DesignsByRyn-250pxToday we are excited to welcome back this week’s Featured Company, Designs by Ryn and to share some beautiful creations using her products.  

Here at Paper Crafter’s Library we love to create and share products from many different companies from around the globe.  Designs by Ryn offers some fabulous exclusive designs with an array of styles.  So no matter what your taste, you are sure to find something you love within her images.

And, we also have a give-a-way for you!! Two lucky winners will receive the prize package below consisting of three of her images. More information on the give-away is at the end of the post.

Before we show you a selection of Ryn’s projects, here is a little more about Ryn:

Designs by Ryn is the manifestation of a dream that began a long time ago for me. I have always wanted to create a lifestyle that fits me and what I want out of my life. One that would allow me to create during working hours and give me the flexibility in my schedule to travel. For the longest time I wondered if something was wrong with me for not fitting into the multitude of ready made jobs that I tried. It wasn’t until around three years ago when I attended a seminar at the Small Business Centre in London, Ontario that I realized that many of those misfit traits of mine were what they called entrepreneurial.

I was hooked by that idea but had absolutely no working knowledge of business. The next few months I laboured over a business plan and submitted it to a program offered at the Centre – the Self Employment Benefit Program. To my absolute joy I was accepted!

I was given a foundation of business related workshops and an advisor – Gord Evans- who went over and above to help me with my project – a business that offered high quality rubber stamp designs based on my artwork. The beginnings of Designs by Ryn.

In order to have the flexibility of location that I wanted my store would need to be online. Never mind that I was almost completely technologically challenged and didn’t own a computer! The library computers just wouldn’t cut it so I walked into Staples and many questions later walked out with a laptop, printer and… A boyfriend?! Lol. That’s another story all together 😉

He became my “tech department” helping with the many issues that came with designing, printing and cutting my catalogues and product cards from home. I also bought a scroll saw – another foreign piece of machinery to me – determined to hand cut the stamps once mounted on cling cushion. The first day I was in tears having destroyed at least half of my attempts but in time I learned.

More About Designs by Ryn
The website went through several transformations which took a lot of time (and patience) and forced me to focus on marketing to stores and at festivals. It wasn’t until this year that at long last it became a fully functioning store.

Since it’s release I am thrilled to see my stamps getting international exposure. I have built a Design Team of three wonderfully kind and talented ladies who consistently do great samples with the stamps. Shirley Deatcher – Canada, Eileen Godwin – UK and Miranda Dagenaars – Netherlands. I also encourage customers to share their work and find myself constantly delighted by what people make. The most inspiring part is that this business is allowing me to connect in a meaningful way to other creative individuals around the world.

That dream of mine is slowly getting there. I am endlessly thankful to all of the people along the way who have purchased my stamps and supported me on this journey.

I am now taking my business for a “walkabout” and am off traveling in South America with a backpack of art supplies. I’ve left my inventory and shipping with a wonderful and trusted lady – Phylis – back home who will handle orders while I am away. I hope to focus my energy on creating new and inspiring stamp designs. My next challenge is blogging about my creations. More to come 😉

Below you can see a sample of projects created by a variety of designers using Ryn’s Designs.
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 Here are some of the members of the Designs by Ryn design team who have supplied the images above:


Once again, to enter to win leave a comment here on our blog but make sure you take a minute to stop by Ryn’s blog because she is also giving away a fantastic prize pack. The winners will be announced next week on each blog. You can visit her blog here:

We hope you have enjoyed today’s projects. We want to extend a sincere thank you to Ryn Tanaka for sharing her beautiful images and inspiration with us. And don’t forget to enter to win one of the great prize packs from Designs by Ryn. Leave a comment on this post about one of the projects Ryn showcased and don’t forget to visit her blog or her Facebook page here and leave a comment there as well. Be sure to tell her Paper Crafter’s Library sent you. Winners will be announced next week!


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  1. Beautiful designs. Love the water droplets and the many different ways to use them. Great colors. Thank you for the inspiration.

  2. Congratution Ryn,
    for that spotlight coming up, I love your beautiful high quality stamps very much. They are very inspiring for my creativity, and I’m glad to be in your amazing Design Team! Now I’m curious about all stamps which you will yet design in future:-)
    Big Hugs Anja

  3. I love Ryns designers she is a very talented lady. Looking forward to the new ones coming out! X

  4. Love the designs and the story behind them! I absolutely ADORE the water droplets, they are the coolest thing I have seen in a long time!

