Product Spotlight & Freebie Friday: Trendy Test Tubes….Enter to Win! + Winners of Last Week’s Freebie Friday

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Trendy Test Tubes With A Silver Cap

For today’s Product Spotlight and Freebie Friday I wanted to show you a fun new product we just introduced into the Sunny Stampin’ Store – round trendy test tubes with a silver screw on cap.  We’ve brought in two different sizes – a 6″ tall test tube for $1.75 CAN + shipping and a 4″ tall test tube for $1.50 CAN + shipping.  We do ship internationally – your credit card company or Paypal will take care of the currency exchange for you.

From the moment I saw these test tubes I absolutely fell in love with them, because you can use them for so many things and incorporate them into so many different projects.  In today’s video we are going to give you a close up view of the test tubes and share a tutorial on how to create the Holiday Test Tube Table Top Treat Holder shown below.  I thought it would make the perfect table favor for our Christmas dinner this year. This treat holder uses the 4″ high test tubes.

Holiday Table Top Test Tube Treat Holder

Download the PDF Handout HERE

Here’s the video showing you how to make this project:


We’ve also create a couple of other projects to show you how we use these test tubes.  First off, here you can see a Double Pocket Test Tube Treat Holder – it’s a cute little tote into which you can slide four of the 4″ test tubes. I can also picture it filled with some bath salts to include in a spa-related gift, or maybe filled with candy sprinkles as part of a gift for someone who likes to bake.  We have a video tutorial for Paper Crafter’s Library members which, if you are a member, you can access from HERE (make sure you are logged in first).

This next project you see below uses the 6″ test tubes.  It’s a Hot Chocolate for Two Kit – it includes two packets of hot chocolate, and then the test tube filled with marshmallows.  This was a 12 Weeks of Christmas project for our 12 Weeks of Christmas 2011 event, and has now been moved into Paper Crafter’s Library for members only.  If you are a member, you can view the video tutorial from HERE (make sure you are logged in).

Hot Chocolate Holder Featuring Our Trendy Test Tubes

 Okay, so now, details on how to enter or Freebie Friday Giveaway…..simple, all you have to do is enter a comment in the comment’s section of this post – share with us your gift giving traditions – do you have a long list where you buy from everyone, do you draw names, or something else alltogether?

 The winner will be announced on Friday, December 9th.  Whoever that lucky person is, will only have 24 hours to email us to claim their prize, if we don’t hear from you, then someone else’s name will be selected!

 Finally, the winner of last week’s Freebie Friday give-away for the Echo Park Holly Jolly Christmas Collection shown below……..



Congratulations Evelyn! To claim your prize please email me at and be sure to put “Echo Park 12 Days of Christmas Blog Winner”.  In the body of your email please include your full mailing address and phone number.


416 replies on “Product Spotlight & Freebie Friday: Trendy Test Tubes….Enter to Win! + Winners of Last Week’s Freebie Friday”

  1. Our family is quite small, so we usually buy for each person – which includes 5 small grandchildren – the most fun to buy for. I love the idea of these tubes being used for table favors!!

  2. We have started to draw names over the years as our family has grown and we buy for the nieces. On my husbands side we just buy for his parents so that makes it easy. I love teacher gifts though and always trying to make something special and homemade. These test tubes would be fun to add to a present!!! Thanks for the chance to win…..

  3. I love this item, it would be so handy to have at the door for surprise little gift snacks on your guests way home from that special christmas visit. My holiday gift tradition is two things..first off ann special friends and family get homemade cards from us, then for the family members I make them a homemade christmas decoration to add to their tree. Soon everyone in my family will have crafty trees all made with love. I love doing this especially for my neices and newphews, cause when they move out they will always have my heart with them in all their adventures.

  4. Absolutely love the idea of using the test tubes for bath salts! Multi-scent options are endless…thanks so much for sharing this!

  5. Hello Ladies…. I was wondering if there is a place to subscribe to this blog so I can get the updates in my inbox… otherwise I don’t remember (or have the time!) to check it for days. Thanks… Anita

  6. It’s a mixed bag for us. There are lots of kids on my husband’s side of the family, so we only do kids there, on my side, not a lot of kids so we buy for everyone. For the kids we always buy bonds, and just give them a little something to unwrap…they’ll appreciate it later.

  7. I make many gifts for nephews, nieces and neighbors….this idea is a unique one and would receive many ohs and ah when handed to them.

  8. These are really neat! They are so much nicer and more elegant than most that I’ve seen. What a great idea!

  9. I love the tubes and would use them as gifts for my grandchildren…maybe a $20 bill tucked inside each one. My family is large but I love giving, so I buy or make something special for each of my 4 grown children and their spouses and usually more than one thing for each of my 8 grandchildren. They all draw names, but I just can’t do that!

  10. We have a fairly large extended family, but a small personal family. We love Christmas and giving presents. We usually buy a “family” gift for each. A little something so everyone knows we love them. We are not into all the presents are more important than family thing, so we keep it nice, but simple. I love spending time with family and friends and love to make things for them. I try to make the holidays special for all of us. The videos you post are wonderful and I enjoy each and every one of them. Thank you and Merry Christmas!

  11. My husband and I don’t exchange gifts anymore but save that money toward a nice vacation trip each year. We have no children and most of the nieces and nephews are now grown. As soon as they graduate high school we stop sending a check because there are so many, unless we will be with them at Christmastime. We are going to a sister’s in NC this year and we are taking small handmade gifts for each person, even the adults. I just can’t go with nothing. We also have 4 new grand nephews and niece we will be meeting for the first time so they are getting a new baby gift.

  12. Like everyone December is pretty busy fo me but not only because of the holidays but I also have 10+ Birthdays to come up with gifts for. Being able to have gift and card ideas from here and other places makes it a bit easier to do. Now if only time could slow dow a bit I can ge everything done on time this year 🙂

  13. Those test tubes are really adorable!! I would love these for hostess gifts which we always have a lot of over the holidays and I try to handmake my gifts.

  14. Much to my husband’s chagrin, I have quite an extensive gift-giving list for Christmas! I have so much fun shopping all year long to find the “perfect” gift for each person. I think the giving is so much more fun than the getting!!

  15. We have quite a large family, so everyone buys a gift worth $20- 25 and we play a fun card game which includes hogging and stealing 🙂 Love the test tube ideas!

  16. This project is so cute. What great ideas. I always wondered where people got those little test tubes from.

  17. We have our children and grandchildren over for Christmas and exchange of gifts. We still buy for all of them and they almost always get a homemade craft each. I loved the idea of the test tubes when I saw it in your Hot Chocolate for Two Kit but have not been able to find any locally yet. Would love to |win!

  18. So cute! I have already been using these tubes, so it’s nice to see other ways of using them. Really cute idea. Thanks for sharing! Have a great holiday.

  19. Several years ago when I couldn’t find the Christmas crackers I really liked, I started a new little gift tradition at my dinner table. Each year I find a little theme gift for each person at the table (I have used local goat’s milk soaps in different scents, each person’s favorite candy, socks, key chains–that kind of thing), wrap them nicely with the place card as the greeting card on the little package. It is really fun to have just one more little gift to unwrap–and I have an excuse to get something for me, too!!! Once I grouped all the little packages as the centerpiece and tied a long ribbon to each package. Then, I put each place card at the end of one ribbon–so each person had to pull the ribbon to find their gift. That was fun! I think these test tubes and the treat holder would be the perfect twist to this year’s Christmas dinner! How fun! I loved the Hot Chocolate for Two gift idea, too.

  20. In our family, we usually get a smallish gift for the nieces and nephews. Then I will craft something nice for the grandparents. Then, we’ll buy a few things for our kids.

    The test tube project looks so adorable! It would be perfect for teacher gifts!

  21. I have a very large family, so every year on Christmas day we gather for a Yankee swap. It is so much fun to swap gifts around and never really knowing what gift you will end up with until the very last person has gone and chosen or swapped a gift. And even then, we put all the numbers back into the bowl and one final person gets the ultimate pick of all the gifts. So much fun!!

  22. I love this test tube idea! So much can be done with it. Your project is fantastic! Unfortunately, I haven’t seen these tubes in craft stores locally, so would love to win some to try it out for myself. 🙂
    Our Christmas gift-giving is that we buy for all the “kids” in the family up until they get married (i.e. nieces, nephews, etc). Once the newly marrieds have kids, then their kids get the gifts. The immediate family always gets gifts. With a pretty large family, the gift-giving has to get selective once they become adults…and this seems to work for us. Thanks!

  23. I love the test tube idea. I also have another pattern to use them for Christmas. Thanks for making available to purchase. You don’t happen to have the ones with corks do you?
    Jo Ann

  24. I love these little tubs but I live in a small country with no acess to them. loved the tuterioal and would love to make some for my grand kids. thanks wanda

  25. I love these projects. I know I’m going to make some of these for friends at work. Thanks for the tutorial.

  26. I have bought a couple of these tubes and they are amazing – so many neat things you can do with them. I made Easter cards and put little jelly bean eggs in the tubes – so adorable.
    I would love, love, love to win these tubes and make some creative projects ideas to share with other crafters. Did I say I would love, love, love to win these tubes.
    Thanks for all the sharing of ideas on your website.

  27. What a awesome idea ! And like Kathy said it is a great hostess gitfs. For the gift giving traditions, dec, 24, my daughter, my husband and I will do a little snack for santa and take a long souper just the 3 of us. After that we will play some games before the big night. the 25th we do a great lunch with all my families, we don’t see each other often so 1 time a years it’s the big party.
    P.S. I’m not used to speak english, so sorry for any mistake…

  28. These would be perfect for the flavored vodkas I’m making for Christmas presents.

  29. We have a large family so the adults donate to a local charity if one another’s names and we all buy gifts for the children.

    I am so happy that you are offering these tubes. I incoporating them into gifts. I am even more excited that you have added the directions to make all your wonderful things to the library b/c I am a member. Thank you!

  30. Oh! This is another great giveaway! Our Tradition for gift giving is: Adult gift giving on Christmas Eve and children get gifts from Santa on Christmas morning. Thanks for your posts.

  31. My sister, mother and myself always try to make a small gift for each other. We have made this our tradition.

  32. Our tradition is to buy for everyone. We have tried to cut back, but just can’t seem to not buy gifts for each other! Thanks for the chance to win the test tubes – they would be awesome to embellish!

