Product Spotlight & Freebie Friday: Red Liner Tape

Red Liner Tape from Sunny Stampin' Store

For this week’s Freebie Friday Give-away we are spotlighting and giving away two 36 yard rolls of 1/4″ wide Red Liner Tape donated by the Sunny Stampin’ Store.  For those of you unfamiliar with Red Liner Tape, it’s a super-sticky, super strong double sided adhesive that is sold under several different names including Red Liner Tape, Sticky Strip, Wonder Tape, Terrifically Tacky Tape, This to That Super Sticky Tape, to name a few.  It’s sold both on rolls of varying widths and lengths as well as sheets of different sizes.  It’s WAY stronger than the regular double-sided adhesive you’d use in assembling cards and scrapbook layouts, and will adhere to more materials.  So you can use it on paper, glass, metals, fabric, you can use it with glitter, flocking, beads, buttons, metal and more.  Because it’s heat resistant you can even emboss with it!

For today’s video tutorial we are spotlighting the red liner tape – what it is, what it’s used for and how to use it.  We also showcase it used with glitter and microbeads.


One of the things I really love about red liner tape is that in addition to the obvious uses of holding your projects together, you can also incorporate it into your projects to create decorative effects.  For example, in the card below, the glitter stripes were created by placing red liner tape along lines in the patterned paper and then adding blue glitter.  The video for this card is available HERE to Paper Crafter’s Library members (remember you have to be logged in).

Now, as discussed in the video, red line tape isn’t only sold on rolls, you can find sheets of it as well.  In this acetate card below you’ll see an example of a project where a stem and flower was die cut out of red liner adhesive and then decorated with different colors of glitter. 

Glitter On Acetate Card

Of course you don’t have to die cut the sheet, you can use it whole as in the example of the Altered Microbead Frame below.  I took a wooden frame, painted the edges, applied patterned paper to the front of it, and then covered the entire front of the frame with a sheet of red liner adhesive. Once that was done I sprinkled clear microbeads all over the surface of the frame to cover the entire sheet of adhesive.  As you can see from the pictures below, it creates a beautiful frosted glass effect. 

The videos and instructional handouts for the card above and frame below will be made available to Paper Crafter’s Library members next week.

Altered Frame With Microbeads

Altered Frame With Microbeads


And now, the winner of last week’s Yours Truly Collection from Echo Park:

Winter Park Collection by Echo Parl



Congratulations Adrienne!  Please email us at to claim your prize!  Be sure to put Freebie Friday Winner in the subject line, and include your phone number and shipping address in the body of the email!

How to enter this week’s giveaway:

All you have to do is leave us a comment in the comments section of this blog. Winner will be announced on Friday, February 17th at the bottom of that Freebie Friday post!


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  1. I love red sticky tape! It is durable, and user friendly and a great adhesive for many creations! I hope I am a winner of at lest one roll. I use this stuff all the time.

  2. What a fabulous gift this would make for my awesome sister! I love the way you dressed up the frame with the ribbon, I love the sticky strip rolls I have purchased from you previously!! All my friends ask where they came from, I pass them on to you!

  3. I can’t imagine crafting without red line tape. I go threw it like water! best ashesive ever and good for so many uses!

  4. I love this sticky tape, it is the best for 3d projects. Thanks so much for giving all of us a chance to win this.

  5. I love Red Liner Tape. I make 60 items a month for my grandchildren’s classes. Red Liner Tape is the only thing that holds the items together. I never have to worry about my projects falling apart. I would love to win especially since I go through 2 or more smaller rolls a month.

  6. I just love red liner tape. After seeing a baby card you made a while back where you used the tap as a border then sprinkle with glitters has become a stable in my card marking for christmas time.
    thank you for a chance to win some more since I am always running out.

  7. I’ve never tried Red Liner Tape, but would love to experiement with it. Thanks for the chance to win it. : )

  8. Love the red sticky tape. I work on a lot of projects that need to be held together and I find this one works the best. Love your site

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  10. Oh my gosh I never knew all the ways to use red sticky tape. I only used it to hold down ribbon so it wouldn’t shift on my card . I love seeing all these different ways you have used this durable tape.–Oh and I never knew it came in pages so it could be die cut! Thanks for the great tutorial.

  11. Love the ‘Sticky Strip’ it is so strong and I love the way you used it to make the stripes. Thanks for the chance to win.
    Rene from OZ xo

  12. I love Sticky Strip for its superb holding and uses for so many different things. I hope to be lucky enough to win this and thanks for the offering.

  13. I love the red sticky tape. I am pretty new to using it. I stuck a piece of foam to the back of my hubby’s tablet so it wouldn’t slide around. Works wonderful! I am glad to be reminded of using it for glitter. I have tiny clear beads I want to try sticking to it. I am going to try it right now!!! THANK YOU!

  14. I’m rather “stuck” on this tape and it seems one can never have enough!
    I guess you could call me a “stuck up” person and this is one time I don’t mind at all!
    I use this stuff for sooooooooo many projects and cards!
    p.s. Really enjoy seeing all your samples!

