to wear at work. Now that I recently retired, I have the time, and I think it would be fun to expand my skills and learn to use Nunn Design products. The demonstration video was inspiring. The results are pretty. I have not mixed my jewelry making with papercrafting yet, but I see how I could. It would be fun to win the Nunn Design kit!

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  71. I have just started dabbling in jewelry making and love the inspiration I’m finding. It is so easy to create unique designs with the wonderful variety of whimsical and vintage accessories and findings! I find Nunn Designs to be particularly charming!! Thank you for the opportunity to win a fantastic assortment of pieces. It would be a thril to win!! Be especially blessed, Kathy

  72. What an inspiring range of findings. Nunn Designs really do have designers who know how to present their

    items in a way that make us all feel we could do just as well with their products. The designs reflect classical

    and modern interpretations and the range has something to appeal to everyone.

    What a generous offer – good luck everyone!

  73. Congratulations Cheryl – I love your work. Nunn Designs creates such beautiful findings and charms – etc. Their project instructions are always easy to follow and they offer great inspirational ideas. Great giveaway!

  74. NUNN DESIGNS has wonderful findings for Victorian Cards and scrapbook pages. I love all the do dah’s and adding bits of lace and vintage stamp designs to my cards. In our instant everything world the vintage items make you feel more connected when you use them.
    Love to win the collection.

  75. I’m just getting into jewelry design and I’ve been oogling Nunn Designs for months. I like working in polymer clay and Swellegant metal paints, so I think there could be so much to do adding patinas to the beautiful Nunn Design components, and filling those little bezels with polymer clay textures. I only wish that the whole Nunn design catalog was available somewhere – it seems that e-shops carry a little of this and a little of that, but its a little tantalizing not knowing that there is one go-to place to find the whole line. However – it looks like you’re giving away quite the goody bag! Thanks for the chance to win!

  76. I have been making jewellery for a while now, recently I have started to discover the delights of card making. I find many lovely embellishments are inspiring for both. These lovely copper pieces from Nunn Design are wonderful, I really hope I win, Chris

  77. I have never done any jewelry making but would love to start, with 3 daughters 19, 13, 10 it might be a handy hobby for all of us…love the ideas you have shown here…would love to win!!!! Thanks


  78. WOW! I love the pieces, so Could see them on my off the page. But the thing that really got me humming – NO MIX RESIN! COOL! Just have to sort out a UV light to set it that will work over here, and I WILL be getting me some of that!!!!!!!!!

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    Meeee please,
    Gina O

  80. I have been looking for simple bezels for some. I found them at an Archivers- not where I expected to find jewelry findings. Can’t wait to use them.

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