Trend Watch – Japanese Anime influence

I will admit, I am not much of a comic book fan but I can definitely get into the Anime trend.  If you don’t know what  I am talking about yet,  don’t worry.  I had to look it up on Wikipedia.  Japanese anime comes from Japanese animation movies inspired by comic books.  There are several themes from this trend you can see in several stamps.  Some of the characteristics that define this trend are an exaggerated eye;  either really wide and open or really small appearing only as a line.   Characters can have extreme, unnatural hair.  The facial expression are comedic or exaggerated.  These images are usually really colorful and graphic and have fantastic themes.  You will see characters dressed up as characters or cosplay (i.e. costume role play outside of the theatrical stage – another term looked up on wikipedia :))

A plus for the paper crafting world is this type of image just begs to be expertly colored, so break out your alcohol ink pens and colored pencils and prepare to be inspired.

I am a big fan of sushi and this first card is just adorable.  I love the idea of making an inanimate object, almost human with a little face.  Notice the cute expressions on the sushi.


card by Yaninea photo courtesy of My Paper Journey

 Even though the tea cup in Lunarea’s card is small, it still takes center stage with her awesome watercolor work and the sweet expression on the cup’s face.


card by Lunarea photo courtesy of Creative Cardsea

Everything about this card says wake up and be a part of life!  Such a cute card with a great sentiment.  This guy is all pupils.  Must be high octane coffee.

Perk up

card by Melissa Oeters photo courtesy of Needful Things

Damaris has Copic marker skills in spades.  I just love how she changed the look of her character just by changing how she colored her.  She calls this look rock a billy.  Super cute.

celebrate rockabilly

card by Damaris photo courtesy of At Studio D

Now Kristy is not only a Copic colorist extraordinaire, she is also the creative genius behind Some Odd Girl and many of the images in this post including the one below.  I love how she color dipped her character’s hair.

color challenge

Card by Kristy Dalman photo courtesy of Living the Odd Life

Anime influence can also be seen on male characters as well.  Rachel chose to color her character’s eyes green and he looks so mesmerizing.

happy birthday dude

card by Rachel Parys photo courtesy of Knee Deep in Paper

There is no other way to describe this card from Kerri other than sweet.  The cuteness factor just keeps notching up.  The eyes are just big pools you can swim in and she even characterizes the strawberry hat and heart wand.

Karber Strawberry copy

card by Kerri Michaud photo courtesy of Cards by Kerri

You see some of the cosplay come in on Danielle’s creation. The young girl dressed as a mouse is super cute and I have seen so many teens wearing those hat scraf combinations in animal characters.  A great teenage card.


card by Danielle Lounds photo courtesy of Fat Cat Stamper

I just love the old fashioned look of Indah’s character.  Her apron and pouty lips are the perfect combination with her homemade pie.  The bold colors in her paper selection are also beautiful.

pocket card

card by Indah Permata Sari photo courtesy of Amberly Craft

If dress up is involved I think dressing up as a chef bringing delicious cupcakes would be a total win for me.  This is such a fun, colorful multilayered card.

tiny baker Tia

card by Melissa Oeters photo courtesy of Needful Things

It is not even possible for you to tell me that this is not adorable.  Judy created a box to put Band-Aid’s (plaster/adhesive strips or whatever you call them) in.  Again, the eyes, just look at the eyes.  They make you want to take care of the offensive owie.


Box by Judy Bagwell photo courtesy of Just Being Judy

The coloring skills in all of these paper crafts are just phenomenal.  The subject matter varies but you can see some of the commonalities in this trend.  Do you have any stamps that fit into this trend?  If not, I have a few suggestions with links for you to try them out for yourself.

So go ahead… make something pretty.


Breakfast Friends clear stamps  from Some Odd Girl


Cat Lady Kaylee clear stamps at Some Odd Girl


Flutter by Fairy clear stamps at Some Odd Girl


Little Darling Jasmine clear stamp set at Your Next Stamp


Fun Faces at Your Next Stamp


Best pun ever clear stamps at Lawn Fawn


Gothica rubber stamp by Saturated Canary at Loves Rubberstamps

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