  15. I can never have enough red liner tape! Just when I think I’ve gathered enough rolls to last me, I seem to use it even more! So much for having a stash! Thank you for the chance to win!

  16. I am a BIG FAN of this sticky strip/red liner. I love using it for microbeads and larger beads on my cards and scrapbook pages. And it sure keeps things STUCK when you want it to stay put!! I love how you made the glitter stripes on the card front.

  17. Red sticky tape prevents the heartbreak of watching your hard work fall apart in the recipient’s hands! You gotta love it!
    Thanks for the giveaway, and good luck to everybody (including me LOL)

  18. Those are BIG rolls of red tape, great stuff, would love to have it, as I make lots of altered items to see for my consignment business. I love that stuff. Thanks for showing how to use it for other stuff too.

  19. Love this red tape; I’ve always called it Sticky Strip. It is far superior to others and I use it all the time especially for making boxes and heavier paper projects. It would be awesome to win this as it’s hard to find where I live. Thanks so much for the chance! Love the many other suggestions for its use.

  20. Yippee!! Sticky strip is one of my favorite tools and you are one of my favorite designers—I always learn so much from your tutorials and really appreciate all the work that you put into them.

  21. What a great product to win, I love red liner tape. I ordered from you when you had your special , but you can never have enough of this stuff.

  22. I finally found some of this in my Michaels here in Belleville,Ontario where I live. After seeing it being used so much on utube and blogs, well I now understand the great reviews about it…..Awesome to use and one can never have to much of it, so I thank you for this chance to win some.
    Have a great weekend…

  23. This would be perfect b/c I am down to my last roll and I LOVE this stuff. This is my favorite kind of adhesive b/c it really works. Thanks for the opportunity to win.

  24. I love using sticky strip with my 3D projects Especially! It is so strong and I have every confidence in knowing it will keep my project together! I love, love, love it! I thank you too, for this fun chance to win it (fingers are crossed)!!! Thanks so much; happy weekend! Donna

  25. I love the Red Sticky Tape! It has so many wonderful possibilities. I am especially anxious to find some of the large sheets to create some great projects!

  26. Thanks Andrea for a great tutorial you are always so thorough and imformative!! It is a great product, never seen rolls quite this big before! thanks for the chance to win!

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    Susan B.

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    Thanks again, love your site!!

  29. I love red line tape. I use it often, from making cards to boxes. It is something I keep in my stamp supplies at all times.
    Thanks for your neat blog,

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  33. love the red sticky tape it is the only one that has staying power in my minis. thank you for sharing your expertise and creativity.

  34. I’d love to win the tape! I use it when I cover Composition Notebooks to ensure that it’s stuck on good. I’m definitely going to have to try using it for some of the things that you mentioned in the video!

  35. I can’t imagine not having sticky strip in my supply stash! Also – I LOVE that frame! I’m trying to come up with some unique bridal shower decorations, and this frame is perfect!! Thanks for all of the wonderful inspiration!

  36. I have yet to use this tape but I have noticed it in a lot of tutorials and classes. I’m still a “newbie” and gathering my own supplies.

  37. I use the red liner tape (sticky tape) for my altered projects as it is the best for a secure hold. Thank you for sharing new uses for the tape and providing a chance for some lucky person to win some.

  38. very good tute on that tape — the only thing you did not say is be sure it is where you want it because it sure does stick!!! Thanx for a chance to win. you guys are great!

  39. I love this tape….when all else fails this will hold it! Works great fro item like memory books etc, heavier items that get alot of action like childrens flash cards, trinket boxes etc!

  40. Have used this tape for awhile but didn’t know about using it for glitter or micro beads. Thanks for the hint. Have a great week-end. Hugs n’ Stuff, Lynne

  41. I love red liner tape…it’s the best! I especially like using it on acetate because you can’t see it.

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  51. Love your videos! Thanks for the tips. I would love to win this – I use red line tape a lot! I’m volunteering the last weekend in February to teach workshops to ladies at a YMCA’s Women’s Wellness Weekend, and it would certainly come in handy! Thanks for the chance to win 🙂

  52. Love the way you teach on your videos,as always. I had a chance to use the sticky strip on making little purses once at my stampinup demonstrator. I see how the sticky strip would be strong enough to hold the purses together. Thanks for sharing.

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  55. This is the best tape ever!!! I couldn’t be without it! Thanks for the great tutorial and a chance to win some well loved tape.

  56. I am so thankful for red liner tape! It is a must have for making 3-D items. I have used it before with the stripes of glitter and it was a great technique. Thanks for the chance to win some more of the wonderful stuff!

  57. I love using the red tape and encourage my customers to do so too! I would love to win some just for me!

  58. Red liner tape is an amazing adhesive….one of the few good choices I made when I first started cardmaking. I do use it alot…sending Cards 4 Our Troops I really want the cards to stay together well & this does the trick. I would love a couple of free rolls for sure. Keep up the great work.

  59. I have never used this tape. But, you better believe I will now. I never thought of using it for glitter or for micro beads. Thanks for all your wonderful ideas..