  33. We try to focus on practical gifts. As a scrapper, all I need is a gift card or two. Now that the kids are older, we no longer do you know who. Sometimes I miss the visits from you-know-who.
    Those tubes are lovely. I could make several gifts for coworkers.
    Thanks for a chance to win.

  34. We try to focus on practical gifts. As a scrapper, all I need is a gift card or two. Now that the kids are older, we no longer do you know who. Sometimes I miss the visits from you-know-who.
    Those tubes are lovely. I could make several gifts for coworkers.
    Thanks for a chance to win.

  35. I have 7 children who usually exchange names. This year due to some very unexpected events, we are coming up with ways for VERY inexpensive gifts. These tubes would be ideal for that!

  36. My family does not celebrate Christmas. However, each year I make it a habit to give back to a charity or
    organization whose goal is to help educate less fortunate youth in some manner. I love crafting so with these test tubes I can create some handmade gifts to some of the CEO/Founders of organizations I’ve given to in the past. I think it would be a great way to show them some appreciation for their efforts. Maybe, if I win the test tubes I can post a picture of the final project. Happy Holidays!

  37. My family only buys for the young children and young adults (under age 18). We always have a family feast on Christmas and spend quality time together. I always like to make a homemade item that each person can take with them. This will be the perfect token. I also do handmade gifts for my coworkers so this will be great there as well. Happy Holidays all!

  38. I do snowman soup every year and I always do something different. Last year was an apron, before that a pocket. The tubes are a great idea for this year. Love it!

  39. I love to give my neices and nephews little treats o the holidays and these test tubes are so cute and can be used for practically any occasion! Love all the ideas, thanks for sharing! Jennifer 🙂

  40. Andrea…these are great for all sorts of ideas. I’m just starting on some wedding planning for a friend and would love to receive some of these tubes so that I can present a sample of wedding favours for their summer 2012 wedding. Thank you for all the fantastic ideas!!

  41. Love these tubes! Saw them for the first time in your video with the small marshmellows and became all nervous: Have to have them!! I can’t find them in the Netherlands, so have to order them in Canada after I have saved enough. Thanks for all your great video’s
    Greetings, Petra

  42. These are so cute, Why do companies have to charge so much for such a small item? I would give dozens of these away if they cost less. T think they are fabulous and would love to give decorate these and give them away.

    We now only buy for the grandhildren in the family, this was decided upon by one of our children. My husband wanted no part of this so each year he buys for our adult children and son in laws still he enjoys doing this.

  43. Hi Andrea, thank you again for the great inspiration you give! I love the hot chocolate holder idea. I always handmake gifts for family, teachers, co-workers. These willl be perfect for my kids teachers and my co-workers. I would love to win a set of the test tubes to complete these gifts:) Merry Christmas to you and your family!

  44. Super cute projects with these tubes! I’m doing a “handmade Christmas” this year for my gifts. These would be great to use. Thanks for the inspiration and chance to win!

  45. Oh, Andrea! These test tube projects are the cutest!!! You are so creative! Thank you for the opportunity to win some and be inspired!

  46. These tubes are the cutest!!! I love all the ideas you came up with and would love to win these tubes to make some of my own.

  47. Adorable! The test tubes have so many possibilities. You have really come up with some creative ideas.

  48. Christmas is a very big occasion in my household. We buy gifts for our three daughters and thier spouses and for our five grandchildren. After Santa is played with for awhile we take turns opening gifts. This has changed up some since we have little ones who are very impatient so we let them go first. they want to get on with play part and the heck with sitting around opening presents. The faster they can get into them the better in hier minds. Thank you for opportunity to win some blog candy.

  49. Our family is not very large, so we all buy for the kids (even the adult ones). I love your website and look forward to the new projects each week!

  50. I love those test tubes. Our Christmas tradition is to buy a generic gift to exchange. We have approx. 40 people in the family and we don’t unwrap the gift until all the gifts have been fought for and then we open them to see what we got. It can be a lot of fun. I also make homemade goodies to give to friends and neighbors every year.

  51. Ever since my daughters married and had children, it has become a tradition for me to give everyone a
    mug and hot chocolate mix, but they are now telling me it is too much hot chocolate, so these would
    be ideal for me to make the card packet for the a couple of hot choco packs and the mini marshmellows
    in the tube on the side. That way I am continuing the tradition, but not over loading everyone. Thanks for the terrific idea. I have 2 daughters, 6 grandkids, 2 grandson-in-laws and 4 great granddaughters, so I’ll have to get at least 16 tubes and get busy.

  52. These are just too cute and what a great idea on how to use them. As usual, your ideas and creativity are amazing. Thanks…..

  53. My family is small. The only gifts I usually buy for is my husband, daughter and son-in-law, and best friend.
    These test tubes are perfect for small candies, crafting embellishments, etc.
    Thanks for the tutorial!
    aka celticrafter

  54. Good to see that you can always be counted on to not only find interesting products but also to have really cute ways in which to use them.

  55. Congrats to Evelyn! I love these test tubes and what you have done with them – so cute! On my side of the family, we have 7 kids and our families so we draw names – age 20 and younger are in the “kids” list and the rest of us are in the adult list. This year we decided to limit the amount to $5 or handmade – this will be somewhat of a challenge for boy gifts, but I am loving making gifts for the girls! Fortunately, I got my sister, Paula, and I am making a Grandma’s brag book for her to carry with pictures of her first grandchild. On my hubby’s side, there are only 3 children and he is the only one who is married with a family so we buy for everyone. Thanks for the chance to win some of these fabulous test tubes!

  56. Such cute ideas you have for these little tubes! We don’t have any traditions for gift giving any more. The kids are all grown and there are no little ones yet to do the fun stuff. We do now use the majority of gift money to help the needy during this time. We sponsor a family and give to Salvation Army. We still do little homemade items. I have so many ideas for this year it’s hard to choose which one to give to whom. Thanks for all the inspiration!

  57. OH NO, I just ordered 25 of the tubes and when I got them in, they are NOT the right size. I would LOVE to win your tubes as I was planning on making the hot chocolate cards with the marshmellows for my card class when we meet in January. THANKS FOR THE CHANCE TO WIN. MERRY CHRISTMAS & GOD BLESS. REMEMBER TO ALL THAT JESUS IS THE REASON FOR THE SEASON ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !

  58. What a great project! Simple and so cute! As usual, excellent video tutorial! I would just love to make this project and share it with friends and family!

  59. When I went away to graduate school in the midwest, I told my family I would not be buying presents, since airfare took away my gift-giving budget. Thus, their gift was ME! 🙂 In the meantime, my brother decided he didn’t want his kids getting into the mindset that Christmas is all about gifts, so he asked us not to buy them gifts for Christmas. So…my family spends time together playing games and crafting (I still give my nieces gifts of stamps, ink and paper, but it’s not for “Christmas”). I did, however, get into the habit of taking my nieces and nephew to the book store twice a year when I visit to buy them a book of their choice. They love to read and I find the time we spend together more fun than if I chose their gifts myself. Since I got into paper crafts and card making, I believe the time and effort I spend on making a beautiful hand-made card sends as much love to my friends and family as any gift I could buy, as well.

  60. Wow, I love these tubes…just let your imagination take over and see what was created…very cool tubes.

  61. Our list has become much smaller in the last few years…many of our family has requested not to exchange gifts, so we really concentrate on just immediate family, and it has certainly made the holiday much more enjoyable!

  62. I like to keep it simple and I like to make cute things when I can. Love all of the projects you did with the trendy tubes. Those tubes look great for putting just about anything in for anyone on my gift giving list. Thanks for sharing your wonderful ideas.

  63. Our gift giving has evolved over the years as we have more adults and fewer children in the mix. We used to draw names, but we’re at the point where we really don’t need anything else (most of us are trying to declutter), and if we do need something we buy it ourselves. We still buy something for the kiddies, but we now make donations to each other’s favorite charities in lieu of wrapped up gifts. It truly is the gift of giving and others have needs far greater than ours.

  64. Gosh….so many possibilities.
    I could tie them together using pretty ribbon, add water and fresh flowers….and have a centerpiece!
    I could do one of the projects you did or one that someone else mentioned.
    It could be covered with green rhinestones and/or glitter and be the pickle on the tree. The extras could be gifts, with a copy of the legend of the pickle. A gift could be inside, along with the legend!
    Mom and I always have something handmade for each person..
    Mom and Dad had 8 children, 7 in-laws
    16 grandchildren, 12 in-laws
    20 great-grandchildren, 1 in-law
    1 great-great-grandchild
    What a legacy!

    Mom died this September, so I will sort out the handmade scarves, headbands and caps for all those wonderful people who comprise my extended family. Everybody gets a gift! Even boyfriends and girlfriends who come along to Grandma’s house (actually MY house) for the fun. Mom worked hard on those gifts and everyone will love them.

  65. These test tubes are so awesome…the ideas are popping into my head as I am typing! In our family we do a bit of both for gift giving. The immediate family is small so we each exchange a gift and for the extended family we draw names with a price limit. This way Christmas doesn’t break the pocket book! We then make time to get together and celebrate with each other. 🙂

  66. First of all ladies, i love all of these test tube projects–simply stinkin’ adorable!!!

    As for Christmas, when my children were young we started the tradition of buying 3 gifts for them and for my husband and I too. Based on the 3 gifts that Jesus received, we give a need gift, a wish gift, and pleasure gift. It has simplified our gift giving for our immediate family and helped us to remember the true reason we celebrate Christmas–the birth of Jesus, the Savior of the World.

  67. I love all of your ideas. What a fantastic team you have. I love the test tubes. I would love to win some. Thanks Carolyn

  68. Our families consist of adults mainly who do not anything and if they do they usually buy it themselves so a few years ago we decided that the money we would spend on our family members would be spent on a family less fortunate than ours. Any gifts that we do exchange with family is home made. I think I will make the hot chocolate for two kits adding pouches of home made hot chocolate mix. So excited to see that you are carrying the test tubes.


  69. I’ve been wanting to play with test tubes, but haven’t been able to justify the expense without a set idea in mind. I’m loving the ideas you’ve shared on how to use them, so I’d love to win some to play with……
    As for gift giving, we buy gifts for our whole family (11 adults and 7 kids). On Christmas Eve, we all get together and open one present and one person at a time. This way everyone gets to see what everyone else got, instead of the flurry of everyone unwrapping everything all at once.
    Then on Christmas morning, it’s just the three of us together, opening gifts we got or made for each other, and then I make a brunch cassarole. Then we spend the rest of the day playing games or watching movies together.

