Ranger Week: Winners of Our Set of 12 Tim Holtz Distress Stains

We’re SO sad that Ranger Week has come to an end! We’ve had a ton of fun playing with all the Distress Stains, and hope we’ve inspired you to take the leap and play with the Distress Stains too!

If you missed out on all the great Distress Stain Techniques we shared over the course of the week, click on any one of the links below to go to each post.

Ranger Week: Day 1

Ranger Week: Day 2

Ranger Week: Day 3

Ranger Week: Day 4

Ranger Week: Day 5

As promised, we are announcing five winners from each of the 5 days of our event. However, we have a surprise for you all. Because we put today’s post up late, we have decided to give you all one last opportunity to win a set of 12 Distress Stains. Leave a comment here telling us what you thought about Ranger Week and we’ll pick a winner from THIS post and announce the winner on Monday April 23rd at 12 pm EST.

So….Drumroll please…..the winners are:

If your name was drawn, please email us at customerservice@papercrafterslibrary.com to claim your prize. Be sure to put “Distress Stain Winner” in the subject line of the email and include your full phone number and shipping address.

Once again we’d like to thank you all for taking the time to visit and participate in our Ranger Week. We’d also like to extend a BIG thank you to Ranger for their generous donation of all the Distress Stains. We hope you come back and visit us often as we’re going to be having many more of these manufacturer spotlight weeks. Just to give you a hint, we have Spellbinders, May Arts Ribbon, Wow! Embossing, Maya Road and Crafter’s Workshop all on the horizon – so you definitely won’t want to miss out!

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111 replies on “Ranger Week: Winners of Our Set of 12 Tim Holtz Distress Stains”

  1. I really enjoyed Ranger Week and all of the product tutorials. I was not familiar with Distress Stains until this week and I loved seeing the possibilities for this one product showcased during the week. I hope you are able to provide more of these special product weeks for us.

  2. I LOVED the Ranger technique tutorials all week long. I’ve gained more ideas, hints, and ideas and have been sharing with my stamping friends. Thank you so much for all you’ve done to help us create beautiful art with the Ranger Distressed Stains.

    Carole M.

  3. Congrats to the winners!
    I have really enjoyed seeing all the projects this week & am thrilled to have discovered your site. I signed up for your newsletter too.

  4. Congrats to the winners, how fun to start playing with these wonderful stains, this week was very inspiring with all the fabulous projects and video tutorials, thanks for another chance at the giveaway!!!

  5. Thanks for another chance to win these stains. I don’t have any as yet, but I know I will love them.I love Distress Inks and other Ranger products that I own. The videos are all so helpful, especially in that we learn the best ways to use the stains.

  6. I had fun seeing all of the fun ideas! It has inspired me to want to go to my craft room and CREATE!!! πŸ™‚ Thanks for one final chance to win–I totally missed out on getting my comment in on time for day 5…

  7. Another wonderful week of great tutorials, ideas, and helpful hints. Even though I didn’t win the Distress Stains (yet!), I feel like a winner because of all the great info. I’m looking forward to more great projects and videos using the products you mentioned. Thanks!

  8. Ranger week was great! The tutorials were very helpful in getting started on how to use the Distress Stains. Thanks for an additional chance to win some wonderful products!!!

  9. Congrats to all the winners and thank you PCL for creating the videos and sharing all of the wonderful techniques this week. I had seen some tutorials on Distress Stains before, but the things you shared gave me even more ideas. So glad a friend posted about your Ranger Week on facebook so I was able to enjoy. Now, one last question….when will the video on how Sophia did her nails be posted? πŸ˜‰

  10. Congratulations to the VERY lucky winners. I’m so envious…. It was a great week. Lots of fun and new ideas and (as always) great videos. Distress Stains are now on my “gotta have ’em” list. Can’t wait to see what other companies and products you feature. I’m sure they, too, will be fun and full of new ideas.

  11. Congrats to you all! Can’t wait to get more stains and try them out myself!

  12. Congrats to all the winners! This was a fabulous topic to cover as I have learned quite a few new techniques. There is always something new to discover from a product you think you know all about. Thank you for all the ideas and inspiration!

  13. It was a great week of inspiration and ideas! So many wonderful projects to create. All great ideas so thanks for making all the videos to showcase these great products by Ranger. Ranger rocks!

  14. This week was, for me, all about learning new things, discovering new ideas, tutorials and products. There is so much to learn out there and I feel like this week gave me a push in the right direction.
    Thank you for sharing all this information and giving people the chance to learn and to get inspired!

