Product Spotlight & Freebie Friday: Trendy Square 4 oz Bottles….Enter to Win! + Winners of Last Week’s Freebie Friday

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4 oz Square Plastic Bottles

For today’s Product Spotlight and Freebie Friday I wanted to show you another fun new product we introduced into the Sunny Stampin’ Store at the same time we brought in the round trendy test tubes – these Trendy Square 4 oz Bottles with a lined aluminum screw on cap.  We are selling them for $2.25 CAN + shipping.  We do ship internationally – your credit card company or Paypal will take care of the currency exchange for you.

I must confess, I have a weakness for all things alterable – and there’s something about little bottles and tubes that really appeal to me. I found these bottles to be a really nice size because you can put larger sized items inside – whether it’s treats, craft supplies like buttons, or even use them in your kitchen.

 In today’s video we are going to give you a close up view of these bottles and share a tutorial on how to create the Decorated Treat Bottle shown below.  

 Download the PDF Handout HERE 

Here’s the video showing you how to make this project:


Below you can see another project I’ve created using these square bottles – it’s a Holiday Treat Tote that will hold two of the square bottles.   

 Holiday Treat Tote Featuring Trendy Square Plastic Bottles

The picture below shows you what it looks like open – you remove the brads and fold down the front. We have a video tutorial for Paper Crafter’s Library members which, if you are a member, you can access from HERE (make sure you are logged in first).

Holiday Treat Tote Open

Okay, so now, details on how to enter our Freebie Friday Giveaway…..simple, all you have to do is enter a comment in the comment’s section of this post – share with us whether or not you have a traditional food you like to make for the holidays?

 The winner will be announced on Friday, December 16th.  Whoever that lucky person is, will only have 24 hours to email us to claim their prize, if we don’t hear from you, then someone else’s name will be selected!

 Finally, the winner of last week’s Freebie Friday give-away for the Trendy Round Test Tube Collection shown below……..

Trendy Test Tubes With A Silver Cap


 Congratulations Sara! To claim your prize please email me at and be sure to put “Round Test Tubes Blog Winner”.  In the body of your email please include your full mailing address and phone number.

216 replies on “Product Spotlight & Freebie Friday: Trendy Square 4 oz Bottles….Enter to Win! + Winners of Last Week’s Freebie Friday”

  1. My specific food is a yummy dessert of oreo truffles. I make them every year at Christmas to give out as gifts and to eat ourselves.

  2. The tradition I started for my kids is that every year I buy each one a new ornament so that when they have a tree of their own, it will be filled with memories

    1. Love this! I’ve been doing it for my kids since they were born; now they each have a box full of lovely ornaments – this year, the ornaments are felt snowman with blanket-stiched edges from a gorgeous PTI die! It’s a nice tradition!

  3. We always make watergate salad. My mother always brought that for every holiday. She is no longer with use but it makes us think of her. This is not food but we use my mothers plates and silverware every hloiday. It just seems to make her there at our dinners.

  4. Have had this project on my mind since I saw it. Sorry this is my 2nd reply but I got to thinking what a great Valentine’s day gift you could make out of these. Decorate with hearts & put red hot’s & kisses in the jars for Red Hot Kissses. Thanks for the ideas!

  5. I always make a honey baked ham for our Christmas dinner. And of course, a large assortment of Christmas cookies!

  6. These are such cute little bottles! We have Swedish meatballs for Christmas as my husband’s family is 1/2 swedish. It’s not Christmas for him without them.

  7. A wonderful idea for place markers and take home gift after Christmas dinner (or any dinner party for that matter). Always love seeing your projects and would love to receive these.

  8. My favorite traditional food I like to make for the holidays started when I was a little girl. My mother & I would stay up after midnight mass on Christmas Eve making Italian raviolis for the family. She would roll out the dough and I would fill and pinch the little squares. My mom is gone now but I still carry the tradition on as it keeps me close to my mom on the holidays. I have a new daughter in law this year and am hoping to carry the tradition on with her.

  9. These are a great idea to fill with so many options! I can see how they can easily be altered for year round projects and gifts.

  10. Wow! I love it! Definitely need to make them for my friends. I so always look forward to freebie friday.
    Thank you! : )

  11. Our Christmas Eve meal consists of many of the same items every year. We start with appetizers which always include cheese and crackers, crab dip and shrimp cocktail. Dinner always includes ham, green bean casserole and homemade bread (we cheat and use a bread machine). We have other items, too, but they vary some from year to year. I like the projects you shared using the jars. Thanks.

  12. I make a Christmas Poke Cake every year. It is a double layer white cake. You “poke” each layer with a fork and pour jello over the cake. One layer lime jello and the other layer cherry jello. It gets refrigerated to set-up and then you frost it with cool whip. – thank for a chance to win

  13. Christmas morning breakfast has to be a citrus salad with honey and some sort of breakfast bread. Christmas dinner is ham and scalloped potatoes. Sides can vary but green bean caserole is non-negotiable!

  14. I always make all of my mothers cookies( there at least 10 different kinds) to give as gifts each year. Mom has been gone now almost 11 years now, but every time I make her cookies at the holidays I feel her love and joy of sharing she instilled in me. Merry Christmas everyone!

  15. Very beautiful projects! I loved the video. Thanks for the great ideas and a great product! I can see where these would be useful in so many ways!

  16. Love Freebie Friday. You make such wonderful, creative things. Always hoping to win. Thanks for the chance and many thanks for the wonderful ideas.

