My Craft Room

ETA:  I thought I would just answer a couple of the questions posted.  The whole room is actually only 12′ x 26′ and is only a portion of  the downstairs.  We have the downstairs arranged with 2 bedrooms, a playroom, laundry and bathroom, then my own area.  It is nice because I can look through the french doors and keep an eye on the kids playing in the playroom.  The Punches are actually on IKEA towel racks.  My husband mounted them to the wall, and they are perfect for holding the punches.  They were mounted on studs for extra strength.  I will get the name of the company who we got the paper shelves from, I just need to dig through my receipts.  Oh, and that cute little guys name is Malachi. He is almost 2 years old, and quite the little busy body.  He likes to come marching in, and start flipping the switches on the powerbars lol.  As for the cubhoard…… I stuffed everything in them before taking the pictures lol.Well wonder of wonders, and miracle of miracles, I actually finally cleaned up my space, and kept it clean, long enough to take pictures of it lol.  I have been asked to do so several times, and I have promised to do so multiple times, but somehow I have not until now accomplished it!  Well here it is!  It is my pride and joy, and a testament to my husbands love for me.  He spent countless hours planning and arranging this room, as well as doing the ordering from the United States.  Getting those acrylic shelves was like pulling teeth for him.  He had to arrange for a broker, beg plead and conjole the company to ship them to Canada and basically go through a huge headache.  So to my husband……. Thank you with all my heart, and as for me…. I feel like the luckiest woman alive.  So here it is, my studio!

Our house is a raised ranch, so my studio is actually downstairs.  You start by going through some double french doors.

The first thing you will see is my table which my husband designed for me.  It is huge, on casters so that I can move it around.  The cubbies accomadate items greater then 12″ high.  The entire surface is 4′ x 8′, with a solid butcher block top and a glass top over this to protect it.  The table can be taken apart so that I could take it with me if we were to move.

Right behind my table are the cabinets.  It gives me a ton of storage space.  The top cupboard is all shelved, and the bottom cabinets have one shelf each, and a roll out open drawer.  The counter top is used for tools, my Copics, printer and computer.

You can see in this shot, my punches on the wall, and my table top.  One side is for working, the other is for filming, and my beloved paper racks are along the side wall.

On the other side of my table, you will see how my husband designed it to have one cupboard where I store all my digital and regular die machines.  The rest of the space in the table is drawers for my tools and embellishments.

The other end of the room is designed as the entertainment area, social area, and a great place to deposit my magazines and cards.  Sadly my husband did not realize how much stuff I have, so one of those cabinets houses all the different types of paper and extra’s of supplies for when I run out… sorry baby, I guess they should have added in the vows ” through sickness and through health, through stuff, and more stuff, till death do us part” !

Ok so this is my extra slat wall on the other side.  Eventually I will order little acrylic shelves for displaying projects, and little bins for all my bits and pieces. There is my youngest son again sneaking into the photo’s lol.

So this is my last shot.  This is my view from where I sit.  Heaven’s know that I spend a ton of time here.  While the room is not quite finished ( my husband would like to frame and mount some of my scrapbook photo’s) it is still the most amazing room I have ever owned! 

So to everyone, here it is, and I hope you enjoy looking into my space. It is my little slice of heaven!


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  1. Wow, how gorgeous! I have a great room too, but am totally drooling over your paper storage. Those acrylic shelves are to die for! What a great hubby you have 🙂

  2. WoW! Sophia you are indeed a very lucky lady! Thank you for sharing your fantastic space with us. I for one enjoyed seeing where you create and film.

  3. SOOOO! Beautiful! and organized!
    It was well worth the wait!

    Thank you for sharing!

  4. WOW! I’m totally envious, especially since we just moved in with my parents while we build our new house and I am stuck in a little corner 🙂 Bookmarking this to show my hubby……if he wont build it for me can I please borrow your hubby? He is amazing 🙂 TFS xxx

  5. WOW…..What a fantastic space you have assembled for your papercrafting needs! Every aspect is so well thought out. What an oasis to go to when you want to create…Thank you so much for sharing with us.

  6. AMAZING Sophia! And here I thought I had the Hubby of the year – sounds like mine and yours might be related. The room turned out awesome and I can understand how you love being in your fabulous new room. CONGRATS!