  70. My family is all out of time, but my husband’s family is here. We send pkgs. out of town to my family, but with my husband’s family we do the stealing gift game on Christmas Eve–a lot of fun. Your test tubes and projects are a lot of fun, too!

  71. This is a lovely idea for thank you gifts for delivery persons etc. In our family we make as many of our gifts as we can as most of us are craft persons. Thank you for the opportunity to win some.

  72. What cute ideas! I am always looking for other paper crafting ideas. These would make a lovely addition to your Christmas table.
    Thanks for all your inspiring ideas.

  73. Loved the video and glad to see you are selling the test tubes. Would love to see the hot chocolate holder video as well on a Freebie Friday tutorial.

  74. What a cute idea. Looks as though they would be easy to mass produce for gifts. Most of my family expects some cute paper made gift from me and I love this one….they will ,too.

  75. These are jsut adorable. You know when your having trouble finding that special something for the
    person that has everything well this is sure the perfect gift to please…

  76. Love all these great projects. I have made 6 of the hot cocoa packet dual holders. Take a little time but so worth it as they are so cute. I sure hope the recipients like them too. Thanks for this new giveaway, I’m running low on tubes. As far as gift giving–I only exchange presents with my kids, mom, sister and of course my grandson. I make smaller token type gifts for some real close stamping friends and some service people like the mailperson etc.

  77. These are just so adorable! When I first saw these, the first thing that popped up in my mind was making one for each of my family members and hang them on our tree or place then as if they were stocking stuffers. It would be something different rather than having ornaments or stockings around. Mmmm… You can never have too much sweets over the holidays!

  78. This year has been a tough one. We aren’t buying for friends and family other than our kids and each other. We will be making soaps and cards and mini scrapbooks for people.


  80. I come from quite a large family: 6 sisters and 1 brother. Plus I now have 9 nieces and nephews and 1 great-nephew. My siblings and I exchange what we call “stocking stuffers” which often are delivered in a reusable tote bag or storage container. Mine are always full of home-made gifts and I would love to make them one of these tube hoders for this year. Thanks for all of the great ideas. Have a Happy Holiday and hope you can spend time with all those you love.

  81. What a great idea!! My 6 great nieces and nephews will love these!!! Please enter me in the draw! Thanks for your inspirations and keep up the good work!

  82. Love these tubes. Can be used in so many way and for different holidays. Thank you for sharing so many of your wonderful ideas.

  83. Christmas is my favourite holiday. I absolutely love making little treats to hand out to family, friends and volunteers where I work. You see, I work at our local hospital, and each year I make little goodies for the volunteers. Since we’ve moved, our volunteer population has more than tripled! These adorable little tubes would be the idea size for individual little Christmas treats.
    You always have such amazing ideas! Thanks for sharing.

  84. We live away from all our family members so gift giving has been somewhat limited to photo calendars, gift cards and small, easily mailed items. We haven’t spent Christmas with family in over 6 years so this year is really exciting for us as we are packing up the kids and driving to Florida to spend Christmas with my mother.

  85. What a neat idea. There are so many uses. As a thank you gift at the table and double as a place setting. You could use them as stocking stuffers or have some on hand for people who show up unexpected. I am sure I could find lots of uses for them. Thanks so much for the idea and instructions. Happy Holidays and I always enjoy your newsletters and samples.

  86. Love, Love, Love the test tube ideas! So want to make them all. Thanks for the opportunity to win! For gift giving on my husband’s side everyone buys a $10 gift & then do the Chinese gift exchange thing (If that’s what it’s called). On my extended side of the family we’ve decided to make a donation to those who are in need. We don’t really need anything & it’s a good feeling knowing you can help others that don’t have as much as we do. Of course with my own personal family (husband & son) we buy for each other, but try not to go overboard! 🙂 I also like to try & make smaller type gifts for friends.

  87. Andrea,
    I absolutely Love these tubes! I’ve been wanting
    To do something like this for my 5 little
    Grandchildren. I send them a monthly “Nana Package”
    I can feel their delight as they would open this project!
    Thanks so much for the chance to win!

  88. What a lovely project. Thank you so much for sharing it with us. I make most of my own Christmas gifts. Last year I made 127 different items Most of my family live interstate so we don’t manage to spend Christmas together any more so I enoy making a little something special for them and our friends as well.
    Thank you for the opportunity to win this lovely prize .l don’t seem to be able to access them Down Under.

  89. I’d love to have these test tubes! So glad to see that you are selling them as well, because they are hard to locate! Keep up the beautiful creations!

  90. I have seen a lot of ideas for these but never tried them myself. They make neat gifts!
    Thanks for Freebie Friday!

  91. I am so happy you are offering the tubes in your store!
    I just loved the hot chocolate folder and now I can actually make them!
    Cutest idea ever! Thanks for sharing all of your wonderful ideas with us, Andrea.

  92. Have seen these tubes used in a lot of different projects–yours are the best–but haven’t seen them in the stores where I shop. Would be great to win them. I like to give little gifts to fellow crafters, neighbors, grandchildren (sometimes even their parents), and these three projects would be perfect. Great Idea!

  93. Would love a chance to win these. They are such a good idea for all those “little” presents given to those special people who touch our lives during the year.

  94. What an awsome product and the way you used it is novel…….I would love to have a few of them in my crafting room. What a fun product to work with, I see visions of wonderful projects…….Thanks for the chance to win some! I hope you pick me!! 🙂

  95. We personally budget and make a list for EVERYONE we buy gifts for! We get our kids 3 gifts each b/c Jesus received three gifts from the Wise Men. Because my husband comes from a large family we have the kids draw names for gifts for each other (all the cousins) and the adults do a nice (and sometimes homemade) white elephant gift exchange. My side of the family we buys gifts for everyone. So we get a little of both sides of the Christmas coin, so to speak. FUN TIMES FOR ALL!!!

  96. I have used this product before. They are so much fun to fill with lovely surprises. This is a fun twist on other projects I have seen. You just come up with the most creative projects. You never cease to amaze. Keep ’em coming.

  97. we buy only for the children – and grandparents. Much easier!

    Can I BEG you to pull my number out of the hat..?? I have been wanting to get my hands on some test tubes to makes these sorts of gifts but just don’t have the options to purchase such cool things like this over here! I LOVE the tubes – and the projects you have put together…. just gorgeous!

  98. Those test tubes are great! They really get my imagination flowing and it is so nice to see and learn what you have done with them

  99. We buy for each person. Last year we started a new tradition of drawing names for our stocking stuffers. We shopped together on Christmas Eve and chose about 5 stores that you had to get something for your persons stocking from. It was a lot of fun. Love the test tubes!

  100. Those are way to fricken cute The one picture also gave me an idea on how to use those long cello bags…. thanks a bunch

  101. I love both the hot chocolate holder and treat holder with the test tubes. I can’t wait to make some for my granddaughters. I love your ideas. These would also make good sellers at craft sales.
    Thanks for all your hard work.

  102. OOps! Forgot to tell you about our Christmas habits……Being grandparents, we buy for everyone in our immediate family but not for extended family, except Grandma. So, there it is, in a nutshell……

  103. These are AMAZING!!! I LOVE the videos and the projects you did. What an awesome gift for the kids teachers. I can’t wait to make some. THANK YOU for sharing :o)

  104. We have a very unique tradition in our family. We call it, “The Dirty Sock with a Hole in it!”. When my youngest daughter (now 21) was only 4 years old, she knew that she had to keep what she had gotten me for Christmas a secret, so she kept telling me that she got me a dirty sock with a hole in it. So, I wrapped up one of my husband’s old tube socks that had holes in it (it was a clean one, though), and labeled it from the Grinch. Well, it didn’t go so well, she cried. Mind you she had plenty of wonderful presents. From that year on, we have traded the sock between the five of us in our immediate family, only tucking a small gift in the sock for the recipient. It has turned into one of our most cherished traditions. One year, I even got some diamond/ruby earrings in it! 🙂

    Thank you for taking the time to share all of your wonderful ideas! You are truly appreciated! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

  105. Hi and thanks for the great ideas. It is sometimes very difficult to get these great products in Aus.
    Our Christmas is a small casual one with just immediate family. In Queensland it is usually so hot on Christmas Day that outdoor activities are the go. This year we will go sailing and celebrate on the water, maybe try some fishing and just chill out. Our four year old Grandson is so looking forward to this. Having little ones around just makes Christmas so special .
    Merry Christmas to all and please stay safe and happy

  106. Our holiday traditions have changed as the family has grown. My favorite includes the family, as many as possible, getting together for our Venison Sandwiches and Ice Cream Cake. Gifts are a must for the children. We often puncuate the night with a game of Pictionary. The following morning is Baked French Toast with who ever wants to show up.

  107. Thanks so much for all of your ideas that you share. Love these test tubes with the caps, so much better than the corks.

  108. Christmas is my favorite time of the year .. for me it is all for the kids and of course Jesus.
    i would wrap all the stocking stuffers and my kids and grandkids loved the idea of opening up all the extra gifts. . And not knowing what was in their stockings.

  109. The test tubes are so cute! I saw some like these at a scrapbook expo near my house but didn’t buy them. I’m sorry i didn’t get them then. I hope i am lucky enough to get some now! And your ideas are just great and very creative. I love what you guys come up with.

  110. Every first Saturday in December several ladies get together for lunch, fellowship, a game and the exchange of wrapped ornaments.


  111. Our family prefers lists. Each person provides a huge list of all the things they could possibly want in all price ranges so that it truly is a surprise to see what you get. It’s nice because no matter what, you know it’s at least something you wanted but wouldn’t buy for yourself – a true gift.

  112. Our family is small, so we get something for everyone but we don’t go overboard. We want to remember the real reason for celebrating Christmas and cherish our time together.

  113. We’re a small family of adults so we buy for everyone and everyone usually has a say in what they’ll receive. We exchange on Christmas eve.