  5. What gorgeous, inspirational stamps! Always a great pleasure to use them, and to see how other crafters use them too. Looking forward to seeing new designs very soon x

  6. I love love love Ryn’s Designs. I own her water droplets stamps and my aim is to save up and own some more of her designs very very soon. I love how they really make a design ‘pop’. Her design Team have made amazing creations but I think my favourite is the second from the bottom – the one with the water droplets and the intricate swirly designs. I hadn’t thought about using the water droplets for anything other than watery scenes so this has inspired me x

  7. Love Ryns’ designs – came across them earlier this year and was a quickly a fan. These samples are all fabulous and show just how versatile Ryn’s stamps can be. The water stamps are perfect for sea related themes but I particularly love the way Shirley used the water droplets on that very touching card, and how they add something different to the beautiful card by Miranda.

  8. She is one talented lady and her designs are wonderful. So glad you spotlilt her because her stamps should be shared internationally. Thank you for the chance to win hugs Karen

  9. I’ve already purchased a couple of Ryn’s stamps and love them! Out of the stamps you’re giving away here, I really love the middle one and Eileen’s take on it with her bookmarks. Just beautiful!! I had never heard Ryn’s story before and think it’s just wonderful how bravely she went about doing what she loved…and finding a boyfriend at the same time. Very inspiring story! Good luck to everyone who participates in this giveaway. 🙂

  10. I love Ryn’s designs and have purchased a few of her (high quality) stamps. Her work is just beautiful and she is a lovely person. She corresponds when you place an order. Thanks so much for sharing some of her work.

  11. I love all of Ryn’s stamps , you can’t have enough of them , i’m looking forward to seeing any new ones xxx

  12. I’ve got a few of her stamps, and they are wonderfull. Good quality, precut, and very versatile!
    I couldn’t comment on one card in particular, I love them all.
    But maybe a story on how I got to know her.. I saw a card with the raindrops on them, maybe Miranda’s card or Cornelia’s (from fun stamping, see comment above), and the droplets/raindrop just looked so real! I had to hop over to the blog to see what it was, it just looked too real. That was how I got to know her stamps. I’m looking forward to more of her designs!
    Thank you for spotlighting her 🙂

  13. Wow. I just had to come take a closer look once I opened my email. Not only are the designs fantastic, but the creations are incredible…the colors are beyond beautiful. I’m heading to Ryn’s blog now!

  14. These featured artist posts are becoming my favorite. I love hearing the stories behind the person and their business, their successes and failures, and hopes and dreams for the future. What a fresh style Ryn has. Those circles and the raindrops are shouting at me to buy them. The vine is lovely, too. Ryn definitely has an eye for color and design.

  15. Gorgeous creations! Love the beautiful, vibrant colors! Thanks for a chance to win these delightful designs!

  16. I’m in love with the water droplets and just placed an order today. I love your story and wish you much success!

  17. Wow, I love these unique designs! Gorgeous cards, and I especially love the background with the circles!

  18. What beautiful projects and really wonderful stamps! I am crazy about the water drop images!!

  19. What beautiful art! I’ve been fascinated by those water drops from the moment I saw them. Awesome!

  20. wow Ryn has a wonderful bright and bold color pallet which is very striking and beautiful to behold. Thanks for sharing her designs with us here at PCL

  21. So nice to read a feature about Ryn and her wonderful stamps. I didn’t know one could buy a boyfriend at Staples. Learn something new every day. Thanks for featuring her!

    I discovered Ryn’s stamps through Pinterest and her design team and had to buy a few. I do plan to get more, but would love to win some too!

  22. Since I have seen Ryn’s stamps I really love the uniqueness of them. Look forward to seeing more.

  23. It was fascinating reading about Ryn’s journey. She is an amazing artist and a lovely person so thank you for showcasing her. I love the water droplets stamp and I need to buy more of her designs. All the samples here are fabulous and thank you for the opportunity to win some of Ryn’s stamps.

  24. I recently discovered Ryn’s stamp and quickly became a fan. I already have my wishlist made. Thanks for featuring her and giving us an opportunity to win some of her wonderful stamps.

  25. Holy buckets of color! What beautiful creations – stunning! How in the world do you get all that gorgeous color on paper. Very interesting to read about how far you have traveled to get where you are today. Great job!

  26. You do such an awesome job !! You are extremely gifted in your works of art AND in the uber stamps that you’ve created:) thank you to Paper Crafter’s Library for introducing you to us:) Of course the drippy and water droplet stamps are my faves. be blessed
    ~Beyond Measure

  27. I have several of Ryns stamps and they never fail to please.Such a good quality and a joy to work with. A few samples using her stamps can be seen on my blog. Lovewly samples from the DT too. x

  28. WOW, you have hooked me Ryan!!! I love your designs — so different and unique and fit right into my new adventure into this style of stamping. You really have a unique gift and I would love to win these stamps!!

