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At first glance, pocket letters look a lot like Project Life, the system that uses pouches to preserve your memories, thoughts and occasions.  But Pocket Letters is different in that they are like opening up a fantastic crafter’s Christmas present.  Each of these 3 by 3 pockets is filled with crafty goodness of the senders choice.  And as the sender collects pocket “pals” they exchange these packets back and forth across the miles.  You can have pen pals that you exchange pocket letters with once, or indefinitely.

The idea was created by Janette Lane as a new way to send mail to pen pals.  And just like paper crafting, the ideas are endless.  You can put anything that fits in the pocket rectangles: stickers, sequins, quotes, embellishments or anything that fits.  You can also include a short note.   When you mail them to your pocket pal, the pocket trading card protector folds up in thirds and fits in a standard size 10 envelope.  After you exchange them, you can use the exchanged goodies on your own creations or keep them in a folder in a collection.   I have a collection of pocket notes to show you what I mean.

This first pocket letter by Karenika uses her skills as a mixed media artist.  Each one is an affirming or positive message about her life now.  They are each a beautiful piece of artwork that her recipient can reflect on.

Pocket letter created Karenika photo courtesy of Karenika

This next pocket letter used an owl theme.  Look how cool the book mark on the outside of the pockets is!  I am also showing you a picture of the back so you can see the stickers and paper clips and other treats Ann Marie included.

owl back owls

Pocket letter created by Ann Marie photo courtesy of Ann Marie’s Stamping Adventures

Michelle started this pocket letter with a scrapbook kit and then layered on fun elements like the die cuts, flowers, tags and coordinating ribbon.

 pocket pal

Pocket letter by Michelle Wallace photo courtesy of The Art of Scrapbooking is the art of Living

I love that there are so few rules with pocket letters.  You can have a theme but you don’t have to.  You can gift supplies to other crafters that you haven’t used in awhile to get new life out of them.  You can create something personal for the person you are sending the letter to and include their name and/or initials in many of the cards or things they like to do.  The color explosion in Rachel’s letter looks so fun.


Pocket Letter by Rachel photo courtesy of Scrappin Love

They can also be a source of encouragement.  I just love all of the positive messages in this letter by Debbie.  I think I might have this paper pad in my craft room to create something inspiring too.


Pocket Letter by Debbie photo courtesy of Scraps from a Broad

Different styles are welcome too.  I love the clean and simple look of Bree’s letter and of course the coffee theme.

samsung starbucks paperclips 389

Pocket Letter by Bree photo courtesy of The Crafty Cupcake

I can’t get enough gold foiling and look at this shiny tribute.  It is just glowing.  I so want to play with all of the treats in this pocket letter.


Pocket Letter by Lorrie photo courtesy of Lorrie’s Story

The sweetness and the darkness of this pocket letter is just awesome.  But the thing I love the most is the square that has the build a bow kit.  I just love that Serena labels some of her squares.

skull candy

Pocket Letter by Serena Bee photo courtesy of Serena Bee

If you take your caffeine fix in the tea bag variety, this next pocket letter could be for you.  Again, Virginia brings in the gold foil elements and adds many pieces that could be ready to go for a project and some that need your creativity to make them into something cool.


Pocket letter by Virginia Tillery photo courtesy of Backflipsflops Designs

Each square was prepared with so much detail and layer.  I just love the smiling cat theme too.  Very cool.


Pocket letter by Tini A. photo courtesy of Arts by Tini

While most of the elements are tucked into squares, there also the cool things that can hang from the tabs.  I love the picture design that Belen created and cut to fit each of the squares.  The tassels on the outside add even more interest.

mixed media

Pocket letter by Belen Sotelo photo courtesy of Art Whimsy

I don’t know about you, but I feel like I am always drawn to the newest thing I see in the paper crafting world.  This pocket letter thing kind of snuck up on me.  I received my first one a few months ago and didn’t know it was a ‘thing’.  I want to make cards with the treats inside and I just love getting mail.   And the idea that I can be making friends with other paper crafters all over the world… I think I might have a new addiction on my hands.

Have you ever heard of pocket letters?  How many pocket pals do you have?  Do you use the treats inside or keep them looking beautiful in a folder?  Let me know what you think.  And in the meantime, here are some inspirational embellishment pieces you can use to create your own pocket letters.

pocket letter protectors

Pocket Letter protectors from


Pocket Letter Goodies Kit from Janette Lane


Simple Stories Bit and Pieces from


Pink fresh studio acetate card set from

So go ahead… make something pretty.



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  1. Great review of this intriguing trend. Really like the idea of the pocket letters, your selection of such a diverse array of styles and possibilities is very inspiring, thanks. Cheers!

  2. Oh, this is beautiful. And different from usual scrapbooking, thanks for writing the review.

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