  114. We don’t exchange presents. I think quality time spent together is better than anything you can get at a store.

  115. My 6 yr old grandson was just diagnosed with Juvenile Diabetes Type 1 in August of this yr. I am Kenny’s grandma. I would love to make something for Kenny’s teacher and the Admin Assistant and secretary and a few other helpers at the school for being SO incredibly helpful and taking on the testing of Kenny’s sugars and giving him his snacks at scheduled times. Times are tough this year… and these would make awesome gifts for some very well deserving ladies!!! It would mean so much to my daughter, my grandson and myself!!! Thank u for such beautiful detailed projects!!! I always look forward to ur emails for really great ideas and beautiful inexpensive gifts! Thanks Andrea!! Keep up the great work!!! 🙂

  116. Aren’t those test tubes just darling! I never thought I’d put test tubes and darling in the same sentence.

    My gift giving traditions remain the same with our immediate family and changed with everyone else. With friends who are beginning to have families of their own now, it is becoming a kids only list and a little handmade something for the adults.

  117. We have such a large family that we don’t actually exchange gifts between the adults – rather, we give to the children and do a grand gift to the parents from all of their kids.
    Since my girls are now in college, I make something for each of their roommates. This year it’s the darling hot cocoa booklet with the test tube of marshmallows. LOVE this idea. So cute ~

  118. This year we are starting a new tradition of buying only 3 gifts for each person. With 4 children and 7 adults, more presents was tiring everyone out, as Christmas morning stretched on til dinnertime!

    I was a science teacher, so I’m loving these cute little test tubes! Super teacher gift idea, and kids love anything in fancy packaging, as far as I can tell 🙂

  119. We have a couple of fun gift traditions we started with the kids. One gift for each of the kids is a new ornament displaying their interest or a favorite thing (like a book or movie). The other tradition, is two siblings have to get together and decided on a gift for their other sibling (we have three kids). They have fun picking something they think the other child will like and they make a game out of it too…last year my daughter created a scavenger hunt for my son to find his skateboard she picked out for him.

  120. really cool idea. that would be a different way to leave a few mints at each plate at your dinner table for after the big meal.

  121. Absolutely great idea of using tubes for bath salts and much more ! The options are endless…thanks so much for the chance to win

  122. Lots of family and friends to buy for…but that’s half the fun! The most fun to shop for are the little kids…a great excuse to experience childhood again in the toy stores. And nothing gets me into the season like the wonderful decorations in some of the stores.

  123. I have searched for a cute test tube for crafts and have not come across any that look as classy as yours. Thanks for making me look good.

  124. In our family, we exchange 1 big gift with “everyone” (my parents, my self, my brother and sil and my nephew) and do fun inexpensive (homemade or something silly) smaller gifts, too. For the big gifts, we listen to what each one wants, and try to fulfill that wish, if possible, often with money or gift cards. For example, my sil wanted/needed a new oven one year, so my parents got her a toy one and they inserted a check inside and I added a gift card so she could pick out the one she liked. My parents often give my 27 yo nephew money inside of something, like a new coat or jacket. It’s fun watching him open the present and then pull out the cash from multiple pockets!! I’m making presents for family as I always do, and I’m making some small things for friends this year, too (scalloped tree ornaments and hot chocolate for 2 which I might tweak for some people and make it hot cider packets with cinnamon sticks in the test tubes) so everyone should be happy and I don’t have to visit any malls!

  125. I am a horrible gift buyer. So I prefer to make something and gift that instead. Whether it be a card or some drawing or baking/cooking food for someone. When you put the thought, effort, and time in it, it seems people appreciate it much more. I stumbled upon Paper Crafter’s Library a few months ago looking for some ideas or inspiration for a birthday card I was making at the time. Thank you for sharing your site with us and doing all you do because it’s helped me make things that make people smile. I just wanted to put that compliment out there so you know how it’s helped me. Oh, I hope to win the test tubes too. Haha. 🙂

  126. I used Martha Stewart’s test tubes to make Halloween projects. These tubes, with the silver caps are so much prettier for Christmas, Easter, Valentines Day, …. well anything other than Halloween!!!

    We always used to get gifts for everyone. Now, with the economy, my siblings and their families don’t trade gifts. However, since I have gotten into papercrafting (and now sewing…thanks to the Big Shot), I feel as though I can give them an “I Love You” gift because I made it myself! I love to give handmade gifts!

  127. Sweet project! Love it!
    Our family isn’t as big as it use to be. However for those of us who are left, we always get together on Boxing Day for a huge Christmas Supper. Boxing day is easier, as everyone has too many plans on Christmas Day. I LOVE Boxing Day just as much as Christmas Day!
    thanks for the chance to win!

  128. AAAARRRRGGGGHHHH, So not fair! (stamping her foot) Im stuck down here at the bottom of the world and can’t get access to all these wonderful things!!! I watch the wonderful tutorials and wonder what I could use in its place? Answer: Nothing! Because I get this info on Saturday(NZ time) its prob also too late for me to enter as well! Bahumbug! Nahh its ok really, I love watching the wonderful products that u crafters have at your disposal, and Im always trying to think of ways to adapt……………………………. Merry Christmas ladies, love all that you do, and know that you make people like me very happy! luv ya!

  129. I just love these. the kids will have so much fun opening them. I will be keeping fingers and toes cross that I win. Thanks for another great review. Take care

  130. The test tubes are just too cute. I always make table treats for all of my dinner parties, Christmas included.
    So many fun ideas could come out of these little guys. You ladies just get better every year, love everything you do. Thanks for the opportunity of perhaps winning some of these.

  131. What a Fabulous idea – would love to win this Treat. Keep up all the great things you do to inspire us.

  132. We do home made crafts or baking now instead of buying gifts. We gifts for our immediate family still though. Thanks for the ideas and chance to win!


  133. We buy for two grandsons and I make alot of gifts to give out. I love making crafts and I just give most of them away to family and friends. I love your test tube holder and thank you so much for the tutorial. Thank you so much for the wonderful inspiration.

  134. Great tutorial – would love to win these test tubes. I try to craft something small for my friends – calendars, etc.

  135. We buy gifts for our immediate family and we make a donation to a charity each year in lieu of gifts with my husbands family. Thanks for the chance to win some test tube. Loved the tutorial. You always do such a great job.

  136. These test tubes are a MUST have!!! I’m thrilled to know that you now sell them, Andrea! They’re so hard to find here in Canada. Thank you for allowing us the opportunity to win them! 🙂
    As for our Christmas gift-giving traditions … We don’t draw names since we’ve always bought gifts for each family member. Over the years, I’ve enjoyed creating hand-made items and giving them as gifts. It adds a nice touch that is always appreciated. I’d love to make some goodies using these test tubes! Thanks for inspiring me to do it!!!

  137. I buy gifts for our immediate family, close friends (and their kids), a few neighbours and teachers. So, basically everyone! 😉 Love the test tube holder! Thanks for the tutorial!

  138. Love these! How cute to make the holders & fill the tubes with little treats. I’d love to win them.

  139. I just love the hot chocolate card….that’s a great idea. As for gift giving, I try to get everyone a little something. Sometimes it’s crafts I make, but this year etsy is high on my shopping list.

  140. I must say….I do love these test tubes. I had a chance to see your hot chocolate treat with the test tube full of marshmallows……a great gift at any time of year I think.
    In our family, which is quite large…the gift giving is normally only done for the children in the family and not between the adults. The adults are happy just to see the excitement on the childrens’ faces. This year we might do a Secret Santa type thing where the adults get at least one gift from someone. We will draw names. After all, adults like to receive gifts too….deep inside we are all like children when it comes to Christmas:)

  141. these are just too cute!!! I love the tubes!! You can do so many things with them. Lovin’ the hot chocolate card with the tube on the side!!

  142. Test tube holders are at the top of my list as a favorite project. These are just too cute!! Thank you for offering this additional option and the opportunity to purchase the tubes.

  143. Hi Andrea and Sophie! I really appreciate all you do for all of us out in cyber space! I REALLY REALLY LOVE the tubes, but I know you won’t send them overseas!!! 🙂 I live in Australia and just LOVE all your ideas. I would LOVE to put something special on the table for our grandkids (they’re only little still) to gawk over!
    Have a wonderful Christmas with your family and thanks again for being such a lovely happy stamper!

  144. I’d so love to win these test tubes! I am always looking for new projects to make for my Bunco group every month and these would be perfect. Love all your projects!

  145. We have a big family, we play the white elephant game. Everyone buys a gift within a certain price range, wraps it up with no tag. When we get together, all the gifts are put together. When its time to play one person picks a vice and opens it. The next person up can pick a wrapped gift or a gift from another person. Each gift can only be “stolen” two or three times, the last person to “steal” it keeps it. It is so fun and sometimes gets intense when its a gift everyone likes. All in good family fun. Good luck everyone!

  146. I just love what you did. This is a great idea for teacher gifts. They are absolutely adorable

  147. These are absolutely adorable… exactly what i have been looking for! I would LOVE to win these tubes to do these projects!!! Thank you for the wonderful opportunity!

  148. Our family is scarted all over the country so at Christmas I always send special handmade cards and for immediately family on my side I send one nice gift and something smalll. My husbands family only gives a gift to their mother. I try and make small gifts, such as yours – I love the hot chocolate and marshmallows! and give them out. It’s so nice to see the surprise and smile when you give a little.

  149. We use to have Christmas at our house and children came here, but now they are scattered, so we spend Christmas at daughters, who lives close and instead of cooking for 2 days to have a big traditional meal, we do that at Thanksgiving, then have a “Soup Bar” on Christmas Day, after homemade Cinnamon Rolls for breakfast before gifts. Always have lots of cookies and candies in the house, so children are allowed to eat pretty much what they want on this day. Makes for a relaxing day for all. Gifts are limited to 3 to remind the children of the 3 gifts from the Wise Men.

    Would love to win these tubes. Have searched locally for them, to no avail. I always make small little gifts for friends and neighbors. These would be great. Thank you for the chance to win.

  150. These are such a great idea to give as gifts for your work mates. Thanks for the opportunity to win.

  151. Hello!

    I LOVE these little test tubes! I have been waiting until the first of the month to order some for my own! I want to make the cocoa holders as gifts as they are wonderful!

    We have a gift giving tradition in our family of making cookies and then decorating them with works of art using toothpicks and colored frosting. My children are grown now but carry on this tradition within their own families. Even when very young, the cookies were masterpieces! :<) One of my most treasured photos if of the three boys and me setting around the table with our creations.

    Wishing you a happy week! Thank you for this opportunity to win this great gift!


    Barbara Diane

  152. We don’t exchange with all family members like we use to. The ones we do exchange with I try and make them. Thanks for sharing your tutorial as usual I love it.

  153. I love making gifts for family or friends it is a favorite pass time for me if I win the test tubes it would be joy to make someone a special gift

  154. I would LOVE to win these tubes….They would be PERFECT for my Grandkids Teacher Gifts for December. Please count me in and thank you for all your fabulously yummy ideas on PaperCraftersLibrary!