  15. Congrats to the winners and thank you for such an inspiring week of videos. Distress stains are on my shopping list!

  16. Congrats to the winners, you are going to have so much fun!! I know I was sure inspired with the great videos πŸ™‚
    I love that we have another chance to wins some of these stains! Thanks Ladies πŸ™‚

  17. Congrats to all the lucky winners! Thanks for a great week of inspiration!

    Carol B

  18. Ranger week was awesome. Thanks for one last chance to win and congrats to the first five winners. We are all just a little envious LOL

  19. Loved Ranger week…it made me want the Distress Stains even more…hope I win πŸ™‚

  20. This has been a great week for inspiration – I’ve learned so much! Here’s to Ranger Distress Stains!

  21. What a wonderful five days. You ladies created such amazing effects. Thank you so much for sharing.

  22. I enjoyed the whole week of videos!!! Thanks for another chance to win the 12 distress stains. I would love to try them out!

  23. Only just found this site but signed up to the newsletter and off now to catch up on all the info in Ranger Week. What I’ve seen so far is great and certainly a place I’ll be dropping in frequently!

  24. Congrats to the winners! I really enjoyed all the fab video tutorials — too bad it is the end. Now I have to go get myself some distress stains so that I can try all these demos. Once again thank you all!

  25. Well Im excited, but have to wait until the computer gets back from the shop to watch and drool. Thank heavens for sisters compute to get a sneak peekr!
    Congrats everyone.

  26. Ranger week was so very fantastic!!! Huge HUGS to all that it took to produce the week:)
    You are all so very kind!!! I am uber humbled and thankful to have been chosen—I keep re-reading and re-reading the post to make sure that it really does ‘read’ that I was chosen to receive the amazing Distress Stains:) Wow—really??

    I have tried sending my info to service@papercrafterslibrary.com from each of my email accounts (2)—both return and say failure to send. If you get to read this and you have yet to receive my info—I would love your input:) be blessed
    ~Beyond Measure

  27. Thank you for another chance to win. I loved this week. It has been very inspiring. You really have taken us to a great level of learning new techniques and what can be done with Ranger ink. All the techniques I am taking with me and when I am able to get my savings up I will be splurging on Ranger Ink for sure. Well now that I know the effects and ways to use them. Thank you again. And Congrats to the winners.

  28. We were all winners… great videos… Thank you for the chance to win the stains… I am looking forward to future videos!

  29. Great videos and projects this week. I really enjoyed watching all the ideas you gave this week and now I’m not too afraid to try the stains and the techniques demonstrated. I love your blog and videos I always look forward to receiving your emails so I can see what’s new.

  30. Absolutely LOVED Ranger week and look forward to more product weeks like this. A great way for all of us to learn new techniques. Bummed that I didn’t win, but hopefully next time – congrats to all you lucky winners! Thanks Andrea and Sophia – you guys rock!

  31. One last chance to win. Thanks, I am always on the computer late so I missed commenting earlier. It has been a great week seeing all the Ranger projects.

  32. thanks for the this last chance – this week has been amazing and I have learnt soooooo much – thank you, thank you, thank you. I will be coming back to these again. I am so glad I have found this site.

  33. Andrea, ranger week was the best for me. I was working on cards this week and the timing of the tutorials was perfect. I stretched my creativity because of the tutorials. Thanks so much for sharing!!!

  34. Thanks for the extra chance as your post wasn’t up this morning before I left and it was too late when I got home. I have enjoyed the informative videos using the distress stains. Very cool techniques.

  35. I loved this week, I still have to go watch today’s. I just got home and am not allowed to use the PC at work for personal use and my BB wouldnt load the video so I didnt feel right coming to the blog to comment.

    I would love to learn more techniques … that way I’ll have a lot I can try out when I get my own Distress Inks!

    Yay, one more chance to win!

    Congrats to all the winners! Have fun playing with the Distress Stains.

    Again, thank you for another chance to win.

    Have a distressing (in a good way of course!) weekend!

  36. “Ranger Week” was the BEST! Thank you so much for all the video tutorials, and for a chance to win a set of Distress Stains! Paper Crafters Library is truly the most unique and comprehensive resource on the net ~ Thanks!!!

  37. Ranger Week was great. I learned new ways to use my Ranger stains and distress inks. The projects were inspiring and the videos were excellent. TFS! Can’t wait to see what you’re gonna do next!

  38. I am so glad that I received a link to your site and Ranger Week from a newsletter from SimonSaysStamp. Although I have seen a few videos showing Distress Stain techniques, I found lots of inspiration and tips from your videos. And again, I must say how clear and professional I found your presentations. Thank you!

  39. Ranger week was fantastic!! Would love to see more weeks like this, I enjoyed all the techniques and projects shown.

  40. Thank you for the additional chance to win! This has been an exciting week, learning all the techniques. I look forward to the upcoming weeks and all the things you have lined up. I subscribe and like getting the weekly video.


