Trend Watch – Embellish Yourself with DIY Embellishments

If you have been crafting for a while, it is likely that at some point during a shopping session you have experienced some sticker shock on the price of a perfect embellishment that would add so much to whatever you are working on (or just your stash if you like to collect 😀  ).  What I typically do is pine for the perfect embellishment and either wait for a sale or coupon or shop my existing over flowing stash for something that I might already have.  To be completely honest, I probably just buy it anyway and feel bad for a little while about how much I spent.  I would like to redeem myself.  I have found another way.  I can make some embellishments myself with a little time and know how and come out the winner with my pocket book as well as in my paper craft.  Feel free to join me if you are so inclined.

I have gathered a few ideas that you might want to consider as you are looking at what you already have and what you might be able to add to these ideas to make them your own.

“That’s made out of what?!?”  These next cards and pages are great just so you could tell the story of what they are made of.  This first one is not so odd,  but a great look Ally made with layered paper, water and a stamp she already had.  I love how she used colors that match her page to make it perfect for her page.  She has the technique on her blog you can check out in the link below.

10 country boy

Country Boy Allison Cope

card and casting closeup by Ally photos courtesy of Your Memories with Ally

Don’t throw out your used dryer sheets.  You can make custom flowers with them.  I have also found that you can add a lot of layers and because they are so thin, they don’t add bulk or extra shipping costs to your cards.   Of course the custom colors and the bling you can add are endless.  Gabrielle shows us a couple of versions of these pretty flowers.

Meg & Me

My Beary close1

page and flower close up by Gabrielle Pollaco photo courtesy of Such a Pretty Mess

TP!  Yup, the kind that is sitting on a roll in your bathrooms right now.  I shouldn’t even have to mention that  I am talking about unused toilet paper, right?  A few layers and some drying patience and you have a cool mold from a favorite stamp of yours.   I am sure this would look good colored too.  A quick tutorial is connected to the link below.



cast and card by Ally photo courtesy of Scrapbook and Cards Today

Cracker boxes, cereal boxes, shipping boxes are all potential kitties, horses and foxes you can paint or decoupage for a cool look.  Bar has included the patterns you can use to create your own creatures in any color or pattern you’d like.


animals by Bar Rucci photo courtesy of Art Bar Blog

This pretty mosaic was created out of egg shells!  Get out!  They are so lovely.  Gabrielle has also provided a tutorial so you can make sure you clean them and color them properly.


Snow White

tiles and scrapbook page by Gabrielle Pollaco photo courtesy of Such a Pretty Mess

I have a tendency to hang onto small pieces of paper that I think are pretty but are too small to use on my cards.  I just keep thinking that one day, I might have the perfect thing to use them on.  Well, how about this?  How cute are these little clips.  You can use words, twine, stickers, flowers and other little small pieces for interest to create a textured collage look.


clips by Michelle Jackson photo courtesy of Vintage Street Market

I love the quote bubble shape that Pamela used as her base on these little embellishments.  I am always trying to figure out what to do with that little extra piece of banner I don’t use on a card.  How cute they look stapled on the bubbles.

Pam_abbellimenti 2

embellishments by Pamela photo courtesy of Cosmic Girl Scrapper

Sewing adds such a cool finished look.  I sigh with jealously as I have never learned to sew, but I can admire how pretty these are.  You could use cork or foam sheets for these as well.

inspiration circles

embellishments by Mira photo courtesy of All That Scrapbooking

When I don’t have a button in the right color and right size, I am going to try to to make my own.  Stamping on the buttons also adds such a customized look too.

DCF 1.0

buttons by Lindsay photo courtesy of The Frugal Crafter

Amy created these adorable flowers for the fridge but they would also look super cute on a scrapbook page.  I can also imagine including cool travel pictures in the centers too.


photo magnets by Amy photo courtesy of Positively Splendid

Make your own tags to use as embellishments or for presents.  This shape is ever so trendy right now and it looks so festive in Christmas papers.  Kelly has a template she is sharing on her blog.


tags by Kelly photo courtesy of Simply Kelly Designs

Lindsay used molds and a product called Plasty-Craft to make those adorable flowers.  She has a tutorial via the link below.


decorative box by Lindsay photo courtesy of The Frugal Crafter

I love the idea of reinventing something out of my existing stash and using odds and ends to create a perfect finishing touch.  I also love that I didn’t have to pay additional money for them.  Are there any ideas you use to create embellishments for your paper projects?  What do you find yourself saving the most of in your craft stash.  Let me know what you think.  I’m always looking for new ideas.

So go ahead, … make something pretty.


Moldable plastic from Plasty-Craft from


Perler bead for enamel dots from

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  1. I love using toilet paper or paper towels to emboss. All you do is get the size that you want to emboss and spray with mists or even just water then place in your embossing folder and run through your machine. Leave it closed to dry then remove and use as a back ground, make strips or whatever else you want to do with your prettily embossed tissues! You can also use coffee filters to emboss and they make beautiful flowers too!
    Thanks for the tips!

  2. I love making my own embellishments for cards, thinking that if the card is handmade the embellishment should be, also. Thanks for some great ideas!

  3. LOVE today’s ideas!!!!! And thanks, Barbara M., for the embossing folder with TP technique idea. Looking forward to making more unique embellishments. Who knew that TP could be so versatile?!?! Love those embellished paper clips…so cute. Buttons are always on my go-to list. So many wonderful ideas! Thanks for all the links.

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