  155. We started a new draw name tradition last year because a family member died of cancer and we thought this was the time to start something new to make it a bit different and easier to cope with. We draw names on Thanksgiving and do our secret Christmas exchange on December 25th at my sister’s home. We have a late breakfast/brunch and we all wear Christmas pajamas. We have a great time guessing who got our name and don’t have to get dress up for it. Try it is fun!

  156. I love this product and idea!! My Budget is so tight this year that I am unable to get gifts for my sisters but this would be great to win and be able to make for my family! Pick me! Pick me! Thanks for all you do and share with us all!!

  157. We used to give to everyone and then just the kids but now I make gifts for each of my siblings and their kids as a family gift usually something paper crafted and food…love this idea and it would be perfect for th e nephews in college!

  158. Wow! I love this product and idea!! My Budget is so tight this year that I am unable to get gifts for my sisters but this would be great to win and be able to make for my family! Pick me! Pick me! Thanks for all you do and share with us all!!

  159. You do such quality creations!!! Thank you so very much for allowing me to glean from you!! AND It would be uber awesome to win these as when I saws them last week on your site—the hot cocoa folder—ADORABLE!!—I had no idea as to where to purchase—I live 2 hours from the nearest craft store—but Praise the Lord for online vendors!!!
    be blessed beyond measure

  160. I’m so glad to know where I can find these “test tubes” I try to send cardsand packages to my granddaughters at college and these would be perfect for so many things. I also have a friend whose husband is a music professor at a Univeersity where they assign mentors for all new students. She has girls that she meets with weekly and I’ve been making cards and other little fun things for her to give to the students (did a student survival kit they loved). I’m retired so I have more time than she does to do those little things that make the student’s day. These tubes could be used for something different almost every month.

  161. I love your ideas for all these tubes! Wish Christmas wasn’t coming so fast to make them.

  162. I really like these test tubes, they have so many great possibilities. I have four grandchildren and this project will look so nice on my table at Christmas for them. What a nice little treat.

  163. I would love to win this awesome prize, I’ve so many projects with these tubes!!! your idea is so adorable I am looking forward to giving it a try (especially if I wing) Good Luck to everyone!!!


  164. what a wonderful project. This would be great for Christmas goodies for the guests. I love your videos you are so detailed and explain everything. That is one of the reasons I joined Paper Crafters Library. Your projects are fun and you and your sister are great at explaing things. Thank you for this idea.

  165. Oh Andrea and Sophia, you are so (rightfully) popular! Our nuclear family of 24 members gathers annually for Christmas, on a rotating basis, at either my home, my brother’s home or my sister’s home. That way everyone has to make that longer drive one year. We draw names for “Gen 3” which is the 10 grandkids. The oldest ones, Gen 1 (me, brother, sister) and our children, Gen 2, just gather for the stories, friendships, and joy of the season AND we get great pleasure of watching the ‘little ones’, ages 3 to 14. I know the little ones would each enjoy the heck out of their own ‘tube’ of some sort of candy!!! Thanks for all the sharing you do! Warmly, ~Blythe

  166. Wow what a awesome giveaway. The winner will be very lucky and I’m sure really enjoy this item. I really enoy and look forward to each Sunday. You have great video’s that are so easy to follow.
    LindaB in WI

  167. your project is great as always!! these will make great hostess or teacher gifts thats for the chance to win

  168. I’ve adored these test tubes since I first saw them used in Halloween projects. What a great spin to turn them into Christmas treats too! I’d sure like a chance to win some of them. Thanks for offering them this week.

  169. I LOVE the projects you created for the test tubes! Would like the chance to win! THANK YOU !

  170. As grandparents we buy for the immediate family. I love both of the idea’s using the tubes.. Would love to make the hot chocolate card.

  171. We have a fairly large extended family, and so we rotate names each year. It is so nice to do it this way because you have all year long to prepare and make a gift. Presents I’ve made this year include a quilt, a cookbook with family recepies.

  172. I love it, it’s so darn cute! I love giving Starbucks gift cards & always try to come up with a clever way to make something, like a cute gift card holder or some kind of packaging to put it in & my family & friends look forward to seeing what I come up with every year.

  173. Thanks so much for providing these video tutorials. I have so enjoed watching the. Thanks for also offering this great giveaway and a chance for one of us to win..
    We have a long tradition of allowing the children to ask for 3 things( like the gifts from the Magi). One item that they need, one that they want and one to give to someone else. We supply a list of ideas for the one to give to someone else ie water filter for an African family, chickens for an LCMS mission, Food to a local food bank, dog food for the local animal shelter just to name a few. Our children now follow that same tradition with our grands.

    I would love to create these wonderful tutorials that I just watched. I chair a card ministry at our church and these projects would be wonderul to make for our Shut-Ins.

  174. For us its definitely presents made with love. I think the best presents my husband and I ever got were hand drawn pictures that our two children had done. They got photos of us together and drew them and then asked my sister to get them each a frame. Its nearly 10 years later and they are still my favourite wall art and gift ever.

  175. My family is quite small, so we tend to buy for everyone. My husband`s family is larger, so we buy for his immediate family and pull names for the extended family. Christmas is my favourite time of the year, so I tend to go out. I make all the wrappings, tags, and cards for all the gifts that I give. I find I am quite busy in October, November, and December to get ready for the holidays. Needless to say, I always say, I need a holiday after the holidays. 😉

  176. wow, wow, wow, I love this tutorial and think that your idea for table decorations is awesome…great job. Thanks for sharing…

  177. How adorable is this one too!? Your ideas this year are top notch! I love having people over at the holidays becasue it givesme a reason to handcraft little favors. Tese would definately wow them!!

    I hope you have enjoyed posting tese ideas s much as we have enjoyed reading them. Thanks again! and Merry Cristmas!!

  178. I would love to win these test tubes. Can’t wait to try your ideas given in the video tutorial. I’ll have to share them with my sis-in-law, she would love to create with these, also.

  179. Our Christmas tradition in the last couple of years is to buy gifts for the children and do a Secret Santa for the adults, but over the last couple of ideas we have all come to the same conclusion – that we are overwhelmed with and over ‘stuff’ – we are all so busy in our lives and spending hours wandering thru malls trying to find inspiration for gift giving is an exhausting and endless task that takes away from the fun of christmas so we try to give gifts now that provide an experience and create great holiday memories. The kids might get movie tickets and they all go together to see them-the couples might get gift vouchers to lovely restaurants to have intimate dinners or as a family we might go on a holiday together to a beautiful tropical location or as we would like to do in a couple of years – to travel together to Turkey to be at the Gallipoli Memorial to pay our respects to our forefathers who sacrificed their lives on foreign shores on the 100 year anniversary of that military campaign (we are Australian)-these gifts are the ones that last forever and make us closer and enrich us as a family – rather than give ‘stuff’ which clogs up our closets an provides a fleeting moment of thanks rather we prefer to weave a new memory into the fabric of our family. All of us adult girls are newly introduced to papercrafting and we really love it so we supplement our gift giving with small handmade gifts or cards which are a representation of the love and consideration we have for each other-these lovely test tubes woud hold brads, small punchies and little paper blossoms for cute storage options for the teeny tiny things we love to use to brighten up our projects. Wishing everyone love this Christmas – that’s the only gift that really holds its value…

  180. Even tho I have a large family, I still like gift everybody — just not as much per person — LOL. I always make one gift for each using my Stampin’ Up product and whatever else I have on hand. Always make my tags, and make gift bags — trying to come up with a new concept each year. It is great fun. This year so far I have made Advent Boxes for all the families (using a purchased kit with my SU product).

  181. I just love this idea. I can see so many way that you can use the test tubes with your wonderful ideas. My daughter is getting married in Sept. 2012. What a wonderful way to put name plates on the tables and also it would have after dinner mints for every one. Another idea would to make the holders and using the test tubes as vases for single flower buds, the ideas a endless. Thank you so much for the wonderful ideas that you e-mail, i have so enjoyed them.

  182. These test tubes are fantastic! The possibilities are endless…great for little gifts for the upcoming holidays.

  183. Those are adorable! I love the silver caps…I have not seen those before, usually just the cork ones. Thanks for the cute ideas!

  184. Something new and outside the box! Best thing aboout scrappin….there is always something new to look forward to.

  185. Love these projects! We have a very small family, three children and a new son-in-law, so we all exchange gifts, plus I send gifts to my brother’s kids since they are young, and one friend I still exchange with. I love presents!

  186. These are fantastic! I have looking around for these and now I know where to get them. Thanks for offering through your website.


  187. love this tube I am super excited I can buy them from you! but most of all I love that you give us fantastic ways to use these products cant wait to get my hands on some 🙂

  188. I’ve never created with test tubes before but they look like fun! We usually buy for everyone but I try to make at least one thing for every person, then we might buy them something too. Thanks for the chance!

  189. Love these! So glad to know that I can buy them here in Canada and not break the bank! I give homemade almond roca as gifts and baking and I make scented candles. I put together “goody bags” for family friends and these would be so fun with m and m’s!
    Thanks for the chance!

  190. This is such a cute project and would be great for the Christmas dinner table, so long as you don’t have too many guests. I would love a chance to win them and try out your project.

  191. Love your ideas. The test tubes are great. Your idea for hot chocolate and marshmellows is great. Perfect for this time of the year. You have the best ideas on the net. Keep up all the good ideas. Thanks for sharing with all of us. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year… keep crafting…

  192. I have not seen ANYTHING like these in craft stores in Australia. They are soooooooooooooo cool….and you are right in saying the possibilities are endless. I loved the wee hot choc/marshmallow treat folder the other wee…and sseing these on the table here would be brilliant. Thanks so much for sharing your creativity.

  193. The idea of the tubes being used as Hot chocolate giveaways are just brilliant.
    I wish I could find them in New Zealand.

  194. Thank you for the lovely ideas that you have chosen for the little test tubes, I can see them being used for such a variety of ideas and uses, and also for the different age groups as well.
    Thank you for showing us another great idea. With so many entries hoping to get some, I do not think that they will make there way downunder to Australia. as this is where I live. I hope that everyone has a safe and Happy Christmas.