  17. Very Sweet, Very Simple…great stocking stuffer or work gifts! I’d say they’re Simply Sweet little gifts! Thanks for your wonderful web site. I use it almost every day.

  18. Hi there Andrea.. love the projects.. will definately have to try them!!

    As for traditional foods.. I have always loved to make cookies, and one in particular.. that takes me back to childhood – used with the cookie gun, spritz cookies.. and coloring them in green and red.. (they always make my tongue green.. LOL). That particular cookie is something I have to make every year and always puts a smile on my face. 🙂 Merry Christmas!

  19. Thank you for the chance to win these amazing bottles. I love the project and cant wait to make it. All your projects are clear and easy to replicate. Keep up the good work.


  20. Two wonderful projects. The bottles look like they are so fun to create with! And great gift material also! Our favorite food tradition at Christmas times is Buckeyes. I don;t make them very often throughout the year but at Christmas time we splurge. My whole family loves the chocolate and peanut butter confection. No peanut allergies in our family. Good thing too! Have a wonderful weekend!

  21. What a great idea for a gift for the people in your life. You have such great gift ideas. Thank you for sharing with us. I would love to win these and finish them with your tutorial.

  22. I make a crock-pot macaroni and cheese. It is delicious and you can put it together the night before take it out in the morning and it is ready for lunch or dinner. Thanks for all of the inspiration!

  23. Love this idea. Great for Secret Sisters and stocking stuffers.. Thanks and Merry Christmas…

  24. Just LOVE, LOVE, LOVE those little bottles!! So many possibilities. Where to start. My favorite dish for the holidays has got to be the yams. Boiled in brown sugar until tender, then baked with more brown sugar and butter. Yum! Yum!

  25. These bottles are so cute. I think they would make a great gift for the teacher this year. For our holidays I usually like to make strawberry/rubarb pie and serve it a la mode. It’s different from the pumpkin pies and apples pies that the rest of the family makes when we go to visit family and friends for Christmas. Thanks again for the chance to win these cute bottles. Have a wonderful day.


  26. Ever since I was little my grandma would make peanut butter cookies with Reese’s cups in the center. We called them thumbprint cookies, and every year even if we don’t make sweets, we still make those. It’s the one thing we don’t skip on.

  27. The only thing we ALWAYS make at Christmas is cookies! Lots of different kinds, but nearly always my grandmothers chocolate, chocotate chip….they are awesome!

  28. Your generosity is overwhelming! You continue to have the best ideas and giveaways; always sharing what you know and love. I appreciate that!

  29. A tradition that we have had is a fondue. It cooks up fairly quickly and we cube french bread to dip in it. A veggie platter on the side & we are good to go.

  30. My husband, who has muscular dystrophy, is very much a Scrooge when it comes to Christmas. A few years back, I decided to make many different kinds of cookies to give as gifts. I was hoping to get him involved by asking him if you would help drop the cookies on the cookie sheets. He hemmed and hawed, but he got involved. We had so much fun that year that he now looks forward to helping make them every year.

  31. My favorite memory/tradition from growing up was the hot bacon dressing on cabbage slaw that my mother would make. Pieces of crisp bacon made it extra tastey. Funny how the scent of bacon can bring back fond memories.

  32. Pasta bar this year for me. A few meatballs, pot of sauce, pot of sausage and peppers and some pot of alfredo sauce (maybe some chicken on the side for chicken alfredo….bread, rolls, and a nice salad.

  33. This is a great idea! I love the box too! As for holiday food, we have a lot of traditional foods–nuts and bolts, perogies, cabbage rolls, and of course, sticky date pudding with caramel sauce,

  34. These are so cute!!! thanks for the opportunity to win them.

    My mom always has crab for Christmas dinner, along with a special dessert, which is different every year. And of course, she always has an assortment of Christmas cookies. The kids like the dessert part best!

  35. This project with the bottles is just beautiful and would be great for any occasion. Thanks so much for sharing. I look forward to freebie Fridays keep them coming.

  36. I love the little decorated bottles! You have the most adorable ideas for decorating! Love your work and thank you for sharing with us!! 🙂

  37. First of all I just wanted to let you know how very much I absolutely adore all of your projects. You always give us such quick and easy, yet beautiful, gift ideas. Thank You so much for that 🙂
    As for our traditional food…..We always have the traditional Portuguese Christmas Eve meal which consists of cod fish, potatoes, rapini greens and eggs. All of these items are boiled and then we dress them with olive oil and vinegar. Yummy!

  38. We have lots of holiday foods we love, but one we always get that I don’t make is the Turkey Sausage from Hickory Farms…yummy. It is one of our snacks while we watch holiday programs or while making the big meal. My favorite made dishes is deviled eggs.

  39. Hi there!

    I love to bake for Christmas and I also give away to family and friends. I also take some of the cakes to my job, so they can have a little bite of christmas. 🙂

    I bake lots of sorts and two of them is old family recepies. It`s not many thet like to bake this cakes anymore, coz it takes a long time. But the taste is amazing and remindes my of my childhood.

    I really love the giveaway and I have never seen this item in Norway. LOVE IT!!!

  40. I always make Russian Teacakes to give as gifts. They are like little nuggets of gold.
    They melt in your mouth. The neighbors and friends are always waiting for them. I
    don’t blame them. Yummmmy!!! Love the size of the little bottles you re giving away.
    I’m not lucky at winning…will there be bottles for sale, also??? Merry Christ,mas!!! 🙂

  41. So cute!! I am all about the turkey..and the dressing…gravy…veggies, etc 🙂 I’d love to see recipes from some of the posters faves – they sound yummy!

