Trend Watch – Kitty Break

During a busy week, I sometimes need a break.

Well, maybe “need” is too strong of a word.  I’d really like a break or I desperately require a distraction.  So, I find myself on YouTube or Facebook looking at funny videos or pictures of animals being cute, silly, sly, and grumpy.  It usually does the trick.

Well, what actually happens is that I look up and discover that so much time has gone by since I starting looking at kitties that I kind of have to get back to the task at hand.  So this week I decided to make this post about a fun distraction: the world of the kitty.

They are so cute and there are a lot of new stamp sets and dies that can help inspire some of your paper crafting projects.

I just love the creativity of this first card.  The cat’s faces are just so expressive and I love how Michelle stacks the cat faces to create a scene that looks like they have all been up to some mischief.


3 kitties

card by Michelle Zindoff photo courtesy of Freedom in Crafting

Another super cute and fun card is this little gem from Lydia.  Her little white kitty is such a little cutie and the sentiment she uses while the kitty is digging through his litter box is just priceless.

that  stinks

card by Lydia Evans photo courtesy of

 In addition to being funny, kitties still bring you a smile when they are being grumpy.  Danielle’s tag is just adorable.  Her little kitty has a serious attitude.


card by Danielle Lounds photo courtesy of Fat Cat Stamper

Alice’s grumpy cat is so awesome it looks like picture.  She has serious coloring skills.  I just love this card.

grumpy cat

card by Alice Wertz photo courtesy of Alice’s Little Wonderland

Not only did this next talented lady create a super cool comic book inspired card, she also created the entire stamp set as a tribute to her two adopted kitties!  Very inspiring.

comic book cats

card by May Sukyong Park photo courtesy of Mayholic in Crafts

How much is that kitty in the window?  How could you pick between all of this cuteness?  I just love this look and the black and white shadowing.

4 square kitty

card by Karen Akesdotter photo courtesy of Peppermint Patty’s Papercraft

This next group of cards I chose because they were such a cute selection of kitties being kitties.  The look on this little one’s face as he looks at the mouse… so adorable.


card by Inge Groot photo courtesy of Patterned Paper

If you have ever had a cat, you may have experienced what Taheerah created so beautifully in her card.  What looked like a game to them ripped your wallpaper/curtains/clothes/computer wires to shreds.  But they are so cute though!

Naughty Newton 002

card by Taheerah Atchia photo courtesy of Fill your Paper with the Breathings of your Heart

I love the scene of the kitties playing in the sun, trying to catch everything that floats by, kites and sunbeams alike.

playing in the sun

card by Lols photo courtesy of Lorraine’s Loft

Emily’s card is so sweet.  It is so clever how she used frames to sit her kitties in. And a sentiment in each of the frames is so pretty.

leiphartonart4233_09Mar15 (2)_wm

card by Emily Leiphart photo courtesy of Art From the Heart

Just to up the cuteness factor, get a load of this sweet kitty with the heart balloons tied to her tail.

valentine kitty

 card by Rachel Parys photo courtesy of Knee Deep in Paper

It is possible to love your kitties too much?  Not for us, but maybe for the kitties.  Sharon captured the pure joy of the little girl and the patience of the kitty getting loved up.

squeeze hugs

card by Sharon Caudle photo courtesy of Gramma’s house of cards

Cats and kitties are a wonderful little mental break in real life and in paper crafts.  There are so many cute options, I hope you enjoyed looking at their sweet whiskered faces and are now prepared to get back to your list of things to do.  But before you do, check out some of the products I found for even more inspiration.

So go ahead…make something pretty.


kitty stamps

Polymer stamp set by May Sukyong Park from Neat and Tangled


Naughty Newton clear stamp set from Newton’s Nook Designs

cat stamps

You Little Furball clear stamps from Stampin’ Up

sss set

Pillow Talk clear stamp set from Simon Says Stamp

memory box

Memory box kitty metal dies from Simon Says Stamp

kitties stamp

BB I knead you clear stamp set from My Favorite Things

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  1. Yes, yes, yes! I love kitties! Adorable cards! I make a lot of kitty cards myself! So it’s nice to know I’m finally on trend! Great feature!

  2. What fun cards and stamp sets! As a cat mom (whether I want to be or not; they always come live at our house), I really enjoyed seeing this post–it made me smile 🙂

  3. I tawt I taw a puddy tat! So many adorable kitty images out there to bring our furbabies into our creations! TFS!

  4. Love that cat scratching off the wallpaper! Wa-a-ay too cute! Thanks for posting this trend. Fun!

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