Please Welcome New Paper Crafter’s Library Designer/Educator Jennifer Rzasa

A few months back we decided to add to the Paper Crafter’s Library team. We sent out a number of invitations and selected several ladies to join our team as Designer/Educators. They have been hard at work, creating some paper crafting projects to share with our Paper Crafter’s Library members.

It is with great pleasure that we introduce you to Jennifer Rzasa.

Learn More About Jennifer Rzasa

JenniferRzasa-250WHi there, this is Jennifer Rzasa. I teach elementary music in a public school just outside of Boston, MA, and I live in a small apartment with my amazing husband. Paper crafting is just one of my hobbies (among sewing, cooking, painting, skateboarding, cosplaying, making jewelry, etc…) – but it is definitely my favorite! I especially love making cards- it’s such a wonderful feeling to create something in just a small amount of time that can make both yourself and someone else extremely happy!






If you are interested in seeing more of Jennifer’s work, we encourage you to check out and bookmark her blog.

Please help us to warmly welcome Jennifer!


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  1. Everyone win with Jennifer Rzasa as Designer/Educator! Great addition to Paper Crafter’s Library team!

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