  42. Down here in New Zealand It is hot at Christmas so we try to stay away from hot food. Our tradition is Smoked Salmon and Salads. We did the Turkey for a few years but it didnt get eaten in the heat. So now a light lunch out on the deak in the sun.

  43. When I was growing up we always had sweet potato pie and german chocolate cake for dessert. And of course fruit salad!!! We still do this at Christmas time. Our family is much smaller now but the desserts always bring back memories!!
    Thanks for sharing this gift idea. I can see being able to do so many different things with the little containers!!

  44. These are awesome and would make wonderful little gifts for all my girlfriends. I love to make homemade chai tea powder and put into little cans – these would be even cuter. For the holidays, my husband asks for 3 things to be included in our meals – green bean casserole (with my little extra twist), cornbread casserole and pumpking cheesecake. I could probably get by without anything else if I supplied all of this. 🙂

  45. I’m all about the festive holiday cookies….mmmmmmmmmm! Great project, thanks for the giveaway!

  46. We absolutely HAVE to have lefse. We grew up with it and I have spent many hours standing to get them ready and fresh for Christmas. Our kids would be heartbroken if I wasn’t able to make it for the holidays. Even our grandkids (who are elementary ages) give me a thumbs-up when they know it’s lefse rolling day! I love the little bottles…can think of many treasures for them to hold……great giveaway! Thanks for a chance to win them 🙂

  47. We have mashed potatoes–these are the kids’ favorites, ham, corn, pumpkin pie and cookies. We keep our Christmas day simple. Presents in the morning, then breakfast (I made a breakfast bake the night before), we play board games, listen to Christmas music, and then we have an early dinner.
    I love bottles–all shapes and sizes! I save and decorate any neat jars that come into our home. They make great little gifts.
    Thanks you! Have a great Holiday Season!

  48. When I was growing up we always had sweet potato pie and german chocolate cake for dessert. And of course fruit salad. We try to have this every year at Christmas even though the family is much smaller now. It still brings back alo of happy memories!!

  49. A holiday traditional food for my family would be lefse. A lot of work to make, but boy is it tasty!! I’m looking forward to it!

  50. This is an amazing project that could be used for many occasions. I am sooo hoping that Santa thinks I have been good enough to get a Grand Calibur for Christmas. I just love all the projects you have embellished with these dies. This is just another in a long line of pretties you have presented. Thank you for sharing. Your projects have sparked some new crafting mojo in me.

  51. Great projects- I love containers. I always make a white chocolate covered mix every year without fail- or my brothers would kill me. It’s not the only thing I do (I wish!) but it is the one that is demanded!

  52. We are Australian, and we have a close friend who is American, and every year he holds a traditional Thanksgiviing lunch. His wife asks every guest to prepare a traditional dish and emails us the recipe. One year our dish was a Sweet Potato Souffle. It was so delicious, and has now become a favourite dish we make for Christmas lunch, and our family members are now asking for it. I love containers! So I love your little bottles.

  53. We make a steamed Christmas “English” pudding each year for our family meal. My grandma always did this for Christmasand now my sis and I do it for all of our families!

  54. Thanks for all your inspiration. Love, love , love those little bottles. Maybe I will get lucky. The draw is on my daughter’s birthday.

    It is quite interesting to read all the different food traditions. Not too many people said perogies. I think it is very much a regional dish. Yummy! Love them.

  55. I love your ideas, except i could really get carried away. Think i will save this idea for Valentine gifts. My favorite treat is. I make homemade chocloate cherries. Thanks

  56. As our Christmas is mid summer here in Australia we enjoy fresh seafood and salad. glazed ham and my favourite to make is a pork apple cucumber and apple cider salald.
    Thanj you fo rthis beautiful project and teh chance to win.

  57. At Christmastime we always have lefse, that is probably the most consistent food. In years past at my parents house, we have had stuffed meatloaf and twice baked potatoes for Christmas Eve and at my mother-in-law’s we always have ham, turkey and all the fixings.

    I love your projects, the little container for the bottles is just awesome!

  58. Hello!

    I LOVE this project! Very creative! Thank you for the great tutorial! My order of the tubes came today and now I can begin the cocoa sets for my gifts – so exciting!

    Wishing you a happy day!


    Barbara Diane

  59. I love these bottles and they would be perfect for Easter, changing this project up to make it look like an Easter basket, with some grasses surrounding the bottles, and put in some chocolate eggs, jelly beans and/or mini peeps! Also could class it up as well for Mothers Day with some homemade sugar scrub, bath fizzies or seeds for the spring garden with garden themed paper and stamps! I am new to this site and visit daily to see what new and exciting ideas you have! What creative people you have posting on your site. Thank you!

  60. Very cute! Im going to have to try this. We always have blueberry pancakes,bacon and eggs for breakfast. For dinner its turkey.

  61. I started a tradition with my family a few years ago to have a ” Breakfast Cake” on Christmas morning. It is a really simple recipe to make a cinnamon bisquit type bundt cake with cream cheese icing. My kids love it and when they were told we would be spending this Christmas in Florida with their Nanny, the first question out of my son’s mouth was ” Will we still have the “Breakfast Cake ? Needless to say, I have already mentioned this to my mom and asked her to scour the grocery stores for the Pillsbury Bisquits.

  62. Our traditional Christmas morning breakfast is hot chocolate and mock quiche. It’s a quiche-like, strata-like casserole of cubed bread, ham, eggs, and shredded cheese. I also make spritz cookies and peanut brittle for all of our neighbors every year. Love these alterable bottles — I’m with you — love to alter!! TFS!

