Technique Thursday: Melted Crayon Technique

This week on Paper Crafter’s Library’s Technique Thursday we are featuring some awesomely fun techniques using crayons….yep, the everyday Crayola crayons. A supply that anyone with children likely has in abundance!

Soph has created some fantastic projects using three different variations of a Melted Crayon Technique.  On the tag on the top which says “You Color My World” Sophia actually stuck crayon pieces to the tag and then melted them to create those gorgeous color drips.  On the “Surprise” Tag, the blue and purple colors you see running out of the bucket are melted crayon.  Finally, on the “Find joy every day” tag, the crayon was melted to create the effect of dirt underneath the plants.   

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4 replies on “Technique Thursday: Melted Crayon Technique”

  1. Melted crayons – how fun! Most of us have some broken bits hanging around, and for those who don’t, your neighbours with kids would be more than happy to share – I know this from experience: Please, take some!!

  2. I love this technique. It adds such a nice texture to the items. Will have to try it!

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