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Elements of Inspiration is the original, flagship line created by Rebecca Nunn and her team of artisans at Nunn Design. The timeless beauty of each piece is a direct reflection of Rebecca’s original inspiration, kindled during a year spent in the north of Italy as a foreign exchange student. There, she was transported by the sensory richness and artistic creations of the Old World. These enchantments left a permanent impression, and spurred several return trips to Europe, and later to Bali and Australia.

Driven by her love of crafting, art, and design, Rebecca became deeply passionate about supporting, inspiring, and nurturing the creativity of other artists. She founded Nunn Design, and began producing the products you see here, as a tangible way to manifest that passion: to help facilitate your inspired process, and to allow your unique creations to be the focus.

The artist’s path is one of great mystery — a moment-to-moment exploration of the heart, the intuitive, the inner voice. We hope to add fuel to that mystic fire. We are proud to offer you these pieces of superlative quality — each one intentionally crafted to serve your ultimate vision. And we are committed to bringing you the innovation, ease, and education you’ve come to expect from Nunn Design. We are humbled and delighted to help you follow your art.

Becky Nunn’s mission as the founder and owner of Nunn Design is; “Through collaborative relationships, Nunn Design inspires and nurtures creativity”. Becky believes that everyone is creative and that we are born with natural abilities and a desire to express ourselves in some creative form or another.

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