March Design Team Projects From Keren Baker

Hi everyone! It’s great to be sharing some more projects with you. As I’m preparing this post, the English sun is streaming through my window and I can see daffodils and snowdrops everywhere! It’s a beautiful and inspiring time of year and I hope these 3 projects bring you a little creative inspiration too!

You may well be wondering what this is! It’s a unique Notebook Necklace. None the wiser? If I give you the dimensions; 1 1/4″ x 2″ you’ll see it’s really tiny.

Maybe this second picture will give you a better idea. It has little pages on the inside and each is perforated at the top so you can tear away your little note if you wanted to give your phone number to someone (for example). It’s useful wearable art and its really simple. I’ve re-purposed a tag die & you won’t believe how quick and easy it is to make! You can make your chain much more interesting- perhaps by adding some beads onto a fabric chain- but I’ve kept it simple so you can see the idea. My model for the necklace wanted to remain anonymous!! I’ve used some of the packaging from the Pink Paislee Vintage Vogue Ephemera die cuts. It’s really sturdy and makes the perfect front cover. To decorate, I’ve done some stamping, used some tiny pieces of Vintage vogue papers and given a ‘linen effect’ to the whole thing using Mod Podge (a sealant/glue). They are perfect for little gifts and unfortunately you’ll not be able to stop at just making one!

My overall theme this month is ‘using up the little leftovers’. We all end up with bits at the end of our projects, and apart from using a whole page for the base of the Scrapbook layout, the rest of the projects all use very small amounts of patterned papers & supplies.

This next project is a card in the style of Bargello patterns (often found on quilts)- I was equally inspired by watching the volume bars on my music equipment. Inspiration can come from absolutely everywhere! This is a really speedy make and is very inexpensive to create. It would make the perfect accompaniment to the Notebook Necklace!

My final project is a scrapbook page.  This is another ‘clustered’ type of design and it also goes to show that sometimes you can create something- leave it for a while and then decide you can improve on it. It is a 12×12 page but maybe in hindsight I would probably chop the left hand section off this page and make it into a 8 1/2″ x 11″ page. What do you think? Should I leave it as it is?!!

Here’s a close-up so you can see the details better. The ‘happy’ is curved to make a more dimensional embellishment.   Handouts for all these project are available for Paper Crafters Library members. Check out all the many benefits of becoming a member here.

Well, I’m done here. Hope you enjoyed this week’s post. Please feel free to pop by my blog and say Hi! There are lots more projects just like these. I’ll be back next month with lots of my favourite technique; stamping!! xx


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    1. Thanks! I love the packaging particularly if it’s interesting like the Vintage Vogue stuff. It makes me feel I’ve stretched my supplies a bit further and you’re right, its much sturdier too!

  1. These are all wonderful! I especially like the bargello card. I made a similar pattern for a card, but didn’t separate the strips like you did. I like your interpretation better, I think. The necklace is really sweet. If I were a scrapbooker, your page would be my style. Glad to see there are others who save packaging. No wonder my stashes are overflowing disaster areas. 😉

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