  195. Our Family just gets to together and have a dinner. We all forcus on our own kids.I love all the ideas yll have.

  196. I love these new test tubes. I have the ones that have the plastic insert caps on them and I love them. Every Christmas me and my husband bake 40 dozen cookies, all varieties, and we give a dozen to each of our co-workers along with a hand-made card. I try to come up with a new way to package the cookies each year….this year will be popcorn boxes made with Christmas Card stock. These test tubes would be a great gift idea for people like the mailman, teachers, dentists, etc. A neat way to appreciate the people in your life that make everyday a good one!

  197. My boys make a wish list and we go from there. Always adding a little something just for the surprise element. As we don’t have family here , we spoil ourselves with some nice gifts .

  198. I LOVE your projects and find them so inspirational! Last week I made six of the hot chocolate pockets after watching your video! I couldn’t find the test tubes locally, so for now there are two candy canes where the tubes would go. This weeks project is so elegant and simple. I love the idea! I can’t wait to try them. They would be ideal for place settings, just change the embellishment to a tag and write a name on it. Thank you so much for sharing your creative ideas!

  199. Oh my, oh my. These tubes are waaaay cool. Your projects are always so much fun. Thank you so much for sharing your talents.

  200. We buy for all the kids, and change it up for the adults every year…sometimes we do white elephant, draw names, homemade gifts etc. Thanks for sharing some great ideas!

  201. We only buy for the grandchildren.. and then draw names for the adults. This year we adults are making homemade gifts and food items.

  202. These are really neat and I love the ideas you’ve come up with to use them. This would be a great teacher gift.

  203. For Chiristmas we buy only for the kids under 18, then we also do a white elephant 18 and over. We have a blast. I love all your tutorials,they are great to watch. I would love to win these tubes to give them to my grandkids, they would love it!!!

  204. Wonderful project! So cute!

    In our immediate family there is only 6 of us-my husband and I, our two daughters and their husbands. No grandbabies yet! So we all buy gifts for everybody. In the extended family. But my siblings all come to my house for a great dinner and lots of visiting.

    Thanks for the chance to win.

  205. December 2, 2011. Each year for Christmas I had make a tree ornament for each of my grandchildren (15) I have done this since the first one had a Christmas 1987. I give them their ornament along with some money. It is hard for me to know what would be just right for each one of them so the money works for me and as some are now married it works for them. So, long after I am gone (I*m in my 70s) I hope they will keep my ornaments. I can just see a little elf holding the tube with m&m’s in it hanging on the tree for many years to come. So I hope I am the grand prize winner of it. Thanks for the opportunity.

  206. Wow, what a great video. I love the projects, they are so cute and would be a great gift for so many of my office pals. Thanks for sharing.

  207. I still buy for 3 grown children and their mates and their children, we talked about only buying for the kids but its just not going to happen. Fun seeing your new videos each week.

  208. I am so glad to see you are carrying the test tubes. I can’t find them very readily in my area so this is exciting.
    I started with my husband and son that on Christmas Eve our son could open one present, I like to go to the Christmas Eve service, and then we sleep out on the floor under the Christmas tree. We didn’t do anything at my home growing up so I wanted to come up with something just ours that can hopefully passed down as well.

  209. As our family has grown, we’ve started to draw names for the adults. We all buy for the kidlets.

  210. I love the project with the test tube holders. I make my gifts each year because finances do not allow me to got out and spend, spend, spend. I am always looking for new ideas and this one is great. Thank you for sharing your wonderful talent with us. It would be so much fun to win.

  211. If it wasn’t for our granddaughters we would not be celebrating christmas. Since becoming a demonstrator, I have found a new hobby. I have passed this passion onto my GD’s so now we have lots of fun all year long making stuff. I have seen these tubes before and have always wanted to try making the holders. Now thanks to your video tutorial, I can. If I am not the lucky winner, I will still be one of your followers… LOL. Thanks for all you both do (also Tracy) and for the opportunity to win.

  212. Oh My how you have grown since I signed up with you a few years ago! I had some of those test tubes for another project and could sure use some more ;). I love the projects you have shone and am going to give them a go, should be easy with the great instructions you give! Thanks for the chance to win (I hope).

  213. Thank you so much for sharing! Love your projects. As for traditions, we usually buy or create for all. We have agreed to “cut down” but that has become personal interpretation!!

  214. I was so excited to see these. I looked all over Layton, Utah and North Ogden last year for these and did not find any. I have a tradition of each year since my fist grandchild was born I make a handmade Christmas ornament and attach some money to it because that is the easiest for me. I am in my 70s. My grandchildren love them and I hope long after I am gone they will still be hanging on their tree. I can just see a cute elf I make holding one of these test tubs in his arms hanging on their trees. So I hope I win them.

  215. The test tubes are darling and I love your projects. We give gift cards to most of our children, grandchildren, nieces, nephews, etc and I love to have a fun treat to go along with the gift. These would be such fun.

  216. Over the years, I have made many, many handmade gifts – everything from papercrafts to food items. Now, I just have my mom to buy for, and that is a chore in itself! These tubes would be great filled with bath salts – wonderful ideas!

  217. Those tubes are excellent! Would love to win some. Our family is very small now, so everyone gets something really special for Christmas. We don’t do all the other occasions, because we are pretty scattered. So just a little bit of spoiling on Christmas makes up for missing the minor occasions.

  218. These test tubes are just absolutely too cute!! What a darling present they make ! Gracious only 23
    more days to get everything made! Thank you for all the wonderful ideas Andrea. This is such a
    wonderful website ! Thank you for sharing so much with all of us!

  219. Our gift giving traditions are 3 gifts per child to represent the 3 gifts Jesus received from the 3 Wise Men. Santa also brings one gift per child. We want our children to understand the true meaning of Christmas and not to become wrapped up (no pun intended!) in the commercialism of the Holiday. As for extended family the children pick names and the adults pick names, & then we buy one gift for the person we pick usually in the $20 price range. To us, is all about being together as a family.

    The test tubes look like fun! Thank you for the chance to win! Happy Holidays!

  220. These are beautiful projects. You are one of the most talented lady I have ever seen. I wish you lived in the USA so we could all come over and personally learn from you
    thank you for your site!!

  221. I still buy gifts for everyone. Only have the immediate family…5 kids, 4 spouses and 5 grandchildren for now…Thanks for sharing

  222. We don’t have a large family so I buy or make something little for each person. I try to make a handmade gift for everyone and although I don’t always succeed at that goal, I do get quite a few done. These tubes would be wonderful filled with pretty scented homemade bath salts for all the girls in the family. Thanks for the opportunity to win a fabulous gift and for all the fantastic ideas!

  223. Love these test tubes especially using them with the mini marshmallows!
    On my side of the family we draw names and this year on my husbands side we are doing a white elephant gift. Should be interesting 😀

  224. We still buy for all of our immediate family: my parents, hubby’s sister (only living relative on his side), our 3 children and their spouses, and 7 grandchildren. We also do stockings for everyone except my parents. It is great fun here on Christmas Day!!! Thanks for sharing this cute new project.

  225. We buy for our 14 grandchildren, but that is it, we don’t buy for their parents anymore.
    These little test tubes would be great for stacks for the little trains I’m making for the grandsons.

  226. What a delight & treat….can be used for sooo many projects. A year around product that can be used for baby, weddings, & birthday favors, secret pals, camp etc…. With a creative mind, many more projects can be developed. Thank you for your inspirations to keep us creative beyond our dreams.

  227. We have so much stuff and it is now just my husband and myself so we don’t get much for each other. We have been making a new tradition of giving to those in need in 3rd world countries through World Vision. It is good to know that someone will get something that will really make their life better.

  228. Love the test tubes. I really like the hot chocolate holder and watched the video from the 12 days of Christmas. I will definitely be making a couple of these!
    We do buy for everyone, but we have a small family, and keep the gifts simple. We also like to do a small something for the girls’ teachers & school staff.

  229. We are only buying for our 4 children and our parents now. My family got too big and his family we still buy for the 2 nephews and 1 niece but the adults do a Christmas box exchange/steal thing now. For my own children I finally found a way to verbalize what I have been doing for the last 8 years anyways. The kids know that we will buy them an “I want”, “I need”, “I wear” and “i read” presents. They also get a stocking from Santa but no big Santa presents.

    I love those test tubes and was inspired to make a comment for a chance to win. I think they are super adorable!

  230. I Love love this project with bath salts or little candies for the kids. I need to do these. I would love to win to these and stretch my money so I could shop in your sunny stampin store you have great things that I really want.
    Thanks for being so generous. Happy HOlidays, Nancy

  231. These test tube projects are soooo cute! My church does a fund raiser every year and these would be perfect for it. That is my Chirstmas tradition. I’ve been going to the Holiday Boutique for 15 years now. It is a day where the men serve lunch to the women and each table is decorated to the ultimate degree. I can’t wait to share your test tube ideas with my craft group.

  232. Every week is like Christmas all year long with the great Friday Freebies and tutorials.What a fun new product to play with (the tubes)! Keep the ideas coming talented lady!

  233. My gift giving list has really shortened over the last few years. My mom and I have a gift bag that we have been sending back and forth to each other for about 20 years now. The bag is nothing special but at the time, my mom really liked it (I sent it to her first) and she decided to sent it back to me the next year. Then I decided to return to favor, and so on, and so on. We fill the bag with something special each year. If it wasn’t for the tape holding it together, there would be no bag, I’m sure … lol! But it will continue to make it’s rounds for many more years to come! My favorite part about gift giving is filling the bag for my mom when it’s my turn!

  234. I love the test tubes, I haven’t seen these in Australia…love the tutorial for holding them. Thanks for the chance to win…have a great Xmas.
    Rene from OZ xo

  235. We love to give gifts, we have 3 daughters, 3 son-in-laws and 5 grandchild. I love praying for them and spending time with them and I love giving them things that have good meanings for us. We exchange gifts on Christmas. This year we will spend the holidays with two daughters and their families as the third daughter lives out of state.
    I love your ideas, projects and spirit of sharing.

  236. We try to make or at least purchase a small gift for each of our neighbors. With our family because we are so far apart we send packages of the local specialties (anyone heard of fry sauce? Its mayo and ketchup mixed together for french fries or tater tots.)

  237. I’m so thrilled to know where I can now buy these cute little test tubes! I’ve seem so many cute projects done woth then, but was never able find them for sale. THANKS!

  238. what a fantastic idea, so much easier than using cellophane bags for lollies, the projects are great too, we don’t have access to these tubes in Australia , that I can find anyway, so winning would be a wonderful bonus 🙂

  239. so nice to know where to find these tubes. Been looking for them since your last fri. freebee. thanks for all the
    great ideas.

