ArtJournalExpressLogoHappy Monday everyone! Welcome to another edition of Art Journal Express brought to you by Andrea from her personal blog The Art of Simple.

Art Journal Express is a weekly video tutorial series she created for her personal blog The Art of Simple. Each week on Monday she posts a video tutorial on how she created one of her art journal pages from start to finish. Because a typical art journal page takes between 20 minutes to an hour for her to create – which makes for a super long video to upload to You Tube, and for you to watch – the video clips are sped up, rather than having you watch what she’s doing in real time – hence the word “express” in Art Journal Express. However, what makes these video tutorials different from most of the “sped up” art journaling video tutorials out there is that Andrea narrated for you exactly what she’s doing and what she’s using – that way, even though you’re watching a “fast forward” version, you don’t miss a single detail.

The videos are hosted on a You Tube Channel that is separate from the Paper Crafter’s Library You Tube Channel, so if you don’t want to miss a single edition of Art Journal Express please subscribe to that You Tube Channel (you can do so from the video tutorial page from today’s post).

Today’s page is called “Change Is A Part Of Life” – shown below. You can watch a video tutorial HERE.