Please Welcome Our New Trend Reporters

Each week we have a new trend article for you chock full of ideas and samples taken from different companies and websites on line to bring them all together in one place for you. We know you love this weekly feature and want to continue to keep you up to date and “in the know” for the latest in the paper crafting world.

Please welcome our new trend reporters…

Laurie Davenport

Laurie Davenport Profile Picture

Hi, I’m Laurie Davenport.  I live in Cincinnati, OH, where I currently work as a postdoctoral fellow, doing scientific research.  My husband is a pastor, and I enjoy being involved in his work at our church.  I have been following many paper crafting blogs over the past few years and am excited to now be branching out to do some writing myself.  I’ve got my own blog up and running now,, and am looking forward to sharing creations, participating in challenges, and getting feedback from all of you!





Lucinde van Ballegooijen

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My name is Lucinde van Ballegooijen. I’m a graphic designer who loves to create, digital and handmade. My mother loves crafting and taught me a lot of stuff, so I kind of grew up with it. The last couple of years crafting really became my biggest hobby. When I have enough free time I’m creating cards or jewelry and when I’m not creating I’m exploring the internet for new ideas, techniques and materials. You can see more of my work at


Shari Trumbull

ShariTrumbullProfilePicHi, my name is Shari and I am a “Native” Southern California girl who found her way into the woods of Northern Idaho along the gorgeous Pend Oreille River  (you may hear me say from time to time…”From the Hood to the Woods”) ?? I am married, 45 years old with no kids but I LOVE animals and have 3 dogs and 2 cats.  I have been crafting, in one way or another, for about 16 years, but took a hiatus for about 3 years between 2006-2009.  When I rejoined the creative world, it was like a rebirth for me and my appetite for learning and experimenting and just getting myself inky and painty is never satisfied.  I don’t hold to any one type of card making style–I love it all and will give every new technique I come across a whirl.  I’m relatively new to blog-land, having started my blog last year (after having one of those AHA, light bulb goes off, kind of moments) and have enjoyed the experience of creating pieces and sharing with the world.  I am making all kinds of new friends worldwide, and cherish these connections as a source of encouragement, inspiration and comradery.


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  1. Thank You Andrea & Karen for the wonderful introduction! I am sooo excited to be a part of the Paper Crafter’s Library Team! Can’t wait to get to know my new ‘Teamies’! XOXO-Shari

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