Technique Thursday: Heat Embossing With Colored Embossing Powders and Heat Embossing with a VersaMarker


Every Thursday on Paper Crafter’s Library is Technique Thursday – it’s when we create and feature projects for our Club 52 online class (our year-long technique club), and for our Paper Crafter’s Library members. Although really, we probably should have called it Club 104 since each week we typically release two techniques every week LOL!

We’re now on week 19, having started back in September. One of the unique things about Club 52 is that we don’t just throw random techniques at you,  instead we work in a “series” based on one medium – that way you really learn how to make the most of each medium that you own.  So far, we’ve explored dye ink pads, dye ink refills and shimmer paints.  Last week we moved on to embossing, with Week 18 (last week), exploring a few of the basic embossing techniques. This week we’re exploring embossing with colored embossing powders (the tag on the left), as well as selective embossing where you only emboss certain areas of an image. For example, in the tag on the right, in the greeting, only the word “sweet” is embossed.  

If you’re interested in checking out what we’ve covered so far, you can look at our Club 52 page.  If you’re a techique junkie and would like to learn new techniques (as many of them are ones we have created), or revisit old ones – you can still sign up from this page – you’ll be able to access all 19 weeks we’ve done so far, plus the remaining weeks, and your access to the classroom will last for 15 months. 



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  1. I really like embossing, love the look it gives. These are great tags and would be nice to give as a special gift to someone. TFS

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