Product Spotlight & Freebie Friday: Fancy Pants Designs Love Story Collection….Enter to Win!

Welcome to our first Freebie Friday for 2012!  This week we’re spotlighting a fun collection called “Love Story” by a company whose products I’ve just recently started to use – Fancy Pants Designs.  This particular collection kit includes 12 sheets of double-sided patterned paper – giving you 24 different designs in all! Among them you’ll find some that are obviously Valentine’s themed, but many others – in fact the majority – that can be used for many different occasions.  Along with the patterned papers there are also two 6″ x 12″  sticker sheets – one containing different elements, and one of alphabets.

For today’s Freebie Friday we’re giving away this collection, and showcasing a free video tutorial of the cute tag pouch shown below, which was created using elements from this collection.  The tag pouches also feature products from Spellbinders and Papertrey Inc.

You can see a close-up of the collection and watch our video tutorial below:


Download the PDF handout here.

Here’s another project we’ve created using the same patterned paper from the Love Story Collection – it’s cute little “Be Mine Valentine Treat Pouch featuring a heart shaped window.  The template is a Paper Crafter’s Library original, and is available, along with the video tutorial and pdf handout to Paper Crafter’s Library members.  If you are a member, you can access the tutorial and handout HERE (make sure you are logged in first).

 Okay, so now, details on how to enter our Freebie Friday Giveaway…..simple, all you have to do is enter a comment in the comment’s section of this post – we’d love to hear whether or not you celebrate Valentine’s Day, and if yes what do you usually do?

 The winner will be announced on Friday, January 13th in the next Freebie Friday Post.  Whoever that lucky person is, will have 48 hours to email us to claim their prize, if we don’t hear from you, then someone else’s name will be selected!


393 replies on “Product Spotlight & Freebie Friday: Fancy Pants Designs Love Story Collection….Enter to Win!”

  1. I do make my husband a Valentine’s Day card, and he gets me one also. Then we usually go out for a nice dinner together.

    1. I love Valentine’s day! I love to decorate for it and make cards for my hubby and grandkids! We also go out for a nice dinner to celebrate the day!
      Thank you so much for all the wonderful ideas, hand-outs and projects!

    2. I hid a homemade heart in say the handkerchiefs or socks. Another day I find the heart hidden in one of my special place to keep things.We enjoy the hiding places. I found it once in the refrigerator!!

  2. I do celebrate Valentine’s day, but with 3 males in the house the celebration must be playful and fun.

  3. Thanks for the great idea(s). Always looking something “neat” and “new” for the loves in my life!

  4. Hi!! Well I’m usually celebrate valentine’s day with my hubbie, make something romantic like go to a restaurant, and I try to give him something special for this day, and he’s make the same thing for me! Big Hugs and thanks for this super giveaway!! Big Hugs.. Maggy 🙂

  5. I always made a special Valentine and a special dinner for my husband; this year I’m not sure what I will do as my husband passed away suddenly on November 9, 2011, just 20 days before our 42nd anniversary. I probably make special Valentines for some very special people in my life…our two grown children/spouses and two grandsons. Ilove all your ideas! TFS!

  6. This collection is so beautiful and your projects are so fantastic.

    I only celebrate valentine day with a little present for my hubby.

    Hugs, Uta

  7. I do celebrate Valentine’s day everyday with my husband because he is that special and that loved!!

  8. We celebrate for sure. Before kids it was always the animals who gave the gifts, etc and after the kids and during it was the same but then it was who celebrated who. Now I work with senior citizen and home bound and I spend my time doing for them. This paper is super cute and so are your ideas. I think this will be my your special project for valentines 2012.

  9. I’d like to think that I celebrate Valentine’s, but its just the kids and I making Valentine’s 🙂 Hubby’s not the “romantic” type…lol….I’m lucky if he comes home with flowers. I’m okay with that, as long as my birthday and anniversary are not forgotten….

