Today on the Paper Crafter’s Library blog, we’re continuing our weekly featured artist spotlight whereby each week we spotlight a different artist/designer in the paper crafting & mixed media world and introduce you to their fabulous work.

Today we’re thrilled to welcome – Carmi Cimicata

Before we show you Carmi’s fabulous project, let’s get to know her a little bit more…

822carmibeltheadshotCarmi Cimicata is a full time artist who specializes in resin crafts, sewing, jewelry-making and wearable art pieces.  Her personal posts can be seen on

She is the author and designer of Resin Crafts Blog where you can learn how to use resin in numerous ways. Tips and techniques are posted daily here:

She is a social media designer who writes several on-line posts a day demonstrating different craft and jewelry making techniques for her clients.  She is also creating and appearing in how-to videos for one of these companies.

Carmi is also a regular craft presenter on the Shopping Channel in Canada.  Carmi has a degree in Fashion from Ryerson University.

Permanent Photo Memories With Resin


This belt features a western themed buckle I created myself with a little digital scanning, Jewelry Resin and some rhinestone chain.  It has been a great year for western themed fashion and turquoise.  While it never really goes out of style in the country music world, it was nice to see it cross over into mainstream fashion.  So, I knew I wanted a western themed belt buckle and I had in my own photo album a picture that was just perfect for me to work with.
822carmibelt1This is me at the Grand Canyon.  I am certain that this picture was taken before I descended the canyon on a mule….the after picture would have shown a completely different person.  Even though this was many years ago, I can still remember thinking “how am I going to stay on a mule for six hours….the Brady Bunch didn’t mention that when they did this trip…..”  The photo was starting to fade so I scanned it into my computer and printed a clean black and while copy on my laser printer.

822carmibelt2Laser copies are toner based, so they are almost waterproof, which is ideal for this type of resin project work.  As you can see here I glued my paper copy into my belt buckle blank and applied decoupage medium over the surface to seal my paper image in place.  The best way to seal paper is by applying three separate coats of a clear drying medium to it, allowing each layer to completely dry before applying the next.

822carmibelt3I used mod-podge as my sealer and since it is also glue I used it to make sure my rhinestones were set in place as well.


Then I mixed a batch of Envirotex Jewelry Resin following the manufacturer’s instructions.  When you pour resin into a bezel you will see some bubbles.  Many dissipate on their own or you can pass a flame over the surface to pop the bubbles quicker.


My buckle has an attachment on the back so I needed to prop it up so my resin would cure completely flat.  As you can see in this picture there are no bubbles, but I usually watch my project for 30 minutes because air can get trapped around the rhinestone chain and little bubbles can be released later.  I like to pop those tiny bubbles as I see them.

Forty eight hours of cure time later and my belt buckle is ready to wear.  My photo is now permanently encased in resin and my memory of this day is guaranteed when I take one look at this image.

We hope you have enjoyed today’s projects courtesy of Carmi Camicata. Also, be sure to stop by Carmi’s blog to see even more of her beautiful work (and let her know we sent you).


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  1. I’ve never seen an altered belt before. That sure is a unique way of preserving a memory! Thanks for sharing it with us.

  2. I have never thought of doing this but it’s a great way to have a memory of someone close to your heart. Thank you for the inspiration.

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