Trendy Tuesday – Hemp Twine and Linen Thread

Hemp Twine and Linen Thread
By Colleen Harshaw

Welcome back to Trendy Tuesday from the Paper Crafter’s Library!  Today I want to talk about a product that is not a new trend, but it is certainly a trend with longevity!  Hemp Twine and Linen Thread have been out on the market for years, but there must be a lot of love for them out there in the crafting world, because they are still going strong.

Personally, I have used hemp twine and linen thread on scrapbook pages as well as on cards.  I often use these materials when I want one of my projects to have an ‘earthy’ or masculine feel.  When I started browsing around on the internet while doing my research for this article, I was shocked at how many different and creative ways others have used these materials!  There is a lot of crafty eye candy out there just waiting to be discovered!

I have several different projects to show you today, to give you an idea just how versatile these products are.

 Hand crafted by C. Weeks. All images copyright Stampin’ Up!
Photo courtesy of

This sample shows hemp twine being used for stitching on a card, while the basket has a twine embellishment on the handle.  And there are those birds…that is another trend that has been around for a while!

 Created by Denise Marzec of There She Goes
Clear Stamps.  Photo courtesy of

Hemp twine was used as a simple embellishment on this altered picture frame.  This project is a good example of how twine can be used to give that ‘earthy’ feel that I made reference to above.  The twine works beautifully with the flowers!

Created by Tammy of
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In this sample, hemp twine is used on another three dimensional project.  In this case, it is simply wrapped around the box to create texture and visual interest.

 Created by
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This adorable little project uses just a touch of hemp twine to decorate a button center.  This is a common use for hemp twine or linen thread in card making.  Hemp twine and linen thread are very similar, with linen thread being just a bit finer and more pliable.

Created by
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Here we have hemp twine used to hang a Christmas ornament.  Simple, but adorable!

 Created by Christina Fischer for
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I found this cute little Halloween bag on  I was surprised to learn from the supplies listed, that hemp twine comes in colored versions too!  On this project, Christina used both black and white hemp twine.

 Created by Jodi of
Image courtesy of

Here is a sample of linen thread used on a card.  As I mentioned above, linen thread is a bit finer than the twine.  It is easier to tie into bows, as Jodi did on this adorable card.

Created by Julie Masse for The Cat’s Pajamas
Photo courtesy of

Here is another adorable card sample using linen thread tied into a bow.  These products are so versatile, it really is hard to go wrong.  You can use this stuff just about anywhere!


Created by Colleen Harshaw of’

This sample is a two page scrapbook layout that I created.  In this layout, I wound hemp twine around two of my photos.  The twine helps to give a very natural feel to these scenic photos of western Canada.

Now comes the fun part….time to shop!

Fortunately, hemp twine and linen thread can be found just about anywhere.  All you have to do is google ‘hemp twine’ and you will see exactly what I mean.  Firstly, has what they list as ‘hemp bead cord’ which, from what I can tell, appears to be the same thing.  They carry it in dozens of colours.

I also came across a website called where they sell craft and beading supplies.  The alos carry hemp twine.

Next, I found  This site carries both natural and dyed hemp.  You can find just about any colour your heart desires there!

In terms of catalogue companies….both Stampin’ UP! (SU!) and Close To My Heart (CTMH) carry hemp twine.  CTMH carries it in black, white and natural.  SU! also carries the linen thread.

If you are looking for a brick and mortar store, Joann Fabric and Craft Stores also have a decent selection of hemp twine to choose from.

So, there you have it!  There are so many choices out there, that you have no excuse not to give it a try.  It is a very affordable way to embellish your projects.  A huge roll of this stuff goes for just a few dollars!

So get cracking!  I will be looking for all of your hemp and linen embellished projects in the blogosphere!

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  1. Thanks for sharing all the information and wonderful projects using hemp twine. I love that it comes in many colors and I appreciate the list of places it is available.

  2. What a wide range of beautiful projects. I like the simplicity of hemp and threads that aren’t too frou-frou, although frou-frou can be nice, too. Thanks for sharing so many ideas.

  3. I am new to paper art and come from quilting! I love colour and this work excites me. The Ranger products, education and end projects just excite me. I can hardly wait to get using them! Thanks for all your work in putting these videos/classes together for us … a Senior who is just begining a new journey!!

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