  240. Awewome and very Unique…I will be using your idea….to make little gifts for the wonderful ladies I exercise and walk with…The will love them…I will also be making one for my grandson…I am making refurbishing a 1940’s Science Kit wooden box with the help of a friend…and what a fun way to dress up the test tubes….I have for him! I love your tutorials!

  241. Thanks for the great video on making the holder for the test tubes. Thanks too for a chance to win a set of these test tubes.

  242. Hi Terry Smith here,

    I loved the test tube holders they were to die for. I just joined the video library about 10 min. ago and I’m glad I did can’t wait to see the other wonderful thing you’v done.
    keep up the great projects.

  243. Hi, Just want to THANK YOU for this great idea, you came just in time, yesterday I was so depress because I just learn that I would be getting a cut on my weekly pay for babysitting, since the Mother was also getting less hours from her job, I have 6 grandchildren and they always expect something from me, but this year I can’t make it and it hurts so bad. I really love the test tube with it’s shinny cap, I have empty plastic tube from beads but it’s not the same, so if I don’t win the test tube, (which I would love to win) I was thinking that I could make the Double Pocket Test Tube Treat Holder to hold 2 packs of Starburst Candy, (my grandson favorite) It would be nice if you can make it to hold 2 test tubes instead of 4, (I need measurements, lol) At lease I won’t be empty handed and I pray they understand. So again Thank you so much. Who knows, This Is The Season Of Miracles, I Prey For Our Guys At War And Family. Merry Christmas To Everyone, God Bless All

  244. I love to make little personal gifts for friends and family! I would love these Tubes. I like the spa idea!!

  245. I’ve seen some wonderful projects with test tubes and would love to make some myself to give as gifts.

  246. Wow, what more can be said than has been said?! I guess I really like the uniquenes of this gift. It is one of those ideas where your creative juices take off and you start thinking of all kinds of ways to use these little test tube gifts. Thanks, again.

  247. I really love all these adorable test tube projects! What super ideas to make useful and economical gifts that are really pretty and sweet! They will be so appropriate for family, neighbours and friends and the like! Thank you so much, as ever, for the chance to win! Have a super Christmas. Ann xxxx

  248. I love the test tubes. I made your hot chocolate holder and it came out great. Your PDFs are easy to read and follow. I make a “goodie” bag for my girls every year for Christmas and this year one of the items will definitly be a hot chocolate holder. I will also try this new one. Thanks again for sharing all of your wonderful ideas with all of us.

  249. First of all, I love all your tutorials and ideas. Thank you so much for sharing. We are a large family and we have numerous traditions that have evolved over the years. One of which is having a fondue on Christmas Eve after festivities with the little ones and they are tucked into bed. Our ‘rule’ was that you have to be 13 to stay up late for this. This was out of the practicalities of we didn’t want any accidents with hot oil but also there wasn’t enough room at the table. Now the youngest is 12 and the table is even more full with some SIL & DIL so we are having to come up with a new plan. Probably another table! 🙂 Thanks again for all you do. Have a wonderful Christmas!

  250. Love the test tubes. These are alot nicer than the ones with just the cork in the tops of them. Would love to win some for free. I always enjoy your projects they alway give me the “boost” I need to create another prefect gift! My fav is the hot chocolate gift with marshmellows!! Need to find some of these test tubes in the US for sale. Any suggestions??? Thanks for all you do for all of us!

  251. Love these test tubes and all your great ideas- especially all the super Christmas ideas!

  252. What a great ideas! Thank you for sharing. My family is small so we buy for everyone and my husbands family, we usually buy for all the kids and something small for each family. That way everyone gets to open something.
    Have a Merry Christmas!

  253. Have been so wanting to get some of the test tubes. Great hostess gifts and quick gift for coworkers, neighbors, mother in law’s senior community group! Would so love to win these!!!

  254. I loved the mini-marshmellow Hot Chocolate for Two project! And now another great project with the mini test tubes…that is just terrific. I think these types of gifts are so thoughtful and fit the bill for so many kinds of giving. Plust they are really fun to make and your videos and handouts are tops!! Hope they keep on coming 🙂

  255. Hi Andrea! I loved the Cocoa for 2 so much I made some while watching your video!
    So much fun! And it was like sitting there with you! I have some tubes from another
    time, but they were too small! The mini marshmellows weren’t mini enough! So I used the
    1×8 bags from SU and they worked great! But..they will not work as nice for this new idea
    of yours! So, I would love to win some tubes to make this trat box with! Hopefully we can
    craft together again!

  256. Andrea,
    What a wonderful idea. I can imagine what a fantastic Xmas present this would make for a school teacher or work colleague. Thank you for sharing.

  257. Oh my! I love this project!! My grandkids and nieces would be thrilled to get this for Christmas 🙂 I’ll definitely be ordering some of the test tubes for this and future projects. Thanks so much for all your creativity!!

  258. What a wonderful product. I am always looking for ideas to make gifts for the staff at the longterm care home where my mom resides. My grandsons would also love getting sweets in these neat tubes.
    Sure would love to win some.

  259. I love this idea! On my DH’s side of the family we draw names (except for the little ones which everyone buys for). On my side of the family, there is only my niece and her family so we buy for all of them. I like to make as many of my gifts as possible and always make something for many of our neighbors.

  260. Love the ideas. I can’t wait to make these for coworkers and friends. Family tradition that we do for xmas is we buy our children an ornament evry year . The ornament represents their lifr for that year. When they’re ready to leave the nest they will be able to take their set of ornaments , and start a new set with their family.

  261. I like to give gifts to all those special people in our lives at Christmas, however, I discovered long, long ago that money trees REALLY do not exist! Making something hand-made and being able to touch many people on a shoestring budget touches the heart and makes us feel a great deal of joy for giving. These test tubes look awesome and I have seen several ideas using them! Please choose me in your drawing. Thanks for your generosity and thoughtfulness, Andrea, and not even just at Christmas!!

  262. Thank you so much for always sharing your wonderful ideas! I love your projects! And your instructions are always so easy to understand! thanks again!!!1

  263. Really cute projects! We have a fairly large family, so all the cousins draw names and exchange gifts and all the adults draw names and we do a gag gift exchange; the more outrageous the better! Since my girls have gotten into Girl Scouting (and I’m their leader), I’ve given some cute little crafted gifts to each of my Girl Scouts – these projects you’ve shown would be absolutely PERFECT!

  264. Traditionally we buy for everyone even if it is something small and more often than not I will make them a special project our of my crafting supplies. As the children have grown and move away getting together is not always possible but thank god the kids will all be home this year for a few days. Our family christmas dinner will be extra special! My plans this year have to make a treat for each persons place at the table and I have actually found a great one which involves make small decorated cellophane bags and jazzed up card stock.

    This project that you have displayed here would be another awesome idea to include. We don’t have any crafting supply stores where I live so have to order online or travel hours to the next town and winter is not the time to do that. Will look at ordering some of these eventually and winning now would be ideal!! Either way my prayers are for all to have a joyful safe holiday season and to cherish those times with our loved ones. Merry Christmas everyone.

  265. Every Christmas Eve our family would have a gift exchange and everyone who participates would put in a unisex gift (up to $20) in the gift exchange pile. Before starting the game we would pick numbers out of the hat (no peeking of course) to see who would go first (one being the first to go and so on). During each turn, that person would get one chance to steal the other players gift or stick with the one they have. It’s so much fun and gets better every year.Thank you for this chance to win the test tubes!!

  266. CUTE.. I always host Christmas Eve dinner at my house and those would be cute little favors that also mark each person’s seat!! We usually buy for everyone but its just my parents, my husbands mom, and my sister plus 2 kids.. so its not too bad on the pocket book 🙂

  267. Love these test tubes! I’ve seen so many great projects using them and I LOVE the 12 weeks of Christmas project! This is going to be our first Christmas with our entire family at our house, so this would be a great project for everyone!
    Our family is quite small so we buy for everyone, with no limit – just whatever you want to buy. My husband and I only have each other, my parents and my sister to buy for as his family doesn’t do Christmas gifts (which seems so weird to me)! My mothers family was quite poor growing up, so she has always gone overboard on gifts – we even still get Santa presents and stockings even though we are married!

  268. Love this idea with test tubes, esp. the hot chocolate idea package! Thank you so much for sharing! Can’t wait to try these ideas out. & I’d love to win those test tubes! Always love your ideas

  269. I love the ideas you have with these test tubes, they are great for co-workers and for teachers, and other miscellaneous gifts! Thanks so much for always passing on your creativity!

  270. If there is one thing I can’t find over here it’s test tubes. Yes, please. I would love to win these!
    We celebrate Saint Nicolas on December the 5th. Together with his black helper he drops down the chimney and leaves presents. When the children do not believe in him any more we draw names and you buy a present for the person you drew and make a rhyme to go with it.

  271. Love your 12weels of Christmas and freebie Friday. This project is too cute! I would love to win these test tubes!

  272. Love the cocoa and marshmallow holder! That would be a cute additional goody for nieces and nephews 🙂
    They are the only ones I give gifts to now… As the number of people grow, the ages that recieve gifts goes lower!!
    Love your projects and would love to win the test tubes… Thanks for the chance 🙂

  273. So excited to see your project. I have hunted for test tubes around here and no one sells them. Each year, I give my children, spouses and grandchildren, an ornament at Thanksgiving to start their holiday decorating with. On Christmas Eve, I fix a complete fondue (appetizers 3 p.m., chicken, shrimp, steak, and trimmings, followed by chocolate fountain). Lots of laughter, visiting, relaxing and cooking time together. The tubes would be great on my table this year. Thanks for a chance. Joy and peace to all. Kathy

  274. Christmas is my favorite holiday, all the excitement and the magic and all the decorating! Our traditions of gift giving is, we give presents to all in our immediate family, parents, children and 6 grandchildren. Outside of that group we may draw names. But since I started papercrafting, I am making little gifts for others, business colleagues, Sunday school teachers, school teachers, etc. All these wonderful ideas are great for this plan. I love your website, the tutorials, the blog, all the creativity of excellent ideas and how to make them step by step. Its just awesome!!! I would love to win these test tubes, they are absolutely precious!! You could do so much with them! Pick me, pick me! Debby

  275. I love your ideas. These would be so cute for the table at Christmas! I have found some test tubes awhile back and have done one project with them, but the store I bought them at is no longer in business, so now I don’t know where to find them–would love to win some! Thanks for the chance!

