Technique Thursday: Faux Crocodile Skin and Faux Tile


Every Thursday on Paper Crafter’s Library is Technique Thursday – it’s when we create and feature projects for our Club 52 online class (our year-long technique club), which our Paper Crafter’s Library members also access free as a benefit of their membership. We’re now on week 24, and are continuing on with embossing techniques. This week we’re learning a couple of faux techniques: faux crocodile and faux tile. For example, in the tag on the left, the background was created using the faux crocodile technique and the background for the tag on the right features the faux tile technique. 

If you’re interested in checking out what we’ve covered so far, you can look at our Club 52 page. If you’re a technique junkie and would like to learn new techniques (as many of them are ones we have created), or revisit old ones – you can still sign up from this page – you’ll be able to access all 23 weeks we’ve done so far, plus the remaining weeks, and your access to the classroom will last for 15 months.