I have worn glasses since the first grade.  My mother claims its because I sat too close to the television to watch my beloved commercials.   I think it was because I was always trying to read because I was so studious 🙂   The good thing about getting glasses was that I could then actually see what was happening on the chalkboard and could participate in class.  The bad thing is that I never got to pick out my glasses and they were very uncool.  Fast forward to a cooler lens time.  Among the coolest folks, hipsters wear the huge glasses I used to have, Clark Kent rocks a great pair and cat eye glasses are making a come back.  Glasses are a serious fashion accessory.  This is true for crafts too.  Check out all these crafty ways to incorporate this trend that continues to stay strong.

I just love the cheekiness of this expression for this ever-so-awesome card.  Dig the red cat eyeglasses.  Do you remember the American talk show host Sally Jessy Rafael that used to rock the red glasses?  Classic.


card by Barbara Anders photo courtesy of My Favorite Things blog

Amy took a another beloved character and personified her in the white on white glasses homage.  This is so creative and fun.  I just love this card.  The sentiment and the whiskers on the glasses are awesome touches.

hello kitty

card by Amy Rohl photo courtesy of Ink About Me

Another clever personification is the smartie pants that Mel created.  This is a super fun pun that includes Smarties candies.   Plus, it is always a great time to remind girls how smart they are.


card by Mel photo courtesy of Doxie Mel Designs

This cute little spectacled doggy is just so cute and he makes a great little statement piece for male cards.

hey dude dog

card by Jessy Christopher photo courtesy of Jillibean Soup blog

I don’t know if Elena was trying to create a likeness of Velma from the Scooby Doo cartoon but this geeky little girl is so spectacular.   Notice how she used glossy accents to give the glasses a shine and tint.  Very chic!

peppermint patty

card by Elena photo courtesy of Just Me

I just love the ladies of Art Impressions.  They are hilarious and unapologetic.  So when I saw this card with the double use of wine glasses and spectacle glasses, I was just in love.  Nailed it.

AI front AI inside

card by Karen Amidon photo courtesy of Paper Lillies and Ink

How adorable is this shaped purse card with the sun shades hanging from the handle?  Very fun.

Purse with Sunglasses

card by Susan Edwards photo courtesy of Busy with the Cricky

And if you live someplace chilly and are already missing the sun, take a gander at the lovely rainbow in these beautifully created sunglasses by Nina.  You can almost create warm thoughts.


card by Nina Yang photo courtesy of Waffle Flower blog

The sentiment and the rhinestones are just perfect in this clean design card from Dana.  You could use this as a fashionable birthday card.

oldie but goodie

card by Dana Gustafson photo courtesy of Paper Daydream

Isn’t this card just the cat’s pajamas?  How clever is this lady?  On her blog, Kim says she was inspired after having an eye exam.  I love her use of vellum everywhere except behind the eyeglasses.

stay focused Kimberly Crawford

card by Kimberly Crawford photo courtesy of For the Love of Paper

Becky created her own sunglasses embellishment that just adds a coolness factor to this card.

you are a star

card by Becky Carafa photo courtesy of The Lakeshore Stamper

The coolness just keeps coming with this rockin’ card from Arielle.  Look how the paper just adds edge to her design.  I love the colors she choose.

you rock

card by Arielle Gordon photo courtesy of Snappy Stampin’ with Arielle

Glasses and sunglasses in paper form, dies and embellishments are cooler than ever.   I hope you found some inspiration to create your own pattern or try out a new way of using them.

So go ahead… make something pretty.

glasses die

glasses stamps

glasses stickers

AI stamp

lady in glasses

glasses paper

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  1. I am so loving this trend posting! Everyone in my family wears glasses…I can think of so many occasions to use glasses on cards! Thanks so much for taking the time to pull this trend together. Much appreciated!

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