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Today we welcome back Ribbon Roll Control! Here at Paper Crafter’s Library we’re ribbon lovers – you’ll find ribbon on almost all of our projects – which is why we’re so thrilled to bring you this feature. I don’t know about you, but we’ve certainly found that keeping all our ribbon in one place can be challenging. That’s why we’re excited about featuring Ribbon Roll Control’s ribbon organization and storage system!


About Ribbon Roll Control

As the ultimate ribbon organization and storage system, the Ribbon Roll Control allows you to organize your ribbon the way you want – by color, size, style or use! If you have rolls out of control, this is the answer!

Unlike typical ribbon organization and storage systems, the Ribbon Roll Control doesn’t use a dowel – which means you don’t have the inconvenience of removing all your ribbon rolls just to get to a specific one. The Ribbon Roll Control is also made of clear acrylic, so unlike wooden holders, you can easily see the style and quantity of all your ribbon at once. There’s even a built-in ruler for easy measuring!


The Ribbon Roll Control comes in two different styles – Original and Petite. The Original can accommodate crafting ribbon rolls up to 5 inches in diameter, while the Petite can accommodate rolls up to 3.5 inches.

Original Ribbon Roll Control


Petite Ribbon Roll Control


Both models fit up to sixteen 3/8” ribbon rolls in one holder, and can be stacked up to three holders high or mounted to the wall – freeing up valuable table or desk space.


You can take a look at this video below and see how it all comes together.

Ribbon Roll Control is graciously hosting a give-away for you!! Three lucky winners will receive a “winners choice” of one Ribbon Roll Control ribbon organization and storage system. You can choose from the Original or the Petite. The winners will be chosen from the comments left at the bottom of this blog post. Simply leave a comment about the Ribbon Roll Control ribbon organization and storage system here on the Paper Crafter’s Library blog to win. The winners will be chosen randomly and announced next week.

We hope you have enjoyed today’s feature. We want to extend a sincere thank you to Trish from Ribbon Roll Control for sharing her product with us. Be sure to visit Ribbon Roll Control to get yours today and make sure to post below for your chance at our Ribbon Roll Control give-away.  You can also check them out on Facebook and follow them on Pinterest.


102 replies on “Featured Company: Ribbon Roll Control Plus Giveaway”

  1. love this ribbon storage. I have an old method that uses the dowel and it’s a pain to have to take off the rolls to get the one in the middle that i Need.
    this will be a great way to store and display my collection of ribbons. thanks for the chance to win one.

  2. Love this ribbon storage, definitely much better to organize them…and better than my current storage methods.

  3. I love this holder, I have been eyeing the wooden ones but I like it better to be able to remove the roll I want rather than taking them all off a dowel to get to it. Thanks for sharing, off to check out Ribbon Roll Control. 🙂

  4. Wow… this unit might give me some needed shelf space. Will have to investigate… in the mean time if I can win some I’d love it!

  5. I had a wooden dowel one that my husband made me, but if you rolled ribbon off, it would make all the rolls of ribbon turn at the same time. It was a mess. This looks great! I might look into getting some even if I were to win. I have a LOT of ribbon!

  6. I have several of these and love them! My ribbon used to be in a drawer and was such a mess that I would get so frustrated every time I went searching! Now I can just look over at my ribbon (very neat and organized) and choose what I need. I love ribbon and would love to win another Ribbon Roll Control! Thanks for a great product!

  7. Would love to win a set! I have them and broke one in moving so would really like to have a replacement. Thanks for the chance to win!

  8. Love the system. I still have my ribbon all messed up laying in a small drawer. I hate using it right now because it is such a mess. Would love to organize them.

  9. I had seen them before and I would like to try one out and I’m sure it will look great in my new craft room! Thank you!

  10. Love this. Need to control my extra ribbon. Husband built a shelf but now it’s full. Would love to win

  11. I love this idea. I currently have a 3 dowel wood holder that my husband made for me but it is a mess when you try to get to the ribbon. Thanks for the opportunity to win this one.

  12. What a clever way to store ribbons…not only useful, but a colorful display in your crafting space. I can just see rolls adding to the decor of my space! Just now, all my ribbons are stuffed neatly into drawers…unseen until I actually need them. Seeing them would encourage me to use them more often. Thanks for this opportunity to win this product package!

  13. I would be so thrilled if I won this prize. I have ribbon on dowel rods, stuffed in drawers, and hanging from a skirt hanger. It would be wonderful to have all of my ribbons in one place, in an orderly fashion. I’m going to really hope to win this one. thanks for the chance.

  14. his looks like a fabulous solution for ribbon storage! Will definitely be checking it out!

  15. Oh this looks great! I
    like that you can just
    take out any roll you
    need. Thanks for the
    Carla from Utah

  16. love this! My ribbons are so out of control, this holder looks like the perfect solution! Thank you so much for a chance to win!

  17. Wow, a great prize! This is truly a wonderful way to store ribbons. I like not having a dowel to move when a ribbon needs to be changed. The clear acrylic means it will match any decor. Thanks so much for sharing this new product!

