Technique Thursday: Gradated Wash


 Today, we are looking at a very beautiful and versatile technique in the watercolor family.  It is called the gradated wash, and is perfect for showing of the beauty of a sunrise or sunset, or the mysterious duskiness of evening or dawn before the sun rises.  If you like to portray a certain moodiness in your backgrounds, then this will be the technique for you!  In order to master this technique, it is recommended that you first master the flat wash which was featured in last week’s Club 52 project. It requires a certain timing and rythm, which once mastered, will never be forgotten.  You will find yourself using this technique again and again, to achieve beautiful professional results!

 The Lighthouse project on the left, shows the beautiful one color gradated wash.  The Sun over the mountain tag, shows the dreaminess and versatility of the two color gradated wash.  Both are timeless and unforgettable.

 It you are not already a member of Club 52, then please check it out.  It is a year long class (Free to PCL members) which shows a new technique each week, for a total of 52 techniques.  For more information, please check it out HERE.