  63. I can see all kinds of colorful goodies and treats in these square bottles. What a fun looking container!

  64. that a great idea 🙂 it´s very good for give aways or little presents… We star our Holiday with decorating the tree, going to church. after that we´re sitting by our grandpairs an talk a lot

  65. Oh My ~ I need those bottles!!!!!!!!!! LOL
    Thank you for this wonderful prize you
    have offered to us 🙂

  66. Hi Andrea,
    I have a cream cheese ball with olives that I make for every holiday and family get together. One time, I didn’t make one and the comments were, “What? No Cheese Ball?” I have never made that mistake again!
    Thanks for sharing your great ideas with us! Merry Christmas!—Lisa

  67. This is a great idea, awesome to fill with treats to give away in the holidays.. I so love all your ideas, this has been by far my best Christmas gift finding out about this website!!

  68. Adorable altering, Andrea. These would be perfect for my favors at Christmas brunch! We now serve brunch and ‘supper’ in place of a big Christmas meal. The kids always arrive from church STARVING so rather than snacking before dinner is ready….we have brunch, exchange gifts, visit and then a light supper. Love this schedule and then we get to enjoy them for a while. Merry Christmas to you and yours.

  69. I always make a breakfast casserole for Christmas morning. Our Christmas dinners vary every few years. For several years we had Italian dishes every Christmas. Now we do a baked ham.

  70. Sometimes you are not sure how much a traditions mean to your family. My son was married this past year. His new wife told me how he talks about Christmas. His greatest memory is christmas morning and mom making breakfast while his dad looked at his favorite magazines he got in his stocking and him laying on the floor putting together his new lego. She said that it means so much to him that he wants them to do that for their first christmas. They are in the military and are stationed away and from us I hope that this christmas morning brings them new traditions andthe chance to share share some of the old ones
    Thanks for the chance to win the bottles, I work in a school and they will be perfect for a little gift to share for christmas.

  71. we always make choc covered peanut butter balls…wouldn’t be Christmas with out them. Merry Christmas…I was shopping today and made a point to wish the cashiers a Merry Christmas…they were all so surprised…I think they have been coached to say “Have a nice day”…I saw a sign on a church today that said “merry …mas!’…just isn’t the same without Christ!

  72. Our traditional food for Christmas is Italian wedding soup and whatever pasta my MIL is in the mood to make. She is an amazing cook and sitting around her table with my FIL and my husband’s brother/sisters/and families make the holiday special.

  73. We always have to make Kransekage – my husband’s Danish Grandma always had it on the Christmas goodie platter and so I learned to make it from her. Now that she is gone I always make sure it is on our Christmas platter.

  74. Love the video. I always have to have oyster dressing (just a small casserole dish) and good, old-fashioned cornbread dressing!

  75. Loved your crafty little decorated bottles. Am going to dress some up for Valentines craft exchange with my three pals. Of course I’ll have to tell them about this website!!! For Christmas I bake some of Moms cookies and take them on Christmas Day. We go out to a lunch buffet, but I’ll bring sour cabbage rolls for a treat for Mom.

  76. My brother, sister and I started a cookie decorating tradition with our kids. Every Christmas Eve we all cut out cookies and sip on hot chocolate. When the cookies are done the kids start putting globs of icing and sprinkles. This is one of my favorite traditions. It warms my heart to hear the laughter fill my house and watch all the kids act silly with each other.

  77. Our Christmas day dinner varies from year to year between going to sibling’s houses in rotation, but it most likely has a turkey involved [actually quite a few turkeys if you count my brothers and sisters!]. Christmas Eve we usually have shrimp, broccoli and rice in honor of my mother-in-law who we lost 5 years ago. Happy Holidays to everyone!
    The bottles are very cute and versatile. Thank you for another chance at creativity!

  78. One of the funniest traditions we have is passing the presents right and left to the store of the Wright Family. The little ones love it as well as the big ones. You never know what you will end up with. Thanks for another fun project and great video.

  79. Our family does a big potluck get together, so every year the food and treats are different but the great feeling of being with loved ones is the same.

  80. We always have gumbo and potato salad on Christmas Eve. It can be made ahead of time, so not so much time is spent in the kitchen that day. However, my 24 year old now makes the gumbo and my 19 year old makes the potato salad. 🙂 I’m usually finishing up last minute gifts..this year, I just might sit and enjoy a cup of hot tea with my feet up!

  81. The family likes to try something different at Christmas, so I’d say our tradition is to do something new. One year, we had A friend from Egypt who made an amazing spicy dish. Each year is a new surprise.
    I’d love to win those fabulous bottles.

  82. We love to make what we call Fruit Salad…although I don’t think it’s really called that…maybe ambrosia is what’s it’s called?…Anways…we used a can of fruit cocktail, a fresh banana and some whipped cream…and sometimes walnuts too. It’s sooo yummy!


  83. When the family all lived in California, we would have a cookie open house. We would make up to 15 different types of cookies and pies and have friends and family over. Our family is now spread out, but I continue to bake and invite neighbors and distribute the rest to our homeless shelters in the area. It does warm the heart to see so many smiles.