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  68. Thanks so much for sharing your wonderful talent with us that don’t be long to PAPER CRAFTER’S LIBRARY. H opefully in the future for me . Andrea I’ve followed you for the last 4 years and enjoy everything you do.You bring out the best in all of us. Miss you on SC.
    I use sticky stripe on almost everything and this new size, one is more willing to share. I seem to go through alot. Thanks to your store good service, quick delivery at great prices there’s no need to run out.
    Thanks again

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  73. This stuff is the bomb!!!! I use it for everything and I mean everything. Once at a wedding and my strapless dress some how worked lose in the stitching up to. Well I used this to tape it to my skin and it stayed, how cool. Works well on most areas. Love it and I can’t keep it in stock, LOL!! My dear hubby uses it in his workshop and all too, Thanks Stacey

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    I have bought some of the 32 yard tape from your store and would certainly appreciate getting more for free!

  79. The first time I heard about red line tape I was watching Youtube. I ran to the store and bought some and I have loved it ever since. I made some nut cups about year ago and used the red line tape and they are still standing as if I had made them yesterday.

  80. Love Sticky Tape!
    Keeps my 3-D projects secure. Whether its a matchbox full of
    nuggets or a holder for hand sanitizer! I wouldn’t use anything else.
    Love the new ideas! Just like the donkey in Shrek…..Pick me,Pick me…etc.

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  100. Red line tape sounds like the perfect tape for any type of project! I loved your demo and clear explanation of it’s uses and benefits. Now I know what to use on those embellishments or projects that are hard to adhere. For example, I created a mini book and the binding on the spine doesn’t want to stay adhered. I’ve tried a number of different types of sticky tape, glue etc, but not red line tape. It sounds like it might just do the trick! Thanks for the tip!

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  111. Love the tips and the video. Love using the Red Liner tape on 3-D projects, and when I need a little extra hold on my cards.

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    Would love to win some to try the sister plaque you made. Love that!

  114. I’ve seen this tape but just thought it was
    another brand of double sided tape.
    Thanks so much For your tutorial it’s opened up so
    Many possibilities to me now.
    Also solved some problem sticking areas I have when
    normal double sided tape just isn’t enough ( I have trouble keeping the
    The rosettes I make on the Hougie board together – this tape
    Is just what I’ve been needing
    I’ll defiantly find so many uses for this tape now thanks again.
    Fingers crossed I’m the lucky one as at this rate I’m going to need
    Multiple rolls 🙂
    I’ll defiantly be giving this a go … Thanks again.

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  121. I love the red liner tape. It is the best thing for sticking beads. I have used it for making pens covered in beads and decorations on boxes etc. It is the best and it is the strongest tape around. I love it and I love your projects. There are so many things to use the liner tape with. If you want something to stick and stay stuck then use the red liner tape. It is awesome for albums because there are always pressure points that want to come apart.

  122. I enjoyed your video and really learned something new – I’ve never used it with glitter or microbeads! And it’s great that you offer the big rolls. Thank you!

  123. I love this tape, in fact, I bought a roll today. Enjoyed your video, I have never tried using it for ‘sparkle’. Thanks for the chance to win.

  124. LOVE Sticky Tape. When you want something to stay together…this is the thing to use. Whether I win your generous gift or not, I will continue to use this wonder product in my crafting. I must say tho, that I have never used it with glitter or micro beads. Will definitely have to give that a try. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE all your ideas you share with us. Thanks 🙂

  125. I have used red liner tape for may years and love how simple, easy it is to use. I also love its durability. . I have not used the sheets but plan to try it soon. My red liner tape roll is about to be empty soon, so I would love to win one of your give-away rolls.

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  129. I have not found an adhesive that works how everyone is saying this red tape does. I would love to try this on the toilet paper roll albumsI am making as I have not found one yet that will stop the mats from lifting. I am so glad I came across your webiste! I look forward to the emails and to seeing all the new and wonderful products. Thank you for all your inspiration!

  130. I’ve used the stickybacked tape before for mini albums and ribbon but had never thought to use it to adhere glitter to my projects. Thank you so much for another wonderful idea!

  131. I love red sticky tape. I used it when I made little favour boxes for my daughter’s wedding in June. They travelled by car over 3000 miles, were reused for a family weddind party and the ones I have left over 7 months later are still all together like the day they were made. I hope I win the tape. Thanks for all the ideas.

  132. How funny that you’re giveaway is redline tape, ohhhh how I’d love to win this! I’m working on Sweet 16 invitations for a friends daughter, 50 of them, and running out of my own redline tape, uh oh!! 🙂 I love all your ideas, your creativiity is just amazing!! 🙂 Thank you for sharing your thoughts and ideas with us, your followers!! I look forward to opening your emails, when I see your name I get happy inside and wonder what new ideas you’ll be sharing! Thank you!!!

  133. I really love red liner tape! It’s my go to adhesive when I make 3-D projects, or have heavier weight embellishments to use on my cards and scrapbook pages.

    Thanks for all the wonderful project ideas!

  134. This red liner tape (I call it Sticky Strip) is a must for paper crafters. I bought two of your big rolls of it last year and wasn’t disappointed. I would love to win the rolls you’re offering but even if I don’t I’ll continue to buy the big ones from you. Love your ideas and creativity.

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