  41. Thanks for teaching us great techniques (and for the chance to win). Ranger week has left me inspired to try new things on my scrapbook pages and cards and expand past my comfort zone.

  42. I’m sad to see the week end! I have been wanting to try the Ranger products, and I’ve watched many videos, but I must say Andrea’s information was very concise, and I hope you will consider doing more in the future! Thanks so much!

  43. I’ve enjoyed all the videos and can’t wait to get started using all the Ranger products. Congratulations to all the winners.

  44. Thank you so much for the Ranger technique tutorials. It’s been a great week and I hope there will be many more like it. You even got me more interested in buying more of the Distress Stains.
    Congratulations to the winners too! Wish I was one but since I’m not, it couldn’t happen to a better group of ladies.

  45. Loved, loved, loved this week – TH is my favorite designer in the scrap world, and his products are fantastic. I will let Ranger know how much I appreciate them sponsoring the giveaways.

  46. I don’t often jump on board with a new line of products but you have made these Ranger Distress Stains irresistible. Thank you so much for the fabulous videos on all the cool techniques you have shared.

  47. Thank you for some wonderful videos and a very fun week of techniques! Love the Ranger stains! and will add them to my wish list. Thanks for sharing all the info.

  48. Congratulations to all the winners. Such a great week of videos on Distress Stains. Even though I’ve used them before and watched other videos, I still found more to learn. Thanks for great ideas, too.

  49. congratulations all the winners. Thanks again for all the new ways to use the rangers distress stains. You are only limited by your imagination.

  50. I enjoyed all the videos and even learned a few new things. thanks for hosting this.

  51. Thanks for the awesome tutorials this week…I had to rush out and buy a couple of Distress Stains already, but I would love the full set!

  52. I just loved the tutorials this week. Great to focus on such a great product! Congrats to the winners!

  53. I just today found your website and videos (well, last night) and have spent the past 6 hours watching and catching up…especially all of the videos from Ranger Week. I was so bummed out that I didn’t get a chance to win, so imagine how unbelievably glad I am right now. Ranger Products are the basic staples of my crafting life! I absolutely adore everything they produce, and literally consume anything I can find about new ways to use their products…and Distress Stains…what can I say…heaven!! Thanks so much…I hope that there will be similar videos and special weeks to come. So glad I found you!

  54. This has been a fabulous week with the collaboration between Ranger and Paper Crafter’s Library. The videos have been so informative and easy to follow. I am looking forward to trying out all these techniques that you have shown.
    I am honoured to have been chosen as a winner and wish to thank both Ranger and Paper Crafter’s Library. I have now added Ranger to my reading list, (Paper Crafter’s has been on my list for quite a while now).

  55. I loved Ranger Week. I think I learned more in one week than I have over the last couple of years just trying to figure it all out on my own. I believe alot of people buy the products because we love Ranger and we love Tim, but really don’t have a clue how to adapt the product to our “style” of crafting. These videos showed such detailed techiniques and how to do them, that I for one, am able to adapt these techniques to my style of crafting and scrapbooking and card making. So a great big “Thank You” for all the videos. I can only hope that Ranger will allow Paper Crafters Library to continue doing this with all their products. Not just for those of us that have already purchased the products but for those that want to purchase them, but just weren’t sure of how to use them!!! Ranger Rocks and so does Paper Crafters Library!!!


  57. Ranger week was great I enjoyed all the videos, and learned all I ever wanted to know about Distress Stains. Congrats to all the winners.

  58. I loved the video tutorials. The information was very clear and easy to understand. Great to see the techniques happening. I’ll keep my fingers crossed for this chance to win distress stains! Also i found my way here and took the fanbadge for my own blog. And I signed up for the newsletter! Great info to be found here!

  59. A tremendous job with the videos as always Andrea. I have to call this week a REAL teaser into the world of Distress Stains! How do you NOT want all the colors – LOL! Ranger is an amazing company and picked a winner with Tim Holtz.
    Thank you for mentioning or linking the tools you used. In Sophie’s last card with the light bulb is that a stamp? All the projects were gorgeous. One of my most favourite techniques has to be the Blended Distress Stains and the Ghosting with the stamps and embossing folders.
    Congratulations to all the winners of the Distress Stains so far. It was nice for us late comers to have another shot too! It was very generous of Ranger to donate all the sets.

  60. I have seen the Ranger Distress Stains when shopping and was afraid to buy them not knowing what to do with them. After watching these videos you can bet they will be high on my priority list next time I shop. The videos were great instruction. Thanks so much.

  61. Ranger Week was fantabulous … Fabulous and fantastic rolled into one! The videos and projects shown were extremely helpful. Keep up the good work!

