Please Welcome New Design Team Member Kristin Wilson

Kristin Wilson

To continue with our introduction of the Design Team members, we are very pleased to introduce you to the third of our Design Team members, Kristin Wilson.

Kristin is honored to be a part of the first Paper Crafter’s Library Design Team.  She brings her passion and excitement for paper crafting to the team.  She enjoys what she does and thinks outside the box and for this reason, she will be a great member of the team.  You can see for yourself how her love for the craft shines through in her projects.  You’ll have a chance to see Kristin’s projects on Wednesday.  In the meantime, please be sure to visit Kristin’s blog:

 Learn more about Kristin:

“I am 42 and I live in NW Indiana, part of the Chicagoland area, with my husband of 14 years and our son who is 11. I am a stay at home mom and fortunate to have a schedule where I can craft everyday in my studio which my husband built for me. It is by far my most fave room in the house. I am the only girl in my family. Even the cat and dog are male. What’s wrong with this picture?”

Being the only girl in her family, Kristin loves to craft and create with all things pink and lacey. She describes her style as Shabby Chic & Eclectic but always evolving and she designs for the task at hand.

 Kristin answered a few questions for us:

 How long have you been papercrafting:

“I have been a paper crafter for 3 years. Mainly I create cards, mixed media, and altered art. If I scrapbook, it’s usually a mini album.”

Do you have any papercrafting goals or things to accomplish?:

“I have a ton of pictures stock piled that need to be scrapbooked. My ongoing goal is to get them into an album and all caught up. Someday!”

Do you have any tips for fellow members that may help jump start their creativity:

“Try something new! A new technique, color scheme, embellishment. Have something you have been wanting to try? Just do it! It’s so fun to break out of the norm. That’s when you learn more about your personal style.”