Technique Talk: “Relax” Card Video Tutorial

Happy Friday everyone! Today I would like to share with you a new feature that I’m introducing to the PCL blog called “Technique Talk”. The purpose of this feature is to spotlight a variety of different stamping and card making techniques and demonstrate how to incorporate one or more of them into a finished card.

Depending on your interest level, at this point in time I am considering offering the “Technique Talk” as a regular feature on the PCL blog. So after reading the post and watching the video – please leave me a comment letting me know what you think!


Today’s “Relax” card is jam-packed with techniques! Here’s an overview of the techniques I incorporated into this card:

Using a MISTI

For those of you that are not familiar with the tool called MISTI – it stands for the “Most Incredible Stamping Tool Invented”. It is a stamp positioning tool invented by My Sweet Petunia – and I definitely have to give her props because it is indeed fabulous!  Although it is more of an investment than other stamp positioning tools that you may be familiar with (Stamp-a-ma-jig and the Fiskars Stamp Press) – it takes precision stamping to a whole new level.  I’ll be talking about the MISTI more in an upcoming “Tool Talk” segment (another new feature that will be making it’s appearance on the PCL blog).

In this video you’ll actually see me use the Fiskars stamp press in conjunction with the MISTI to apply a pattern to the sun image.

Kissing with Stamps

See the sun? This was originally a solid image stamp.  I inked it up in a yellow ink and then applied a pattern to it by stamping an alphabet background stamp directly onto it using an orange ink (all supplies listed at the bottom of this post). This is a super fun technique called Kissing with Stamps – you can create an endless variety of images with your existing stash simply by combining your solid image stamps with background pattern stamps.

Double Embossing over Dye Inks

The beauty of working with dye based inks for stamping is that they are quick drying. The downside is that because they dry so quickly you can not heat emboss with dye inks.  To solve this problem I stamped the sun image using VersaMark ink (a watermark ink that is slow drying and ideal for embossing) directly over top of the “Kissed” sun image and then heat embossed it with clear embossing powder. The MISTI was critical for helping me achieve perfect placement when stamping the second sun image directly over top of the first.

In terms of the double embossing – I wanted to be able to create a thicker, glossier embossed image.  In order to do so, while my first layer of embossing powder was still molten from the heat tool, I quickly sprinkled a second layer over top  – which stuck to the molten embossing powder – and heat embossed it.

Using Positive and Negative Masking 

To create my mask I used one of the Spellbinders Edgeabilites dies. I placed the scalloped die horizontally across my masking paper and die cut it using my Big Shot.  This created two masks – one with the scalloped border, and the second piece (the negative of the mask) with the inverted scalloped border.  I then used both those pieces to mask off segments of my card stock.

Sponging an Ombre Background using Dye Inks

The ombre effect was created by sponging on three different colors of dye ink using a mini ink blending tool.  The two intermediate colors – the second and fourth scallop up from the bottom – were created simply by deepening the color with additional sponged layers.

So now that I have given you an overview of the techniques incorporated into this card, here is a video tutorial for those of you that are visual learners and like to see it demonstrated.  It is on the longer side as this is an advanced level card.

Please leave me a comment letting me know what you though of today’s “Technique Talk” Feature and whether this is something you would like to see regularly on Paper Crafter’s Library. If I see enough interest I will continue to offer this as a regular feature.

Here is a list of supplies I used:

* Please note that I am an affiliate of Simon Says Stamp and may receive a small commission if you make a purchase.

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  1. Love this video Andrea! I’m all about techniques, so keep ’em coming! My favorite part was the work you did on the sun using the Misti, first with the kiss technique and then covering with versamark to emboss. Absolutely brilliant!

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  20. Wonderful new feature.
    Always love seeing or
    re-learning techniques!
    Carla from Utah

  21. Yes I love techniques. I started following you when you started the videos with your art journal. Love them!
    I have a dauber top bottle of goosebumps sitting on my desk for probably a year now. Would love some ideas to use this product!
    Thanks *Ü*

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