Art Journaling: Life The Life Art Journal Page Video Tutorial

Today I thought I’d pop in and share an art journal page I created for my personal blog – my place to share my mixed-media work. I use my art journals for a lot of different things – exploration, experimentation, reflection….The beauty of art journaling is that you don’t really need many special supplies above and beyond what you likely already have if you’re a paper crafter who enjoys working with different materials and mediums.

I’ve filmed a video tutorial that you can watch from that shows you how I created this page. Now keep in mind, this is a relatively simple page- I usually like to add more layers, more 3D elements, more texture, but those types of pages are hard to film because they take way longer to create. 

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  1. As always, I enjoyed seeing your creative process. It’s so interesting to see how your thought processes change and redefine your goal. Lovely!

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