Trendy Tuesday – Chunky Glitter

Trendy Tuesday – All that Glitters…
by Katherine Elliot

 “All that glitters is not gold, ” is a true statement in the papercraft world.
And what glitters may not even be glitter…
but today we”ll focus on some chic stuff that can turn your
basic project into something truly lustrous. 

True glass glitter is made up of tiny, thin shards of glass (careful, these bits can be sharp!).  Vintage glass glitters can tarnish or fade over time to add additional charm.  Other forms of chunky glitter are made of plastic or other synthetic materials, or mica, a mined flaky mineral.    Whatever type you prefer, glitter comes in a large variety of colors and grit.  With lots of options, you”ll surely find that glitter is not just for Christmas any more.  Take for instance these sparkling Halloween theme projects… 

Pumpkin Fence card with a mix of Stampendous glitter, mica flakes, etc. by Jan Garber, image source  Scrap”n Surprise

Black chunky glitter (along with twine & googly eyes) sure make the spiders
on this page seem a lot cuter than the real ones

Zombie Apocalypse scrapbook page by Wendy Price with Stampendous black glass glitter,  image source Paper, Ink and Smiles

There are many color options in the Stampendous line of Fran”tage crushed glass glitter and chunky mica flakes called Fragments.  The flakes make great additions to a variety of projects including cards, scrapbook pages, home decorations, and handcrafted jewelry. 



Stampendous glass  glitter and mica fragments , image source 

Pendant with Fran”tage Fragments by Tenia Nelson, image source Jazzy Paper Designs 

A traditional glass glitter from Stampin” Up! was used below for a
beautiful addition to this very elegant birthday card. 

Birthday card by Andrea Ewen, image source Ewen Style

 Champagne Glass Glitter - by Stampin

Stampin” Up Champagne glass glitter, image source Stampin” Up!.com

Several other brands of chunky glitter are available.
Most brands have a variety of  grit as well as a variety of traditional metallic,
bright or pastel colors.
The glitter may be sold in sets and/or available in individual selections of a single color.

*Doodlebug CHUNKY SUGAR COATING GLITTER 12 Colors Sparkle Embellishment

Doodlebug Chunky Sugar Coating glitter, image source Simon Says Stamp

German Glass Glitter & image source from Kristal Arts Studio

Wonderfall Card (1 of 1)

Card by Melissa Samuels, image source Art of Scrapbooking

 Chunky glitter can be used to cover an element in its entirety for beautiful texture and glitz.  For coating an element with glitter, use a liquid glue that dries clear, then sprinkle the glitter on, lightly press it in, then tap off any excess.  Don”t forget to leave plenty of dry time.

Dream Tag by Lisa Pace,  image source It”s in the Details

Cherished Friend card, image source Stephinka

Glitter can also easily highlight a feature or precise line on a project.  A line of sticky adhesive or tape helps you press the glitter onto the precise area you desire.

GD Happiness

 Watermelon card by Laurie Schmidlin, image source Just Give Me Stamps

*Art Institute Glass Glitter 3 OZ SHARDS KRYSTALLOS 901 Clear White Vintage

Barbara Trombley”s Clear White Vintage glass glitter, image source

  Of course, vintage glass glitter also looks great on vintage style projects.


 For Baby card by Melissa Phillips, image source Emma”s Paperie

Melissa Frances Glass Glitter, Pure Silver

Melissa Frances glass glitter, image source Ellen

Try hard as I might, I cannot stop myself from adding an example of a lovely chunky glitter Christmas card…

Ornament card by Joanne Travis, image source Sleepy in Seattle

 Go ahead, try a little or a lot.  Save the leftovers to create your own custom blend of sparkles and have fun with it.  Hope you get a chance to add a little sparkle to a project you are working on… Happy Crafting!

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  1. Wonderful projects! I esp. like the first- the Halloween card. The glitter just blends in and becomes part of the image. Beautifully done!

  2. I don’t use much glitter although I seem to have plenty of it. I really like the extra dimension this gave your projects. Very effective! Guess I’ll have to put this on my wish list, too.

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