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I’m not really a planner girl. Most of the time I’ll just forget to take it with me. And that’s not so useful when you need to make an appointment. So for me the digital planners on your phone are a great solution. I’ve got it with me and I can sync it with my computer etc.

I have to admit though, that lately… I’ve been thinking about getting a ‘paper planner’ again. I’m finding myself so drawn to all those amazingly beautiful planners that are out these days, with so much room for personalization.

So today I’m going to take a look at some of the latest planner trends. In comparison with these planners, my digital one seems so boring.

You might know Christy Tomlinson for her amazing mixed media work, but she has some beautiful planner ideas too. She adds lovely colorful images that just brighten up the planner.

christytomlinsonPlanner inserts, image source Christy Tomlinson

Planners are becoming a way to document your life. You can incorporate your personal memories next to your appointments. And… never a dull moment when you have so much inspiration at hand ;).

Papertrey ink has a really extensive planner with lots of extra’s. Like pages to keep your goals and activities. With great colorful details.

freshlynoted-PTIPlanner from Papertrey Ink, image source Freshly Noted

Teddi made a ‘love’ themed page next to her february schedule.

studiol2eLove themed page by Teddi, image source StudioL2e

They are a great place to add journaling cards (another great way to use project life cards)

simplestories-nancyPage by Nancy Damiano, image source Simple Stories

Or add motivational quotes, like Filoeyecandi did on this page. (She has an awesome Instagram account too).

cocoadaisy-filoeyecandy-74Page by Candi, image source Cocoa Daisy

There are a lot of new stamp sets with the most important tasks already on the stamps and of course beautiful tags and icons.

SSSfoodplanner1Planner stamps, image source Lime Doodle Designs

And of course I’ve made a little selection of products to share with you!

simon-1_319903_ZMLife planning stamp set by Simon Says Stamp

Plan it stamp set by Studio L2e

Stay focused stamp set by Waffle Flower

Small ink cubes by Simon Says Stamp

Or check out the beautiful planner kits from Cocoa Daisy with lots of planner goodies.

cocoa-990840e7d39e0990cc0642c0cdb3e16e.image.964x600April planner kit by Cocoa Daisy

I hope these beautiful products can reduce the stress level of planning 😉
– Lucinde

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  1. I’ve noticed all the planners coming out from companies across the board and just love the organizational fun they add to a persons day. My problem would be that I would spend way to much time working on making my planner beautiful and I wouldn’t spend as much time crafting. These are all awesome!

  2. I love my SCT planner that I get every year! I wouldn’t use a planner because it would just be one more thing to remember! LOL

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