Trendy Tuesday – Anchors
by Colleen Harshaw

 Today I want to talk to you about the trend of using anchors in papercrafting.  Prior to my researching and writing of this article, had I been asked to describe the type of projects that I would use anchors on, I would have answered with masculine or nautical themed projects.  However, while browsing the internet for inspiration, I have seen some other clever ways of incorporating anchors into papercrafting projects.  Today I will share some project samples with you in the hope of broadening your horizons, as my have been broadened!

I decided to look into the actual symbolism behind the anchor and I came up with several interesting points.  Several different sources stated that the anchor symbolizes hope and steadfastness.  It is obviously a nautical symbol also, and as a result, some feel it represents the Navy as well.  According to some, it is a symbol of stability or strong foundation.  For those who are Christian, it brings together the cross and the various nautical Christian symbols (fish, boat, dolphin), and it symbolizes Christian hope in Christ.

Now that we know all about anchors and their symbolism, let’s look at some projects!

This first project is a Father’s Day card, which of course, falls into the category of masculine cards.


anchors17Card by ‘snowmanqueen’ via

This next anchor project falls into the category of ‘oh, I hadn’t thought of that!’ for me.  This is an invite to a ‘sip-n-see’, which is a party to introduce the newest memeber of a family.  So, in this case, the nautical anchor symbol was incorporated into a baby/nursery theme.  I found other examples of this online also.  Anchor shaped confetti in pastel colours to decorate tables at a baby shower isn’t something that would have occured to me!


This next card is a tri-shutter card that clearly incorporates anchors into a Christian themed card.  This is the second application of anchors that I had not really thought of before working on this article.  I had a tendancy to associate anchors with strictly nautical or masculine projects, and I was missing the possibilites of Christian or baby themed projects.  That is why reading and learning and drawing inspiration from others is so important to improving our craft!  I can’t imagine how crafters survived prior to the birth of the internet!


Card by Grace Nywening for Our Daily Bread Designs
Photo credit to

This next card features a stamp called Tilda Un Anchor from Magnolia Ink.  She really is a cutie, isn’t she?


Card by cabiotse via

The next project featured is an anchor wall hanging.  This would be really cute for a little boy’s nautical themed bedroom.  The anchor was actually cut out using an electronic die cutting machine, and then it was adhered to striped fabric and framed.  It’s a very easy project that packs a lot of punch!


Photo courtesy of

Next I have a scrapbook layout to share with you.  There is a company called Scrap Orchard that offers a nautical themed digital scrapbooking kit, and I was able to find many samples of projects online using this kit.  The one I have selected to share with you today has the sentiment/title ‘you are the only fish in the sea for me’ which I think is a great title for a layout dedicated to the significant other in your life!


Anchors Aweigh digital scrapbooking kit from

This next layout incorporates a couple of trends that we have talked about here at Trendy Tuesday.  The first is banners and the second is….you guessed it, anchors!  This layout is fun and summery with its bright colour palette and bold patterns.


Layout by Godschild94 via

The next photo that I have to share is both a project and a crafting supply.  I found this photo via Pinterest (I am offically a Pinterest junkie).  The original website shows you how to make your own anchor stamp.  Of course, this technique could be applied to other shapes and symbols too, but anchors are our subject for today.


Simply Happenstance via

OK, now we are moving on to the products!  This is the fun part (if you ask me).  I love an excuse to collect papercrafting supplies, however after my family’s most recent move (from the USA to Thailand) and all the unpacking I had to do, I am beginning to re-think my hobby of collecting!

The first product that I have to share is a Tiny Roller Doodle, which is really a rubber roller stamp.  I don’t tend to use these myself, but I  know there are people out there who really love them.  If you are looking to mass produce a project with an anchor design, I can see how this would be really useful.  This one is from the Uncharted Collection by Glitz Designs.


Tiny Roller Doodle by Glitz Design
Photo credit to

Also from Glitz Design’s Uncharted Collection is some anchor themed Washi tape, which I have shown below.


Anchor Washi Tape – Uncharted line from Glitz Designs
Photo courtesy of

This next product is a Slim Profile Edger Punch.  These are really on trend right now.  I particularily like my Threading Water Border Punch (Fiskars).  You can find quite a line up of these edger/border punches available from EK Success, Fiskars and Martha Stewart.


EK Success Slim Profile Edger Punch – Anchors
Photo courtesy of

This next product is a standard anchor punch by Martha Stewart.


anchors18 Anchor punch by Martha Stewart
Photo courtesy of

The next item that I want to share is a stamp set from A*Muse Studio.  It is called Anchors Aweigh and they offer a die set from the same line for coordinating your projects.



Anchors Aweigh Stamp Set from A*Muse Studio




Anchors Aweigh Die Set from A*Muse Studio

I found quite a few examples of digital papers with an anchor theme.  This example is from a company called Moo and Puppy.


Rainbow Nautical Anchor Digital Paper from Moo and Puppy
Photo credit

Next, I found an anchor wall decal, which clearly in this photo is being used in a boy’s nursery.



Anchor Wall Decal from round321 via

The next items I want to share are metal anchor buttons that I found on  There were several different choices available.



Anchor Metal Buttons from DansandBrandi via

Lastly, I have some Jolee’s Boutique stickers to share with you.  They are dimentional stickers that are widely available at craft stores and online.



Jolee’s Boutique Stickers Large Navy from

Well, that wraps things up for today.  I hope you enjoyed learning about anchors with me!  Happy crafting!

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  2. Loved the info on Anchors. there really is a lot out there product wise and clever ideas too. Thanks for the info.

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