Welcome to the *NEW* & Improved Paper Crafter’s Library Website!

After almost a month of work behind the scenes, we’re excited to announce that we’re almost finished completely re-vamping the public “face” of Paper Crafter’s Library (PCL)! 

We decided that rather than keeping two separate sites – the Paper Crafter’s World blog and Paper Crafter’s Library – we’d combine the two, bring the blog over to www.papercrafterslibrary, and make it the public face of PCL. That way, we’ll have EVERYTHING we create all in one place!  We’re pretty excited about the change because it means that instead of worrying about posting in multiple places, we’ll be able to focus on one site, and give it our all – a win, win situation for everyone.

It is our goal for this site to be a place of inspiration and education for everyone.  Some of the features we are planning on incorporating on the Paper Crafter’s Library blog include:

Featured Projects – What would a paper crafting site be without projects?  Every day (Monday to Friday), we’ll feature a variety of different projects – cards, scrapbook pages, mini albums, altered art, gifts and 3D items etc. Several times a month we’ll feature a free video tutorial for our blog readers. For all of these projects, we’ll have video tutorials available to our members showing how the project was made from start to finish (for information about the benefits of membership click here).   

Andrea’s Artwork & Sophia’s Artwork: In addition to being avid paper crafters, both Soph and I enjoy working in a variety of different art mediums, so you’ll also see us share some of our mixed media artwork with you here.  These are projects that we create just for the love of creating, so we won’t have video tutorials for them.

Trend Watch – Each week we’ll spotlight a current trend in the paper crafting industry and we’ll share projects we’ve come across from around the web showcasing these trends.

Artist/Designer Spotlight – there are so many fabulously talented paper crafting and mixed media artists that we admire and want to introduce to you.  Every week/few weeks, we’ll introduce you to a different artist/designer and ask them to share some of their secrets with us.

Product/Company Spotlight – each week we’ll introduce you to some of our new (and old)favourite products/companies, as well as feature free video reviews of those products.  To see all the free video reviews we currently have please check out the Video Library and click on the links that specify that we have complimentary videos in that section. 

Challenges – Challenges are a fantastic way to stretch and develop our creativity.  That’s why within the next few weeks we’re planning on implementing challenges.

Give-Aways -we LOVE to give things away, so one of the features you can expect here are regular give-aways. 

Freebies – As we mentioned above, as a blog reader you can expect a free video tutorial several times a month, as well as some occasional exclusive downloads.

Many of these features that we’ve outlines above are still in the works, and as we work on these things, you will likely notice changes happening on this site from day to day. We will however keep you posted as each new feature is implemented.


2 replies on “Welcome to the *NEW* & Improved Paper Crafter’s Library Website!”

  1. Glad things are coming together for you. I’m super excited to see what the new blog has in store! Thanks as always to both of you (and you team) for sharing so much 🙂

  2. I so appreciate both of you. I’m excited to see all your new plans for your library and I’m really interest in learning about mixed media. I’ve been purchasing some mixed media products but have not used them yet. Thank you for making learning easy.

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