  18. Wow……THREE winners???? Maybe I have a chance at winning one of them, after all! 🙂

    Seriously, this looks terrific. I bet everyone of us has spools of ribbon going willy-nilly all over the place. I have *most* of mine in small plastic boxes……but which box has the spool I am looking for??? This system looks super-convenient. Thanks for the chance to win!!!
    <3 J

    jwoolbright at gmail dot com

  19. Ribbon Roll Control is AMAZING! I have my ribbon stored in shoe boxes right now. The Ribbon Roll Control is a far better system for storing ribbon! Just the type of organization I have been searching for! Thank you for showing this system AND for the chance to win!

  20. OH Heavenly Angels!!! LOVELOVELOVE this Ribbon Roll Control system!!! MUST HAVE ASAP!!!! I swear they were reading my mind when they came up with this incredible storage system!!! Would LOVE to be one off the lucky 3 winners!!!! Thank you for the chance to win this amazing system!!!!!

  21. I am now following Them on Facebook and Pinterest! I have a few other ideas in mind for this system that I am hoping will also help me wrangle my Stamp Paints and other paints that I have!! Methinks this will be a very versatile system for so many other products than just ribbon!!! YAY!!! I LOVE versatility!!!

  22. You have NO IDEA just how badly I need this. Whoever came up with the idea is a genius! Thanks for sharing and letting us know there’s a product out there that’s so wonderful.

  23. What a fabulous design! My ribbons are in a bin and no matter how often I clean it up, it never stays tidy.
    Sure would love to win one. Thanks for all the information on these great products.

  24. FInally a beautiful and practical way to store ribbon within reach!!! I can’t wait to start collectiong a bunch of these to put in my craft room, since my ribbon is everywhere!!!!

  25. Ribbon control wow what a great design…I have had such a difficult time with ribbon. I’ve have hung it, boxed it, had my hubby build me a wall hanger with dowels. Now it’s all in a box, some on rolls, mostly rolled with rubber bands. My space has just decreased for my craft room now that I have moved. What a pain…but these look like just the thing to put on my table that won’t take up so much room and no dowels yeah! hip hip horray for you guys.

    Leslie Strand

  26. Help!! I’d love for you to help me get my ribbons under control. It seems like your product could really do the job!

  27. Ahhhh! Where was this company hen I was search for a solution. I have a wooden ones and I hate the dowel. Thanks for a chanc to win! I’m sure I’ll be ordering soon. Loving these highlights for different companies.

  28. thank you for the chance to win one. I really need it. My ribbons are in a drawer and in a box. It’s such a hassle to find what I need for a project. I use ribbon on almost every project so this organizer will really, really be great!

  29. This is the first ribbon control system that makes sense to me. Love the fact rolls can be removed without disturbing the rest. And the ability to stack or wall mount them adds versatility. Thanks for coming up with a great solution to an annoying problem!

  30. I have a similar system made from thin flexible plastic and not only doesn’t the base slant up at the front making it easier to get ribbon in the level below which is a MAJOR pain but it is all bent out of shape. Making it out of sturdy plastic makes so much sense!

  31. Wow! What a great product, and exactly what I need to organize my ribbon, and get it up on a wall, and visible. Currently I have my ribbon sorted by colors and stored in a 9 cubby wooden book shelf. It works, but unfortunately leaves the ribbon accessible to my 2 mischievous kitties (they are 8 years old, but we still call them kitties). They usually resist temptation, mainly because I try to make the ribbon unappealing by rolling it up and taping the ends. However, occasionally I am in a rush, and I forget to do this, leaving the tail of the ribbon roll free to tempt my poor, innocent kitties. They can’t help the fact that the ribbon comes all unrolled when they bat at it with their paws, nor is it their fault that Mommy left the ribbon unprotected. So, I think I have made a good case for my dear husband as to why I NEED this product. It looks well constructed, easy to put together, and I, obviously, LOVE the hanging feature. I would just have to keep my sweet, and again thoroughly innocent kitties, from being tempted to jump up on the bookshelf by which the ribbon holder would be hung. Thank you so much for the opportunity to win. I apologize for the wordy post, and am off to check out your site. Blessings, GG.

  32. Oh my goodness, LOVE this ribbon storage solution! Every ribbon storage system I have tried just does not work for my needs, but this is exactly what I have been searching for 🙂

  33. LOVE this! Will be buying some even if I don’t win one (which I would LOVE to, by the way!) No more shoving it all in a box and searching for the one I want forever.

  34. Would love to try this system. . .i have so-o-o many ribbon spools with no organized way to store them. Hope I am the lucky winner

  35. I’m ordering some NOW! Sure would love to win a few to go with the ones I’m about to buy.

  36. These look great. Currently, all my ribbon is stashed in a plastic box. I tried to run the ribbon through the holes but that only works for the first layer, the second and third layers get a little tangled.

  37. My ribbon storage is in a drawer and boy what a mess. I would love to have these to put all my ribbon in so I could see what I have.