  276. Great ideas. Thanks so much for a chance to win. I love test tubes. I have worked in a lab for years. These are adorable.

  277. Love all of your projects and ideas that you share with everyone! Thanks for a chance to win!

  278. Andrea, you have great products available from your Sunny Store. These test tubes are another example of what you have available.
    Great ideas too!

  279. We usually get together Christmas night with so my children so they can spend the morning with just their own families, we open packages and have dinner. I absolutely love the tube projects they are so cute thank you so much for the clever ideas.

  280. The last several years I have made stamped calendars for my sisters to use on their work desks. My oldest sister retired this year, so she is getting a handmade recipe book.

  281. We used to buy gifts for everyone but seeing how my five siblings and I are multiplying in our own little families. We’ve begun doing Yankee swaps for all the adults and continuing to buy gifts for all the little ones.

  282. Love these test tubes! So cute! You have such wonderful ideas Andrea! I have enjoyed your tutorials on you tube for quite some time now. Thank you so much for sharing your wealth of knowledge in papercrafting!

  283. My husband and I still give gifts to everyone; some are store bought and some are hand-made. The children and their families have begun drawing names because with 4 married children, 8 grandchildren and 2 great-grandchildren the family is continuing to expand. I’ve suggested and am trying to convince the children to forego purchased gifts for the adults and go with “gifts of help” (rake leaves, shovel snow, bake a pie, etc).
    I love the new projects using the test tubes and would love to win them. You are a creative group and do an awesome job.

  284. Love how you have used and decorated these-you are so creative! In my family we have drawn names for yrs but this year all are just supposed to give a gift $5 or less. This year am giving calendar refrigerator magnets that I have mounted/decorated on chip board.. Can’t wait for everyone to see them.

  285. We have a small family so the adults exchange small gifts with each other and we spoil the kids! Love the test tubes and the examples.

  286. What a wonderful project. Simple and fun. KIds of all ages would love it.
    Thanks for the inspiration!

  287. Our family lives out of state so if we are not traveling there, then we usually send money or gift cards in a homemade container. Usually make these types of gifts for close friends. I have seen the test tubes and am always interested in what can be done with them. Will definitely try this new technique. Thanks for sharing with us so many different ideas.

  288. Wow what a great response to your Friday Freebie! I had a huge list to scroll through to leave my comment/entry. Anyhow, our family used to draw names when my paternal grandmother was alive… Now that she has passed on we all just bring our family gifts to my mom’s house and open them together there. Most of the gifts we give to each other are handmade items – like one year my sister made these awesome potpourri holders with pretty Christmas lights in them that really smelled up the room. At work, we all bring a uni-sex gift in and draw numbers then sit around in a circle and have a “white elephant” style gift giving session. Its lots of fun to steal presents from each other and see all the gag type gifts. Last year I gave a Fooshigi. I always try to buy something I myself would want. This year I am happy to have found a hobby I can share – my card making. Can hardly wait to send out all my cards….one more week and I should be ready!

  289. You always have such great ideas for using ordinary and unusual items. Thanks for sharing. have a wonderful Christmas.

  290. We have lived abroad for the past six years and have always tried to send something small from our country of residence (both the UK and Japan) each year to our parents and brothers, as well as their families. This year, we are only buying for the children in the family and they will likely be getting toys as they are all younger.

  291. You ladies never cease to amaze me at the things you come up with. I would love to win but if not, ill be looking to purchse these. Great job!

  292. Love the test tube ideas!!! These are lovely gift ideas to give to your co-workers. You come up with the greatest ideas!! Thanks for giving all of us a chance to win

  293. I finally had a chance to get on the computer , ( we flooded in the last storm and have been busy cleaning up ) When I saw the test tubes , the lights and bells started going off in my head , with many wonderful ideas , it was great to think of something fun . looking forward to creating with these test tubes .

  294. Love these test tubes….so so cute! Great project! Love the patterned paper you used 🙂
    Thanks for the chance to win!


  295. Test tubes are fantastic – great addition! This year I want to combine family time and time with friends over Christmas. So we are hosting family and friends for drinks, nibbles and a swim (Southern Hemisphere!) from 3-6pm. That way I get time to spend some quality time with my friends and the evening is still free for some family time with the kids – who will need an early night as Christmas day is a very early start! The kids bounce on my bed right on 6am (the earliest time they are allowed to!) and excitedly rush downstairs to see what Santa has left them. It’s a great, relaxed day to hang out together.

  296. Re: Christmas gift-giving, I pretty much buy for family, ie parents, children, grandchildren, Godchildren, nieces and nephews plus bosses and co-workers. I’ve seen these used so many ways and have fallen in love with them. I’d love to win these to try some of those projects! Thanks!

  297. The test tubes are so neat, would love to win a set as I have a lot of stocking stuffers to make and these would be so neat. Thanks for the chance to win.

  298. Praise these I have been looking for something that my two Granddaughters could help me with. These would be the purfect items. I have scallup punches that have Santa and elves on them. We have been working on the outside of their paper stockings to hang on the tree for their parents and extra parents (step mom and dads) .

    Thank you for showing them to us! Y’all are great!!

    Teri, Camaya and Aubriana (granddaughters)

  299. Praise these I have been looking for something that my two Granddaughters could help me with. These would be the purfect items. I have scallup punches that have Santa and elves on them. We have been working on the outside of their paper stockings to hang on the tree for their parents and extra parents (step mom and dads) .

    Thank you for showing them to us! Y’all are great!!

    Teri, Camaya and Aubriana (granddaughters)

  300. I have been very interested in using test tubes for many years in a project. Would love the chance to try it and see what I think. Great ideas for them which look like lots of fun to do and to give to others. Very colorful and festive examples works well with the season.

  301. What a great idea. Would love to win as don’t know if they are available in Australia

  302. Love this test tube projects- can’t wait to start making them. Thanks for the ideas!!!!

  303. What a super idea! Over the years, we have gone from buying gifts for everyone, to picking names, then back to all. My preference has always been to give and receive home-made items. And so your projects are perfect. Thanks for the inspirationand for the opportunity to acquire the cute tubes. Merry Christmas!

  304. I love the looks of these test tubes! I love the fact that they are flat bottomed and not round and all your samples look adorable. I would be very happy if I won the drawing for some!

    Our Christmas tradition is that all family members get together at Grandma’s on Christmas Eve and we snack and open gifts in age order (youngest to oldest) and then everyone stays overnight at Grandma’s and then we get up on christmas day and spend quality time with our entire family.

  305. These are just the cutest. It seems everything you showcase is out of this world. I would definitely love to win these. Our gift giving traditions are we all buy gifts for each other. We are just a small family now (my Mom, sister and my husband). I make all my special cards and always make something for Mom (one year a family scrapbook etc). I make the baked beans for Christmas Eve and Mom does the pies. We sleep over and Christmas morning comes and we put out different plates of snacks (homemade) and open our gifts. I could think of so many ways to use these adorable test tubes. I will keep hoping that one time my name will be chosen. Thank you.

  306. So beautiful and creative christmas project!! Lovee it! And love the paper collections!! Thanks for the oportunity to win!! Hugs.. Maggy 🙂

  307. These tubes are so very cute and have many possibilities.
    We don’t have a big Christmas list in our family. Most kids are grown. It’s gifts now for my 15 year old and our grandson.
    Happy Holidays!!!

  308. I would really like to win those tubes,i haven’t got almost any scrapbooking things.. where i live scrapbooking isn’t very common so i’ve never found a scrapbooking store,and i need to buy scrapbooking stuff from the internet,so it would be amazing to win the tubes,thank u 4 the ideas =) merry christmas!!

  309. My husband & I have a tradition of opening our gifts for each other early Christmas morning before all of the excitement begins. We drink a Mimosa & open our gifts while the breakfast casserole (which I make the night before) is baking. Then we enjoy a nice breakfast together and get ready for all the excitement of the day with the children, grandchildren & friends.

  310. I love all the projects. Can’t decide which I like best. I would love to win these test tubes.

  311. We do a goofy gift- game exchange with extended family, but children/grandchildren all get gifts and stockings-these test tubes would be great for stocking stuffers/table gifts- I’d love to win some!

  312. What a cute idea for place settings. It is a very neat treat. I’m sure my family would be impressed. Thank you for your lovely ideas.

  313. what a sweet idea,i’d like to have those cocoa bags also available here in Israel so I could make a project exactly like yours. wish you all the best,

  314. Beautiful examples. I have a very small family; 1 sister, 2 parents still together, and 2 nieces so we do presents and stockings for all on xmas morning at my parents house. The kids get probably close to 50 gifts each and each adult gets about 20.

  315. So fun!! Thank you for the wonderful ideas. I am always looking for fun and unique gift ideas…that are not expensive! You provide so many ideas that fit that bill! Love it!

  316. Great gift idea! I love to make little handcrafted gifs to my co-workers and this is a very cute one. Love the cocoa “book”, too!

  317. Love these little tubes-oh, so cute! Now that my family has grown soooo large (4 children)-so now we have with grandchildren and spouses, a total of 15 (including my husband and myself). So, we draw names amongst adults, and my husband and I buy for all the grandkids. The cousins draw names amongst themselves too!

  318. Oh my goodness….the possibilities are endless. I saw a halloween take with the test tubes and would love to do other holidays (valentines day, 4th of July, etc). Pick me, pick me, pick me (PLEASE!!!!).

  319. To be to afford a gift for everyone in our families I take my kids to the dollar store and let them pick out something for them. It is so fun to see what my 5 and 7 year old pick out! 🙂 Great memories!

  320. Thank you so much for the great project ideas! I look forward to seeing what you share with
    us each week. In our family, we buy for everyone, even though there are LOTS of us in our big
    family! It is great fun and very exciting as everyone gets together-especially for our little ones!

  321. Love these test tubes as a really different presentation to the usual. I have a long list to shop from (these would be perfect for work people) and our immediate family have a Kris Kringle present swap. So lots of ideas needed here!!! But all GREAT fun. Thanks for all the wonderful ideas to get me through it!!!!

  322. Andrea – I recieved my order for the Tri-fold shutter album and had to put it together the same night ! oh I love it ! Thank you so much 🙂 I am loving your 12 days of Christmas ! Thanks for sharing all your beautiful ideas ! Have a Very Merry Christmas ! Mary

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