  29. Fabulous stamps that are excellent for art jounals, layouts, cards, altered art and more (baby bibs w/ drips! Ha!) Mahalo for introducing Ryan’s imaginative designs.

  30. I stumbled upon Ryn’s work about 6 months or so ago and now, almost everything I do has one of Ryn’s stamps either as a feature or in the background somewhere. Not sure how many of Ryn’s stamps have made it to Australia but they certainly take pride of place in my kit. Ryn is an amazingly talented young lady who has a massive future in front of her.

  31. Those are gorgeous designs. Love the water drops. Andrea, I can totally see you and Sophia using these stamps for your creative work!

  32. I loooove the droplets of water (and the other designs also). Going to order that stamp for sure. How neat that you are discovering these creative people and introducing them to us. Hope you find lots more stamp designers.

  33. I just started receiving the PCL Email Newsletter and I have two words to share: Thanks and Wow! What a great feature on Designs by Ryn. I especially LOVE all of the Sample of Designs, but my favorite is the many uses of the Droplets Background. Ryn thanks for bravely sharing your dream with the rest of us! I had to stay late one Friday night to have the Fax Machine, does anyone remember those, fixed at the Mortgage Company I worked for. Not only did it successful stop printing in Japanese because it needed its Mother Board replaced, but I met a wonderful man (a skilled Technician). He has lovingly been my Husband for the past 24 1/2 years! Always keep your eyes and your heart open!!

  34. Her stamps are amazing!!!! LOVE the “Dance in the Rain” tag and the water drops/purple card ~ stunning!!! (They all are, actually!) =) Thanks for the chance to win!

  35. These are an amazing collection of stamps and the artwork created by them is marvellous! I especially love the colours of the fish, seaweed and background – all of mt favourite shades!

  36. Wow! The projects are just absolutely stunning. These stamp designs are fantastic, the water droplets are very very lifelike! I will definitely be getting myself some of these sets!

  37. Those water droplets are amazing. There must be a trick to getting that illusion of texture. I can’t stop scrolling through the the gallery!

  38. What a fantastic story! Ryn is an inspiration and a great example of following your passion. Love her stamps!! Love her story!!

  39. These are lovely -haven’t seen Rynnes stamps before, thanks for the link. The cards and art work are great – I love the style.

  40. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the drops…they can be tears, stones, raindrops…really fantastic…thanks for sharing

  41. I have loved Ryn’s stamps ever since I first saw Eileen Godwin use them. The three tags above are great examples of how she uses them with such vibrant backgrounds. All of the samples above are beautiful though.

  42. It was hard to make a decision of which was my favorite…truly hard, but decided the 3 bookmarks/tags just popped out!!!

  43. I especially like the water droplets that Ryn designed and which are used on several of the projects shown. They look so realistic and lend a different look to every designer’s work.

  44. So wonderfully enchanted with ow many variations of raindrops you have created. I so love all things natural and never saw raindrops so varied in my imagination. Excellent job and I hope to purchase at least one but expect that will not be sufficient.

  45. Love the new stamps and the rain drops that’s in the projects is wonderful. would love to have this set! Thanks.

  46. Love love love all the dew drops….I too need a new designer to inspire me and ryn is it…sign me up…I can hardly wait to see what her new stamps will be after being in South America


  47. Omg awesome designer and design team. Fantastic work, I can’t wait to buy her stamps. Thank you so much Andrea for bringing her to us.

  48. wow what pretty projects and love the stamps! I love the floral Joy project…the colours are so vivid!

  49. I love all the artwork. my favorite is the bookmarks, the combination of colors and gel pen, I could see myself using these stamps on my art journal pages. Thank you for showcasing this artist.

  50. Love Ryn’s stamps, the designs are just so versatile and the DT ladies have used them so well in their creations… so many wonderfully inspiring projects. Thanks fir sharing and for the chance to win. Hugs xNx

  51. I love the images! My favorite is the one about waiting on the storm to pass. Thanks for sharing.

  52. These are some of the most beautiful projects I have seen. I love the stamps and the colors. Can’t wait to see what more she has to offer.

    ceashark at aol dot com

  53. Very inspirational works of art. I just saw you stamps today, fell in love and ordered. I couldn’t help myself :o) Thank you for sharing your talents with us.

  54. I really couldn’t choose which project I liked best. The use of color is awesome, love the water droplets. Very realistic. And very ‘beachy’.

  55. ich bin begeistert , leider habe ich noch keinen dieser wunderschönen Stempelchen, aber ich habe gerade bestellt und hoffe sie kommen schnell hier bei mir an…

  56. Ryn has such fresh, different and exciting designs! I’m so glad I found this page and the creative compositions. So inspiring! The water drops….BEAUTIFUL! The package of stamps shown on this page….so many possibilities!

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