Trend Watch – Envelopes

The great thing about handmade cards is that the recipient receives exciting snail mail in their mailbox! In today’s world of electronic mail, it can be awfully nice to receive a cheery card in that mailbox that often only contains junk or bills. Most of the cards we create get sent off in the mail, (which can be a nerve wracking experience all on its own – Recently I about died when the post office worker started mashing the envelope containing one of my slightly bulgy handmade cards that I was mailing abroad. Didn’t she know I had a work of art in there!? Has anyone else had this experience?).

Sending a card in the mail requires the use of envelopes, which is the topic of today’s Trend Report. We’re going to look at cute envelopes ON cards and cute envelopes to put your cards IN!

I love how Becky made envelopes the theme of her card. The envelope stamp is just great, and I love the bright colors she chose.

Good Wishes by Becky Roberts

Good Wishes by Becky Roberts, courtesy Inking Idaho

Virginia’s card is a great reminder of how happy mail can be! Her mailbox with the envelopes and flag that’s up would make anyone smile. The textures on the card are awesome.

Happy Mail by Virginia Lu

Happy Mail by Virginia Lu, courtesy Yes, Virginia…

The little envelope on Lori’s card with the heart seal is a great focal point for the card. I like her red, white, and blue theme that coordinates with the colors of air mail or the USPS.

Hello by Lori Tecler

Hello by Lori Tecler, courtesy inking aloud

Cheiron added a tiny 3D envelope with little notebook paper that is adorable! The scripty sentiment and tiny pink hearts are a great addition and coordinate so well with the envelope.

Sending Happy Mail by Cheiron Brandon

Sending Happy Mail by Cheiron Brandon, courtesy Cheiron Brandon: my crafty life

This card from Nicole has so many neat elements. The Lawn Fawn Gleeful Gardens set is adorable (look at that little snail delivering mail!) She also used that cute mail stripe border that adds a lot to the card, and if you look closely, you can see little slime trails behind her snails!

Snail Mail by Nicole Gavaldon

Snail Mail by Nicole Gavaldon, courtesy Lawn Fawn

Melissa’s clean and simple card is just perfect. I love the little hearts around the mail zooming out of the mailbox. It’s just so cute!

CAS Mail by Melissa Chipperfield

CAS Mail by Melissa Chipperfield, courtesy Oh, Smudge!

Let’s take a minute and also address (pun intended!) the envelopes that we use to deliver our paper creations. Jennifer McGuire highlighted this pale pink envelope with the cherry blossom flowers that she stamped on her card. How exciting for the recipient to get a hint of the pretty card that’s about to come out of that envelope!

Just a Note and Matching Envelope by Jennifer McGuire

Just a Note and matching envelope by Jennifer McGuire, courtesy Jennifer McGuire ink

Mary used Stampin’ Up’s Envelope Liners die to cut out the cute green polka dot liner that fit inside her envelope and coordinates so well with her card. It really finishes off her project well.

Good Wishes and Matching Envelope by Mary Fish

Good Wishes and matching envelope by Mary Fish, courtesy Stampin’ Pretty

You can find a few product links near the cards that feature them above. Simon Says Stamp also has some great projects to create or enhance envelopes.

These sentiments by Simon Says Stamp would be a great way to start enhancing your envelopes.

Simon Says Clear Stamp Envelope Sentiments

Envelope Sentiments by Simon Says Stamp

If you want to add a tiny envelope to your card, consider this die – you could use any kind of paper you want to coordinate with your card!

Simon Says Stamp Tiny Rectangle Envelope Die

Tiny Rectangle Envelope Die by Simon Says Stamp

My Partner-In-Crafting-Crime says this envelope punch board is a must-have. (Guilty admission: mine hasn’t made it out of the package yet!) She makes fun envelopes out of patterned paper that coordinate with the cards she sends, and they make the mail so bright and cheery!

Envelope Punch Board

Envelope Punch Board at Simon Says Stamp

I hope you’ve been inspired to add a few envelopes to your cards, or to dress up the envelopes your cards are being sent in! I’m going to go see about getting that envelope punch board out of its package!

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  1. I love that tiny envelope used as embellishment! I always decorate the outside of my card and letter (yes, I still hand write long letters!) envelopes with snail mail stamps and phrases. I love that I found stamps for this purpose…so cute!!! Thanks for posting this trend. By the way…if you pay the 21 cent special handling fee, the post office will hand cancel your envelope. I always create dimensional cards and mail them in a larger envelope. I lay a piece of card sized foam or bubble wrap on top of the card face before inserting into the envelope. I tape the envelope shut. While I always take my cards into the post office and wait in line to see a clerk, I’ve been informed that this isn’t necessary. The issue is that thicker envelopes won’t fit in their cancellation machines. I’ve had brads get caught and the result is a ripped envelope. As a result, I’ve learned to just pad and pay…works every time and friends and family are happy to receive my dramatic cards.

  2. Wonder if you could tell me where you got the misti stamp system from? Great idea for when you miss stamping and want to repeat stamp.
    Really enjoyed this newsletter learn loads.

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