Trendy Tuesday – Fluttering Butterflies

Ah, spring, I love it once the tornado strength winds die down… My life spent working in the insurance industry in the midwestern United States makes this time of year a little exciting some times, so I breathe a sigh of relief when stormy skies give way to sunny, breezy days with flowers blooming and wildlife taking […]

Trendy Tuesday – Mmmm…Coffee

 Trendy Tuesday – Mmmm…Coffee by Katherine Elliot Pardon me today as I am going to be completely self-indulgent.  I’m obsessed with coffee.  I live for that aroma that greets me in the morning, preparing me for whatever the day has in store.  I don’t think I’m alone.  Many companies have found it easy to cater […]

Trendy Tuesday – Subway Art

  Trendy Tuesday – Subway Art by Katherine Elliot For many a paper craft project, sometimes it is all about the sentiment.  Want to focus all the attention on the sentiment on your card?  Then display your carefully chosen words with a trendsetting “subway art” style. The subway art trend is frequently shown as a block of words with […]

Trendy Tuesday – Watercolor

 Watercolor by Katherine Elliot Technique trends offer fun ways to expand your creativity.  Watercolor techniques are some of the hottest coloring trends out there, so I’m excited to share some terrific examples from some extremely talented people showcasing this fun technique.  Take a look… Card by Susie Wittwer, image source ProCraftination  Using water based inks, […]

Trendy Tuesday – On an Angle

On an Angle by Katherine Elliot Many trends are not just fun doo-dads or new products we find to buy and add to our projects.  Trends often come straight from the wonderful imagination and creative abilities found in the wide world of paper crafting.    Searching card sketches and scrapbook layouts are great places to find such […]

Trendy Tuesday – Stencils

Trendy Tuesday – Stencils by Katherine Elliot Paper crafters, have no fear of creating a project which results in ink all over your table or fingers. Ink stained fingers are a rite of passage, even part of the creative process for this craft.  Embrace some hands on time with your ink using the fun crafting tools of stencils!  Okay, some […]

Trendy Tuesday – Pretty Paper Doilies

Trendy Tuesday – Pretty Paper Doilies by Katherine Elliot Full of feminine grace, the delicate doily is a lovely decoration for many occasions.  From romantic Valentines to any project that could use a pretty textured layer, you can find doilies adorning many trendy projects lately.  Here’s a few projects to be inspired by and to enjoy… French […]

Trendy Tuesday – Paper Piercing

Trendy Tuesday – Paper Piercing by Katherine Elliot Today’s post features a technique that has been a personal favorite of mine for some time, paper piercing.  This is a simple technique, however, depending on how elaborate a design you want to make, it can take some patience.  The paper craft artists featured today have some […]