  84. I really, really like these. Such cute little gifts. Sure wish you would pick my name. LOL!

  85. I am certainly not a good cook or a good baker for that matter. I am often called “Kitchenly Challenged” by my friends. It is often a surprise if I show up somewhere at all with something I have attempted to make…I am not even sure if the items I bring somewhere to share are even that good. So, asking me what my traditional thing to cook or bake for the holidays is really a rather funny question. I am the one that everyone asks to bring the buns…or the napkins…or the drinks…I guess I am terrible in the cooking department and people are better off with me bringing the buns! 😉

  86. These bottles are the perfect size for the handmade sugar body scrub my daughter and I are making for gifts. I’d love to win.
    Our family always has to have green bean casserole and we also love to have the sour cream/hash brown casserole for our potatotes.

  87. Awesome ideas for the Trendy Square 4 oz Bottles – perfect gift idea for teachers gift. Would love to win these bottles..

  88. thanks so much for sharing your ideas! they are so awesome! I love the little clear bottles……especially the fact that they have the larger mouth for candy kisses, homemade cocoa, etc. Sure would love to add these to my collection! Thanks again for sharing your ideas with all of us!!

  89. One of our traditions is to make my Mom’s (who passed away) pork pies and have them after mid- night mass. I would love to have win these adorable little jars.
    Thank you for the chance to win.

  90. Oh my gosh!! I want these! They are absolutely amazing!

    As for our holiday tradition, I always make peanut butter cookies with Hershey Kisses on top. And I don’t like flat cookies with with Kisses so I make them in mini muffin pans. These are my family’s absolute favorite and their only must-have cookie of the season. Who am I to deny them that pleasure?

  91. I love the new items coming into your store!!!! My stampin friend bought your stickie tape already. I wonder which one of us with get these little gems first!

  92. At our school we play Secret Santa and I have the reputation of always having the crafty, cute or the gift that no one has seen before. It gets harder and harder each year to find new ideas!!! But now I have found you and can keep my crafty reputation! I love the videos! My food for Christmas is call Pull-a-Part Bread. I make it Christmas Eve and let it rise overnight in the oven – when we first wake up I turn the oven on to bake. The aroma of the cinnamon yeast bread baking fills the house with the best Christmas smells ever! And there’s nothing better than a hot cup of coffee and warm Pull-a-Part bread. Merry Christmas everyone!

  93. Love these. Have seen them used so many ways and your ideas are absolutely wonderful. I always make a guacamole dip along with a hot cheese dip that my mom served every Christmas eve since I was a child. She is no longer here but every year these dishes bring back all the memories and wonderful times we spent together. Thanks for being such a great inspiration!

  94. I love to cook. I love to make cookies that are really delicate and decorated! I usually buy beautiful boxes to put them in and send them full of goodies to a good home. I love these vials and especially the carrier…how cute is that!!! I will definitely add this project to my holiday projects. Thanks for all the wonderful ideas!!!

  95. What fun little bottles.
    My favorite thing to make is sweet potatoe soufle. Totally yummy with marshmallows on top.
    Love your ideas!

  96. I don’t celebrate the holidays so no holiday food. But I do have some awesome entertaining recipes like my cheese ball, Mexican style spicy cream cheese wraps, brownies and sticky toffee pudding.

  97. We alway have what my youngest son (now 35) call green goo. It’s just pudding cool whip crushed pineapple and marshmallows. And homemade peanut butter balls. Thanks for the chance to win and I love your vids.

  98. We love to make fruitcake cookies every year and share with our loved ones! Love that project! So cute…got to get me some of those bottles!

  99. We always have eggs benedict for breakfast Christmas morning. Everyone comes over to open gifts then have eggs benedict then they go to their significant others’ for dinner.

  100. CHristmas day we have breakfast, cinnamon rolls, and all the usual but it is a great way to start the celebration of the holiday and then open gifts

  101. You guys have the most adorable projects. Thanks for all of the time you put into this and then your willingness to share these ideas so freely.

  102. So many comments. I’ll probably don’t have much of a chance of winning. The tubes are awesome. Would love to win them! You did an awesome job with the video!

  103. Christmas morning I make my grandma’s pancakes…a polish version of a french crepe…a little thicker than a crepe…but the only pancakes I will eat!!!

  104. My husband’s mother started our tradition by making what we call “The World’s Best Lemon Cream Pie”. It was a tradition for every holiday and we all enjoyed it so much. When my husband and I got married, I had to learn to make it and have finally ALMOST got it as good as my mother in law. I have to make about 6 pies everytime I make it because my family loves them so much and they go quick (think of those calories!!). Now my daughter in law’s are learning to make it — I have 3 daughter in laws and get to help them every year when they need it! The tradition continues!!! It is a tart, yet creamy lemon pie with whipped cream on top. It’s sooo yummy!!!

  105. Oh — and on Christmas Eve — we ALWAYS have homemade tamales (I say homemade because the little ladies at the hole in the wall Mexican restaurant make them and they are sooooo good!). They are red chile pork and green chile chicken tamales with red chile and green chile sauce. We also have enchiladas that I make. We live in New Mexico and it is a tradition here to have tamales on Christmas Eve and then we go out and see the lights. It’s awesome!!!

  106. Very cute idea. Thanks for the opportunity to participate. Like alway all your products are super

  107. Every Christmas my grandpa would make polenta with marinara sauce.He was a wonderful cook and knew how much I LOVED his polenta,that he would make it just the way I like it. It was my all time favorite dish. So, I make polenta with marinara sauce every Christmas in memory of my grandpa Ferrari.

  108. These are adorable! My favorite treat to make for the holidays is short bread cookies and cherry balls! Please enter me to win these little goodies! Thanks.

  109. Super cute bottles. I would LOVE to win these. I really like to make desserts or some kind of candy around the holiday time!!!