  38. What a great idea! No more chasing yards of ribbon. Thanks for a chance to win this great ribbon organizer, Andrea.

  39. Wow! That looks like one really good solution to my ribbon mess. Even though I have some ribbon holders, they are thin and more flexible material than the Ribbon Roll Control. I would love to win so I can check these out up close and personal.

  40. A great idea to store ribbon rolls without taking up a lot of space. Off to check out their site.

    Thanks for the chance to win an organizer.


  41. Having tried several ribbon systems UNSUCCESSFULLY perhaps the is the answer to my problem. In frustration all my ribbon is in a box.

  42. Wow! Thank you PCL for introducing us to such a useful product. I need to further explore this Company, Ribbon Roll Control, and their ingenious holders. They look so clean, easy to use, and convenient. Yahoo!

  43. This is just the product I’ve been wishing for! I’ve tried several other brands and I’m always unhappy about one or more features. This one looks perfect.
    Thanks for giving us an opportunity to earn one free!

  44. What a neat way to store and access ribbon. Too often I end up buying more ribbon for a project just because I can’t see what I have. And the fact that they can be stacked and mounted to the wall makes them even better.

  45. This is the best ribbon control holder I’ve seen yet. I’m in the processing of re-organizing my craft room. Currently all of my ribbon is in a 3 drawer utility cart; not very conventional. The ribbon control holder has everything that I’m looking for such as the you can mount it on the wall, you don’t have to remove rolls to get to one ribbon and the bonus is that it has a ruler. AWESOME! What more could you ask for?! I LOVE IT!!

    It’s gracious of you to give everyone a chance to win it! Good luck everyone!!!

  46. These look wonderful…although I’d need at least 20 of them to organize all the ribbon I’ve got stored around. And…how to organize? By color? By style? By thickness? Oh, the possibilities. Thanks for sharing this wonderful product.

  47. This system is just wonderful! I am so unhappy with the system I now have with the dowel – just doesn’t work well. I love having the ribbon rolls in clear holders – super system! Thank you!

  48. I’ve been looking for a better way to store my ribbons and I think I’ve found it!! I’ve used the dowel method before and that’s a pain. I have various size baskets but one basket has to sit on top of another and each roll is not visible. Thanks!

  49. What an ingenious idea! I’m in love with it. All my ribbons are in a plastic container. This is exactly what I need. It’s not only beautifully designed and easy to use and it would make my ribbon look like art. Thank you for the contest!

  50. Wow! This is a great idea for my stamp room. I have a dowel system that just isn’t working for me. It seemed like a good idea at the time that I bought it but is a pain in the patootie to use. When I need a roll of ribbon I have to take them all apart. Very nice clean and neat design. Thanks for the possibility of winning.

    aka Roscoe’s mommy (the swap eating dog)

  51. What a great way to store ribbon and still be able to see what you have! The clear acrylic will match with any decor. THanks for the chance to win.

  52. Awesome!! This is a great way to organize ribbon and have easy access. I have ribbon on dowels, in drawers, and on stacked on shelves. Thanks for this great item.

  53. I’ve haven’t seen this before! A lot of ribbon storing ideas I don’t care for but these I really like! Thanks so much for the chance to win one! Off to see how much they are now.

  54. This looks like a much better way to store ribbon than on a dowel rod. Thanks for the chance to win.


  56. This looks like a great solution for controlling ribbons. I bought dowel systems for mine, not realizing how cumbersome they would be. Now my ribbons are in bins, baskets, clear plastic storage bags, etc. I would love to have a chance to win one. Thanks.

  57. What a great product. I’ve purchased several that I ended up giving away because they were just too much trouble. I have two tubs of ribbon that need a home, and this looks perfect. Can’t wait to own some.

  58. I so LOVE these!!! I could so you use a dozen or so of them…..my ribbon is out or control and these holders would sure help get me organized. Thanks for the chance to win one. I have my fingers crossed!!!

  59. Terrific concept in ribbon storage….really like the idea that you can see what you have with easy access…..would be perfect for my Studio……hope my name pops up! Thanks for the introduction to this product.

  60. Please pick me, this is the best ribbon holder I have seen thus far. I have had so many different ones over the years but this is the one that I really really really want..

  61. Best idea ever. My ribbons are always out of control. I could really put this product to good use.

  62. I have tried many “systems” but none really work for the long term. So excited about these as they seem to be a realistic end use product.

  63. Wow, this is awesome!! Every crafter needs a Ribbon Roll, and this one fits all the “wants” I need for storing my ribbon (especially with no dowel to mess with!!). I would love to win one of these!!

  64. These are amazing organizers and it so happens am in the process of organizing my vast ribbon collection in color families. These would truly help with displaying and easy access.

  65. This system looks like just what I need. I love the fact that there is no dowel involved. Brilliant! I would love to win these!

  66. Wow..this beats my old method of putting on a cafe curtain rod & hanging, only to have to use one in middle.need to take apart to get at. Thanks for the giveaway on this..Nice, Neat way for storage….

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