  10. Valentine’s day is always celebrated in our house but in a casual small way. It usually involves chocolate. However, I often send my hubby, of almost 40 years, love notes during non holiday times during the year.

  11. No Valentine’s celebration on 14 February – my husband gives gifts throughout the year so the whole year is “love” year!

  12. Yes, I do celebrate Valentine’s Day. My mom was born on that day and when she was living I would try to take that day off of work and spend it just with her, because she will always be my sweetheart!


  13. My ladies group at church traditionally decides where we want to go out to eat on Valentines’ Day, then we invite our husbands along to pay for it! The guys seem to enjoy it as it’s one less thing for them to worry or take charge of, and we ladies love getting to go out for a dinner with friends!

  14. Hubby and I do little things for Valentine’s Day- just cards and candy, and maybe carnations for me. At school, all our classrooms have parties- not big fancy parties, but the kids have fun.
    Thanks for the giveaway 🙂

  15. I do celebrate Valentines Day with my grandchildren. Fun Fun – I love the papers you have illustrated (I’m kind of a paper junkie! lol

  16. Yes we usually give each other a little something, last year I made him a heart shaped red velvet cake. 🙂

  17. I love your beautiful ideas – they (and you, of course) are so creative. That’s why I love to look – I don’t have a creative bone in my body. I haven’t celebrated Valentine’s Day much since my husband passed away and my grandsons have grown up. But I love a good excuse to go out and have a lovely dinner with friends. Thanks for sharing your lovely ideas! Happy New Year to all.

  18. Boy do we celebrate Valentine’s. I get a rose for hubby, for the kids classes I make up something special for them. Last year it was candy IPods for Rachelle’s special friends and for the rest it was a postcard with gum and stamped message I chews You. Always looking for ideas for valentines projects.
    Keep the great ideas coming.

  19. This paper is really beautiful and would be a nice addition to my collection of paper.
    We used to go out for dinner for Valentine’s day, but for the past 2 years, I make a nice dinner, usually 4 courses. I found the restaurants were always so busy and noisy and not relaxing at all. We start around 5:00 with the appetizer, and finish with dessert around 7:00. My husband usually gets me flowers which is always nice. Then we just relax the rest of the evening with a bottle of wine (that we started with dinner).
    Thanks for the opportunity to win this beautiful paper.

  20. Valentine’s Day is a special day in our house. My husband and I always go out for a nice romantic dinner and exchange Valentine Cards.

  21. I love the tags, perfect for a little note to someone special left in a laptop bag, e-reader case or lunch box. I love to celebrate Valentine’s Day and everything red, pink and white!

  22. Yes, we celebration but not like we use too. Since we are retired and living on SS we can only do so much. But we try to keep the Love in our marriage by going out..

  23. My husband and I decided not celebrate Valentine’s Day many years ago since we shower each other throughout the year whenever we feel like it. I do, however, send my 2 girls and 1 grandson valentine’s cards and candy even tho they are in their 40’s.!

  24. Valentine’s Day is celebrated with sweet love cards and chocolate! Every day with my husband is Valentine’s Day! Love the cute projects, thanks for your inspiration!

  25. I make cards for all my family… ever since I was a kid I loved giving Valentines!
    Thanks for sharing.

  26. This year I’ve seen some pretty cute ideas but I think what sounds like the most fun is leaving little notes stashed in places where my hubby can find them throughout the day. I also really enjoy making my children valentines and helping them with putting together valentines for their friends . I love valentines day!

  27. Yes! We love Valentines Day. I always make Valentines for the grandkids and for my husband I fix his favorite meal and we have a nice quiet evening together. The collection is very nice and I would love to win it! Thank you for getting a chance to do that!! 🙂

  28. Wow, that Valentine’s collection by Fancy Pants is particularly appealing! It’s traditional yet modern and right up my alley. So many of the collections by other companies have just not “floated my boat” because they’re either too “pastel” or too “kiddy/vibrant”. Love this paper!