  110. These are just precious. Looks like I’ll be buying some of these containers soon. Not too early to have visions of Valentine’s Day treats.

  111. I love these bottles! I have a windowsill just waiting for them. Now I have to figure out what I’m going to put in them! If I win of course!

  112. Every Christmas must have coffee cake or it just doesn’t feel like Christmas. This year we will have to come up with a new treat to accomodate all of my eldest son’s food allergies: dairy, peanut, chocolate and sugar, what’s left right? Maybe something in these treat bottles???

  113. I had a big smile on my face reading these “traditional” foods. Seems like a lot of us (me included) have the green bean cassarole. My mom always had this, made with canned green beans (the best), onions, and bacon boiled in water for a couple of hours and then add the velveta cheese, melt, and put in cake pan to bake in the oven. Making me drool just thinking about it. Another tradition is the green and red molded salad (layered) with Philidelphia Cream Cheese, whipped cream (the real stuff), crushed pineapple, and Marcino Cherries. And of course, I have to make my pecan pies!! Oh gosh, I’m hungry!!

  114. We always like to have chocolate meringue pie for dessert, from a recipe handed down from my late mother-in-law.

  115. Christmas morning has to start with coffee and a coffee cake. When I was little we weren’t allowed to wake up Mom until her coffee was ready. I must admit that I’m the same. And my daughter makes a terrible cup of coffee! But she tries every year!
    Love, love, love these bottles and the decorations! Thanks for sharing <3

  116. Pecan Pie! That has always been tradition for my family. Nothing like it. I love the containers and was wondering if they would be desirable for candles. I like to make my own candles sometime and they make lovely gifts for anything. Thanks

  117. These little bottles and the 4 pack are just super cute! They would be just great for lots of little things. Thanks for the chance to win them.

  118. Great project for the person that has everything you can make them a sweet treat. These would work great for a quick hostess gift also. Thanks for sharing. Love your blog.

  119. I like to try different foods every holiday season, but for some reason, my son likes to have fritos and bean dip each and every year. Love the cute bottles. I always love getting ideas for anything I can make and sell inexpensively at my annual boutique.

  120. My mum and I have a little plum pudding traditon happening. Ever since my children we born we would get together every Melbourne Cup day and make plum puddings together with a top secret recipe given to her by a friend. We started off making one big one in a cloth and boiling it all day, but in the last couple of years we have been dividing up the mixture to make smaller ones which I give to all my crafty friends. I love the bottles AND test tubes. Would they like a trip to Australia?

  121. The Family Favourite was always my Gramma’s pudding — steamed in a pot for hours and then served with a delicious caramel sauce. These little bottles would go perfectly with my test tube bottles. Merry Christmas everyone.

  122. It was fun reading everyones traditions, I never heard of boiling bacon before. Shortbread cookies are a must for Christmas and I like to have really special cinimon buns if I can find a place that makes really good ones.

  123. Thanks for another wonderfully fun and festive project Andrea. I too have had a lot of fun reading the Chrissy traditions. Christmas down under is so v v different to the chilly celebrations over your way. In both my inlaws and immediate family we have cold prawns, BBQ chicken, some traditional ham and plum pudding and the like. My Christmas traditions however are slightly skewed as I am a Type 1 diabetic and vegetarian. I make a massive vege flan filled with chargrilled eggplant, tomato, artichoke, onion, celery, corn, muxhroom…basically you mame it…it’s in there….as well as “traffic light” kebabs for desert. It is a fruit skewer that has (from the base) watermelon, honeydew melon, rockmelon, pineapple and strawberry. These are finished off with greek yoghurt and make a wonderfully light finish to a heavish main meal. ooxx

  124. Oh how cute these are. You always come up with such wonderful ideas
    Our tradition is to have a wonderful recipe I have for cheese bread. While it cooks we open presents

  125. What darling gifts!!! Our family food tradition is my homemade English Toffee. I have to make several batches as some of my extended family just have to have some of mine, I do love sharing it with them.

  126. Very cute bottles.
    I make a very traditional holiday meal with the turkey, stuffing, green bean casserole, etc. The one dish my family always requests is my sweet potato casserole. It’s so good it’s practically a dessert, with the crunchy pecan topping on it. Yum!

  127. The bottle are adorable and would be great favors at the holiday table. I love organization and can also see these jars as “little helpers” in my craft room. I also enjoy saying “thanks” when someone has been helpful with a project or practices as RAK (Random Act of Kindness). These would great little Thank you gifts for that someone.

  128. For some reason, we always have too many turkeys during Thanksgiving, definitely too many to cook and eat all in one day. So we started leaving a couple for Christmas and now every Christmas we always eat turkey too. I actually like that we have turkey twice a year. More time to enjoy it and all the fixings that come with it too!

  129. How cute are these treat jars. I just love these and how you trimmed them. I really enjoy seeing your ideas.
    LindaB in WI

  130. traditional dinner is a turkey so we can have sandwiches Christmas morning…..Love the treat bottles!

  131. Can see so many other ways to use these jars. Thanks for such great ideas. Visiting with my grandkids, we made some of the projects that you have shared with us. They had a great time be crafty, like grandma.

  132. Great projects! I love to make the stuffing for the turkey. But I have an ulterior motive – I want it to be the same as what my mom made! 🙂

  133. Our traditional Christmas Eve dinner is no dinner … Just lots of great appetizers and desserts. The kids have always loved this when we had lots of company and when we had no company because it’s fun and it’s a tradition!!
    I love these bottles!!!