  62. Ranger Week was great! I’ve had some of these inks for over a year now and haven’t known how to use them. The techniques shown during this past week have inspired me to try using the inks and to try the new techniques. Thanks so much…..I love the videos and all your great creative ideas!!!

  63. As I am a begginer in this world, and learning all about it in the internet, Ranger Week has given me a big view of endless possibility of backgrounds creation! Thanks!!!

  64. This week has been so fun. I learned so much thank you! I bought my first three bottles yesterday and am excitted to try sofme of your techniques. Thanks again!

  65. Love Ranger products and the videos have only served to give me extra ideas and uses for these great products. Thanks for all the super ideas !

  66. Recently discovered Ranger products and absolutely love them! Seeing all of the great projects with the video tutorials made for a really good week. Thank you!

  67. Enjoyed learning some new techniques – even got my first distressing inks. Looking forward to play time. Thanks so much for the great tutorials

  68. This week of Ranger Stains videos was so informative and fun. Thanks for doing them and thanks to you and Ranger for the chance to win. Congratulations to the first five winners,

  69. Thanks for sharing all of the great info about Ranger’s Distress Stains. I love to see a product in action before I buy it.

  70. I love the Ranger products. I never knew one could do so much with the Distress Stains. It teaches me how to use different products. I find in the past, I would buy items but not use them to their fullest. I love the videos on how to use the Distress Stains. I would love to win. My congrats to the winners – they are very lucky.

  71. Ranger week was awesome. Loved all the great tips and techniques you shared. Please pick me as the bonus winner.
    Can’t wait to see the next product showcase week.

  72. I totally enjoy the Ranger week tutorials and the information that has been delivered and given. All the videos presented is really clear and that makes me understand the convenience of using them. I never thought how versatile these fluid distress stains are and to incorporate them in a project is simply “wow’! I am so glad that Tim Holtz come up with this formulation and that just makes paper crafting/scrapbooking a whole lot of fun to work on. Thank you! Thank you! Such a genius.

  73. Oh My! Please do another Ranger week! This was awesome! And a second chance to win—–can’t beat that! Thanks Andrea!

  74. LOVED this Ranger week! Would love to see this format on other Ranger products. Congrats to you both!!!

  75. Ranger week was a wonderful idea. I have learned many wonderful tecniques. I don’t have stains yet. But after this week I truly need some. Most of all i liked background tecniques. Thank you for such an amazing week of good ideas!

  76. Thank you so much for all of the instruction and ideas. I am fairly new to the whole stamping world.
    I do a lot with photography but recently took an on-line course, Chemistry 101 with Tim Holtz. Now I am
    hooked!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I can’t believe all that you can do with ink. I got a lot from the class but this week I have
    been able to get more focused on the stains and inks. I am trying to control myself but I want to go buy every color!!! I am disabled so this has opened up a whole new world for me. Thank you very much and
    I look forward to more tutorials.

  77. Thank you so much for doing this! I have always been hesitant to purchase these because I wasn’t sure what to do with them. I will definitely give them a try now!!!!!

  78. OMGosh! These videos are awesome! I never knew you could do so much with the distress stains. Definitely something I need!! Picket Fence looks like so much fun to work with!

  79. I had just the busiest week – but saved the Ranger post to review at leisure. I loved the videos, and ended up ordering about $70 of the supplies due to the videos. Just love the Picket Fence! I was slightly disappointed that I waited too late to view and five possible chances at a lovely stain set. But was really happy to look at the blog this evening and find out I have at least one chance! Thanks for the wonderful visual training!

  80. OMG…so many ideas; loved them all. I would not be offended if you had more ideas. I purchased several of the colors to try BUT would love to win more. Thanx for sharing!!

  81. Great week of ideas! Fabulous cards and videos! Can’t wait to order some of the stains so I can try these out myself!

  82. I thought Ranger week was Awesome. I am so impressed with what you can do with the distressed stains. I guess if I can’t win them I will have to be purchasing them sometime in the future. Loved all the techniques that were created with the distressed inks. Looking forward to trying them out myself. Would be nice if I could win then I would not have to wait to so long to start my collection of distressed inks. Thanks for the opportunity to win.

  83. I have enjoyed all the tips given on the usage of distressed stains. I am excited about all the new and exciting, and different products that have been introduced, and the opportunity for all of us to get a chance at trying. I am always looking for new and exciting techniques for my scrapbooks and cards. I would love to win a set of these Ranger products. Thanks for the extra chance to try and do that. πŸ™‚

  84. Congratulations to all the winners!!!! The samples and tutorials were great. I love Tim Holtz and Ranger products; they are so innovative and exciting to use.

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