Simple Bookbinding for Journals


I am so excited to share today’s project!  What is it?  Well it is a handmade book in which I bound my own pages. 

Now you first question may be, why would you make your own book?  Well for starters, I can never find a book with the papers I like!  I like doing watercolor journaling, and I am very picky about my papers.  You can of course find hand bound journals on Etsy, but you are looking at very expensive prices, and no guarantee on the paper. So I finally decided to take matters in my own hands and start binding myself. 

I am not looking to get a traditional book binding look, but rather a simpler, more approachable method which does not take a lot of money.  I may one day do a more traditional method, but for now I am doing these.  There will be a video of this book being featured next week on Paper Crafter’s Library, as well as an even easier, peasier book binding method.  As soon as my supplies arrive, I will also be feat

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  1. What a lovely book! I like the simplicity, and the ability to use any paper you like for the pages. Nicely bound, too.

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