  134. This project is so cute! I love mini jars or anything mini. We always back 13 dozen of whatever treat we are in the mood for that year. We put 12 dozen on individual Christmas plates & wrap them up. We also have to have 12 copies of receipe for everyone. We go over to a friend’s house and we meet with 12 other families who have done the same thing. We each get to take one dozen of each item to sample while drinking hot chocolate, or apple cider. It’s so fun since we get to enjoy each other’s company while eating yummy treats that everyone has prepared with love!

  135. Great project and thanks for share with us. In Christmas eve, first we enjoy a dinner with our family and then like to make three different dessert. One is a Carrot cake, Vanilla Custard and Tembleque. The last one is make with coconut milk and starch and is typical from Puerto Rico.

  136. I am a new viewer and I loved this video. I will be looking threw the website this afternoon. The traditional Christmas food in my family is Tamales.. which are a Mexican dish…it’s corn husks covered in a corn dough stuffed with yummy things like meat and cheese and drenched in sauce! Yum! Happy holidays and thanks for this chance to win! 🙂

  137. Cute ideas. In my family each holiday season we make cutout cookies and decorate them. Now my children are grownup and gone so I will have to wait for the grandchildren to help me.

  138. Andrea you and your team have done it again. I love these little jars and the ideas you have came up with. What a great gift for the teachers or other people who touch our lives. Look forward to hear who wins these, hopefully me. Keep up the great ideas.

  139. These are wonderful projects!!! I love the jars. I love cooking my favorite traditional food, Potato Latkes. I use my Mom’s recipe and hers are the BEST!!! Thanks for the opportunity to win.

  140. I love this project, so cute! I really like to make shortbread cookies during the holidays, not too exciting but I love using the cookie press.

  141. Love these little bottles. On Christmas Eve we normally have snacky items after we get home from Christmas Eve services. Two items we have are lefse and a more recent tradition in a dip that is baked on a cookie sheet and includes cream cheese and chili (as well as some other ingredients). THanks for the chance to win.

  142. These would be great to fill with Christmas goodies to make cookies. My favorite christmas receipe is my moms nanamo bars. One christmas she ran out of green food colouring for the icing on the top. I suggested creme dementhe. She agreed and started to add, but could not understand why it was not turning a nice shade of green, she kept adding more and more. They were very tasty for us that year we loved to eat them and eat them (but they were very potent). The funny thing we realized later was that the icing was turning very green, it was the tupperware bowl (mint green)she used that was the same colour. I will always remember this moment with my mom as she is no longer with us. I always think of this story when ever I make them for my family for christmas.

  143. I just love turkey and stuffing. I married a Swedish Minnesotan who loves Lutefisk. So, I make turkey and stuffing for Thanksgiving and he gets Lutefisk for Christmas dinner (I’m having baked ziti this year). No lutefisk for me. I tried it once. Hope I win the prize!

  144. The ideas you share with us are great!!!! I can’t thank you enough for getting my creative juices going. I thought the test tubes would be great but I think I can come up with even better ideas for these little shaker jars.

  145. Every year I make cookies with my alphabet molds. The kids love to eat their own initials. This year I made with those same molds letter ornament for everybody. I hope the family loves them. These little jars are great to give away to the kids with their special goodies.
    Thanks for the chance.

  146. I just love to read and see other peoples creative ideas.
    At Christmas time I bake gingerbread men cookies and chocolate peanut butter balls. They are so so good. I often wonder why I dont make these delectables through out the year but I suppose if I did then we wouldn’t think of them as special treats special for the Christmas Season.

  147. I love to make waldorf salad for my family. I don’t think it would work well in the containers! They are adorable!

  148. Well, what is Christmas without Christmas cookies??? I’ve been using Stampin’ Up!’s new cookie press – so easy and delicious! Great project as usual!!

  149. oooo the ideas to use these year round are staerting to pump…I likie likie & I want I want!!!! I invision Christmas, New Years, Valentines, Summer party Favors, and Halloween too! Thanks again for all the great ideas & inspirations!!!! LOVE IT!!!!!!

  150. For our family, it is the tradition of making sugar cookies each year. I began when my children were small and now we are doing it with the grandchildren. It is a fun day and the kids have so much fun pressing the cookie cutters into the dough and sprinkling on the colored sugar crystals before we bake the cookies. Of course we have to sample a cookie or two with a glass of milk after they are baked!!

  151. Since I make treats for all the kids in my Grandson’s class, I’m always looking for ideas. This would be a great treat and simple to make too…love to win some of the jars.

  152. Lovely little containers!
    My favourite food to make every Christmas is Caramel Corn, but I also always make Nuts & Bolts, Almond Roca, Cheese Cookies, Chocolate Peanut Butter Cherries, Butter Tarts and sometimes Shortbread.

  153. Every year my mom makes white chocolate and almond biscotti that are SO delicious! I have made them a few times myself and will probably crave them every Christmas forever!

    Thanks for the amazing give-a-way, oh the things I could do with these!! Merry Christmas!

  154. My mom always made a sweet bread called Kolache that she made each year for Christmas. Now my husband makes it for me and I think of her. She also made a nut and raisin cookie for my dad that he makes. My dad always dunked them into his coffee. My husband doesn’t normally dunk into coffee. But each Christmas the first cookie he eats he dunks and says this is for you Bob. I cried the first year he did this. It keeps their spirit alive for me.