  29. We usually go out for lunch and I usually get flowers from my husband. I try to make him something special every year from my stamping supplies in appreciation that he supports my stamping hobby. Thanks for the giveaway!

  30. Andrea – what cute tags. Your choices of paper and embellishments are right on. Since my husband was laid off over 5 years ago, we really don’t do much to celebrate VD’s. We usually do up small gift baskets for our twins. Now that they are 16, however, the cost of the little somethings for the baskets is increasing each and every year! LOL. Enjoy your holiday!

  31. I’m a teacher, so of course I celebrate it at school with my students (grade 3). The kids make Valentine mailboxes at home and bring them to school. We have a party (planned by the kids) and the students distribute their valentines to each other.
    At home, Valentine’s Day is not a huge deal for us. We do exchange small gifts, but nothing huge – after all, Christmas has just passed!! Depending what day of the week Valentine’s falls, we may have a special supper together (kids included), or it may just pass us by. This year, it won’t be much of an event, since the kids have dance class on Tuesdays, and they dance from 4:30-6:30. By the time we get home and get supper on the table, it’s 7:00, so supper is a quick deal on Tuesdays!! Maybe we’ll celebrate on the following weekend??
    Thanks for the chance to win the kit – it’s very cute!

  32. YES!!! I LOVE Valentines Day! CHOCOLATE!! I share chocolate in one form or another with everyone on Valentine’s Day!! I usually will do up a little crafty package of some type & of course I have to add a tag!

    Thanks for the inspiration you always give!!

  33. Love the box! I make boxes for everything! Valentine’s Day just gives me a reason to make more and more treat boxes! I give treats simply because I love to make the boxes my treats go in!

  34. Love this project! I always make my boyfriend a Valentine’s day card and this Valentine’s day will be extra special, as he proposed to me on Christmas and gave me a beautiful engagement ring! We will definitely go out and have a wonderful dinner together!

  35. I love-love-love your Valentine creations. That’s the way I like to celebrate by making cards and little treat prizes.

  36. We exchange cards and a small gift but usually go out either the day before or the day after Valentine’s…much cheaper and less crazy! lol

  37. I usually make valentine cookies and treats for the grandchildren.
    We also have a family supper with everyone because we have 2 family members with birthdays in Feb.
    Of course there are always valentine cards and some chocolate hearts.
    Thanks for the chance to win.

  38. Adorable papers and love love love the pocket tags. Too cute!
    Yes, we celebrate Valentine’s, usually in a more quiet way. I have been married to my hubby for just over 14 years. We have three kids, so usually our time together is after they are in bed – we pick up late night appetizers from Applebees and cuddle while watching a movie. We don’t make a huge deal out of it, as he brings me flowers at random, non-holiday times of year. Gotta love a man who brings flowers home with him from grocery shopping!

  39. We celebrate everyday! my husband has been very sick for the last couple of years s everyday I have him is a blessing.

    thanks for the offering of blog candy!

  40. I make my husband a Valentine’s card every year. He usually brings me flowers and a card. Sometimes we go out for dinner. I love this video and of course the papers!!! Thanks for sharing and giving us another chance to win something.

  41. I love all of your projects – this year I hope to start a NEW valentines tradition with my OLD ex husband! we are back together and are going to have a very romantic valentines day. I will make him a beautiful card and hopefully we can start new traditions.

  42. We always celebrate Valentine’s with cards to each other. He sometimes finds one I have already made for someone else and gives it to me. I just tell myself “it’s the thought that count’.” I love your idea’s, thank you for sharing them with all of us stampers.

  43. Of course I celebrate Valentine’s day and as with all other holidays, decorate the house and send cards. I’ve already started to make the cards for this year, so the paperpack you’re giving away would certainly be a welcome gift.

  44. Yes, we celebrate Valentine’s Day. I usually create some sort of a cute treat bag/box for the kids, and my hubby always gets his favorite chocolate candy. My husband is AWESOME at getting me a card, and I always make him one too. Thanks for the giveaway!

