This week for our Free Project of the Week we have this Ribbons, Buttons and More card.  We’re heading into summertime and summer makes me think of gingham.  So, with the summertime theme, I headed for my May Arts Gingham ribbons.  I chose three colors of Gingham ribbon to stand out and be the focal point for this card.  With matching buttons and a simple greeting, who needs more!


You can download the pdf handout here

You can watch a video on how to create the Ribbons, Buttons and More card below:

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8 replies on “Free Project of the Week – Ribbons, Buttons and More – 05 10 2013”

  1. This was sweet and simple. I think I will give this a go and I may try another one using washi tape, as well. TFS!

  2. love this card ,simple but very effective. cannot wait to have a go at making one myself.

  3. Tracy I enjoyed the card making video today.

    I have a question about the mat you had that you were making the buttons and bows card.

    Is this graph paper or a cutting mat with the graph?

    This looks like a neat way for me to be able to line up my stamp evenly before stamping.


  4. Great card, awesome video.

    The card is very nice and can be adapted to a variety of recipients and occasions. I really like the video lesson. As a sort-of beginner with average creativity, I was able to easily follow along.

    I look forward to watching more and learning more from the Library.

    Thank you.

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