  155. We always make Honeycomb candy for Christmas! Love it! Another treat we have each year is fresh homemade cinnamon rolls on Christmas morning to enjoy with coffee while we are opening gifts.

  156. Way to go Andrea, another great idea and a great way to use up scraps of christmas paper. Thanks for the chance to win the jars that would make an awesome gift.

  157. And yet another Fantastic idea for me to ‘case’. Love the Square bottles even more than the round ones but there if you did another shape I would love that one then. Thank you so much for our chance to win this lovely prize. A Merry Christms and a Happy New Year to you and all your readers.

  158. One of our favorite holiday foods is called Cherry Yum Yum. It’s got graham crackers, cherries in thick syrup, whipped cream, and cream cheese. Great project! I would love to win! Merry Christmas to you both.

  159. This year we are straying from the traditional ham to Italian Wedding Soup, Italian bread and a salad of some sort along with Vanilla Pie with ice cream for dessert. It will be so yummy! I can taste it already!

    I really like this project – it is very cool. Thanks for the chance to win!

    Merry Christmas!!!

  160. We always have candied yams. My daughter just loves them so it’s not Christmas dinner without them. Now we even have the grandsons eating them. I love your projects, thank you very much for sharing. Merry Christmas.

  161. My kids (that includes my husband) always insist that a bake my husband’s grandmother Heinie’s chocolate pie for Christmas. It has TEN (10) Tbsp. of rich cocoa in it, and is so sweet it will curl your toes! I love these cute little jars, and especially appreciate that they are plastic (instead of breakable glass)….
    Happy Holidays, Merry Christmas, and Happy New Year to ALL ! ! ! ! !

  162. DARLING PROJECTS! I just love this “little” containers. Thank you for sharing this new resource.
    Happy Holidays,

  163. We have no specific tradition in our family. Living in Sydney Australia provides us with many options. We may arrange to have a picnic in a park if the weather is nice and warm or indoors if it is terribly hot or wet. For food we would usually have ham and prawns. Thanks for your projects.

  164. I wouldn’t really call it a tradition but we have done it several years now. We go to my parents house xmas morning where santa leaves gifts for my nieces (he leaves them at their house as well). Then mom makes chipped beef on toast and afterwards we exchange gifts among family while watching the Disney xmas parade.

  165. Love this idea! The bottles are so sweet to put a few goodies in!
    Every year I make a couple of cookie recipes, and sometimes I add a new recipe to try out. One standby though is my Almond Bars that I make every year. They’re a favorite!

  166. I got a jar and put some floating candles in. Decorated it. Gave to friend as a thank you……… she was so pleased with it . Thank you for the brill idea. You helped me out once again. Keep the ideas coming.

  167. One traditional food thing that I have started with my daughter is making a gingerbread house. I love decorating it with her and seeing what she comes up with. Her favourite part of couse is eating all of the candy. This year I am going to try something different and try making a rice crispy square house…I just hope it stays together 😀

  168. I love to make Amish candies with my mom and share that tradition passed down from her Amish upbrining. Love to help make peanut clusters, peanut brittle…do I need to go on ~ We have so much fun quality time together and now my kids growing up its fun to include them in on the fun!

  169. Merry Xmas from New Mexico — we have tamales and enchiladas with baked ham and scalloped potatoes……..lots of pies for dessert. Love the little bottle holder with the bottles………would make great neighbor and teacher xmas gifts!!

  170. I love this idea. Thank you for sharing. I hope these table gifts can be my new tradition for christmas. I don’t have one yet.

    Happy Hollidays to all,


  171. So cute! And something that will be versatile for any type of party! =)

    We have many traditional holiday foods. One of my kids favorites is making window panes out melted chocolate, colored marshmallows and powdered sugar. A log is made that you freeze and then slice into what looks like stained glass window panes. =)

  172. Each year on Christmas Eve, we gather together (my husband and children (and now their spouses and children), my in-laws, cousins, grandparents and aunts and uncles, and we make Tamales. It is a timely process, but one that affords us the opportunity to gather from far and near and celebrate the holiday together. This year, we are gathering at our home for the first time with just our own children and their spouses and our grandchildren (ages 1 1/2 – 8). We are going to keep the tradition of making tamales going and myself and the grandchildren are going to make doggie treats for our pets. It is sure to be a wonderful time together as family, as we have two of our children and one spouse who have all just returned from Afghanistan. We are so proud of them and want to have a quiet home Christmas, as this is the first holidays together again in about 10 years.

  173. My sister and I bring our Caribbean and English back ground to our new friends here in California. We always have Christmas Cracker for everyone to pop. I think I’m going to start collecting old paper towel rolls and start making my own earl for the holidays. some of the toy are getting cheap and not so worth the big price tag.

  174. Wow amazing how one tiny little question can release such a flood of memories. Christmas eve divinity and cookies for Santa, steaming clam or seafood chowder: magical moonlit montana christmases with soft blankets of snow and flurries falling, warm cozy evenings bundled under the christmas tree in sleeping bags with my brothers, telling stories and laughing till we fell asleep. Now feeling slightly sad and nostalgic as I realize 20 years of military life and chaotic moves have left my children with very few traditions. Then I’m remembering one christmas eve traveling ten hours across MT to get to my grandparents ranch and getting snowed in between passes. All our gifts were at the ranch and we were so sure there would be no stockings on christmas . what a delight to find tube sock stockings filled with walnuts, oranges, buttermints, and little cowboy and indian figures(best christmas ever). ; ) Christmas might not be the same every year, but of course my kids will have their favorite memories also. Thanks to everyone who shared your special memories

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