  7. Beautiful, but I want more photos — with the doors and drawers open!!!!! What a lucky lady you are.

  8. Awesome!!!! We have plans to finish our basement, and I’m desperate for some well-organized crafting space. Very jealous 😉

  9. Absolutely fabulous! Who wouldn’t love to have that space? What a wonderful hubby you have. Give him an extra hug from all of us–he deserves it!

  10. WOW!!!! Thank you for sharing. He did a amazing job. You have everything so neatly organized.

  11. What a wonderful craft space! Sounds like great teamwork made it happen. Your little boy made me smile…..what a cutie pie!

  12. Wow I would call that a little slice of heaven too. What a fantastic set up & so wonderful of your husband to help create & order the items that are in it.

  13. Thanks for sharing your workshop studio photos!! You have put every little space to such good use. I love the idea of the table having castors so it can be moved around. Great planning!! Your studio is as big as, if not bigger, than my kitchen and living room combined . Your photos have given me inspiration for better organiziation of my scrapbooking supplies.

  14. Your craft room is beautiful! With all of your wonderful creations, you deserve a room like this! Thank you for sharing!

  15. GORGEOUS ROOM, ANDREA! Your craft room is a crafter’s dream! I love the layout and how everything is organized. I also love the relaxation area. My room is only one-tenth of this and it’s very messy! LOL! Thank you for sharing your “crafter’s heaven” with us. Lucky girl!

    P.S. Thank you also for sharing your creativity. I have long admired and learned from your creative endeavors!

  16. WOW…awesome; all you need is a little bar fridge for yougrt, grapes, cheese & little yummies & you’re one HAPPY stampin’ mamma!! Tank you for sharing a little bit of heaven & of course, littl’ Sam….he’s the icing on the cake.

  17. I love your craft room. You’re so lucky to have it. what a great husband you have. I love the wall paper racks. that is indeed a wonderful idea. I can’t wait for my craft room. Good luck.

  18. Would you mind sharing how big your room is? Is it the entire bottom half of your house?


  19. What a wonderful studio you have! I love your worktable, it looks absolutely solid. Sounds like your husband is just as creative as you are. TFS

  20. What a great room. I am intrigued of how you classified your papers. It seems my biggest problem


  21. What an inspiring place to ‘hang out’, Sophia! Definitely ‘heavenly’. Thanks for sharing your photos and for such a fabulous ‘tour’. 🙂

  22. WOW, beautiful and organizing. BRAVO to you and your husband.

  23. Thank you Sophia for sharing your awesome creative space with us! It truly is an inspiration. Thanks also for the cards and other creations you contribute.

    1. I emailed Andrea asking if she could ask you about the plasitc shelves that hold your paper………Then discovered your comment saying you would look through your receipts to find out where you purchased them.

      Thanks for doing that and I think many of us will wait “patiently” 🙂 for your reply.

  24. How fortunate you are! I have a small bedroom (which is spilling out into the hallway!) ,but I’m happy with it. I’ve come a long way from a two-drawer wash stand! At least I’m upstairs and my hubby can’t see all my purchases! He’s not as supportive as your’s!

  25. Love your studio, everything looks great. You are very fortunate to have this slice of heaven, I can imagine that you never want to leave it!

  26. Amazing room! I love how organized everything seems to be. I have tons of paper and no way to effectively organize it. Sometimes, even though I have them organized by categories that make sense to me, I have to glance through 500 sheets of paper to find just the two I want! I do envy your paper slats. Wish I could afford a system like that! Thanks for sharing, it’s been a treat! 🙂

  27. You and Andrea are quite an inspiration. Love how each of you organize your room and use ALL of your available space while not looking cluttered.

  28. Wow Sophie!! I envy you the cupboards with doors to close. My husband is handy, also, but all my shelving is open and I have various little plastic carts and drawers for storage. I need to get some paper shelves. Mine are in filing folders vertically in cardboard boxes. : ( I so enjoy your and Andrea’s work. (an aside: Your husband and I may be distantly related my 4th great grandma was a Landry from St. Roch and living in Cambden East in 1851. ) : )

  29. The room you created is just fantastic! I showed my husband and told I would love to have a room like this one for my crafts. Thanks for showing your pictures and your ideas. You are one lucky lady to have such a beautiful room. Thanks for sharing.

  30. Wow Sophia!! What a wonder crafting room you have. You have it so well organized. I thought I had a great room but its only 10×16, Also it is a seperate building from my house that my brother built for me. The storage space you have is amazing. Thank you for taking the time out of you busy schedule and family to share with all of us. And..I love all the videos that are shared with us. There is anything you need to know…thanks again!!

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