Club 52 Week 3 Techniques

Where has this week gone?  Today I wanted to share with you pictures of the Week 3 techniques we introduced in Club 52 (which you can read about here). This week I’m continuing on with Direct To Paper techniques (DTP) featuring dye-based inks.  This is the third week now that we’ve been doing DTP techniques, and I have to say, I’m quite amazed at the possibilities – who knew?  So far, the majority of the techiques are ones that I came up with while fiddling around with my ink pads. The most challenging thing for me has been coming up with names for them LOL.  I’m not very good at that.

This week’s technique is one that I call the “Pulled Background Technique”, and I’ve created three different variations. Here’s a quick snapshot, and then I’ll follow with close-ups:

Here’s the first one, which is the Basic Pulled Background technique:

Here’s the Striped Pattern I created using the Pulled Background Technique:

Here’s the Faux Barn Boards Using the Pulled Background Technique.  Now one thing I do want to add about this one is that this is very similar to the Faux Woodgrain Techique – it’s just got my own little spin on it. 

Now the video tutorials for all three tags above are available to Paper Crafter’s Library members AND Club 52 members, but the step-stepped up version of the striped pattern which I used in the card below, is a project that I created exclusively for Paper Crafter’s Library members.  I should mention for those of you that joined Club 52, you can upgrade to a Paper Crafter’s Library membership at any time by filling out the registration form and then selecting renew as yes.

I have to say, this card is probably one of my all-time favorites.  The colors are just SO vibrant and the background was so fun to create!

Anyways, that’s what’s new today.  Be back tomorrow with another great project!

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  1. The new technique looks great! I can’t wait to watch the videos 🙂
    The card is lovely too. I really like the variations of pink!

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