  45. My husband and I don’t take Valentine’s Day very seriously – but we always do something. 🙂 Usually we go out to dinner and give each other small gifts – preferably handmade.

  46. My husband and I usually celebrate by exchanging cards (I make him one) and he sometimes gets me a rose. Some years we go out to eat and some I fix a nice meal at home.

  47. awesome projects..We always include our little ones in our valentines celebrations..This will the first year that i will make my own card..cant wait..

  48. I send out my numerous Valentine’s card I have made for my family and friends, and then I go with a friend to lunch and a movie!

  49. Oh yes we celebrate Valentine’s Day. Myself and my two DD’s make Valentine’s Treats for all their classmates. We also try to have a special family meal together, since it is a day of love and not only for “couples” but for us to remember all the good things about each other.

  50. I make my husband a card (he saves them all) and he buys me a card. He sends flowers to me at work and orders pizza for the entire office. We usually go to dinner when in the evening. Thanks for a chance to win!

  51. I make valentines for my grandchildren – thank you for your great ideas. A little valentine pouch with a sweet little surprise is just the thing for them.

  52. Beautiful valentines cards. Don’t celebrate Valentine’s Day, been married for almost 50 years so it has become just another day. I do make Valentine cards for a children’s hospital that’s more important to me them celebrating. Thanks for sharing your beautiful art.

  53. We usually celebrate by helping my school-age daughters make cards for their class mates, plus something special for their teachers and their dad. They love to use stamp sets they picked themselves to make their Valentines Day masterpieces!

  54. Great projects. Thanks for the ideas. I usually make my husband a card and sometimes make projects for the grandkids to take to school for their classes.
    Love this kit. Thanks for the chance to win.

  55. Hi:

    Thanks for all the great tuts! I really love the pocket idea-I will definitely use it a lot. As far as Valentine’s day, I always make homemade cards. We usually celebrate the weekend before or after, as the restaurants/hotspots are so much less crowded–thus a bit more romantic :).

  56. Those tags are so cute…and I love the little treat bag. What a great idea for my sons classmates. We have 3 young boys so we really dont do anything with just us. Last year we took our boys out to eat and then to the movies of their choice. We had the best .time.

  57. Thank you so much for the video. My grandaughters will be so pleased with these tags for Valentines. Would live to win the paper pack, it would go well with some of my other papers in a project I am doing.

  58. Yes! Yes! Valentine’S cards with those beautiful papers ! Thanks for sharing your projects!

  59. We usually give each other and the kids cards, but to economize (we celebrate Valentine’s Day, our wedding anniversary and my birthday all within 2 weeks of each other) we usually do a dinner out with kids to celebrate all three events around Feb 20!! Love your designs – am hoping to get more creative this year!!

  60. My husband and I were married on Valentine’s Day and while he is now residing in heaven, it is a very special day to me. It is a day of remembrance of the beautiful love we shared for each other and with our Lord.

  61. Valentine’s Day at our home is always a special day! It starts out w/a surprise treat awaiting my little ones when they awake (however, they can’t eat it until lunch time, lol). The kids typically have school that day so they dress up for the party that is much anticipated and off they go with their lunch and treat. Upon returning home we all sit down and hand make Valentine cards for Daddy. Then we get ready for dinner by setting the table w/special white plates w/red hearts and glasses w/vintage valentine pictures on them. I also have the kids cut out hearts and we sprinkle/lay them around the table like big confetti. Our before dinner prayer has to include one thing each of us loves about the others. After dinner we share our cards, have a decadent dessert and then take a fun family picture. The remainder of the evening we spend playing games, then it’s time for night, night and sweet dreams………….

  62. I always make special Valentines for each of my grandchildren and a little container with their favorite candy in it. Very cute paper and thanks so much for the tutorial!!!

  63. We always do something special for my son and nieces, and for my son’s class, and then make a nice meal at home. My Hubby’s b-day is 2/15 and mine is 2/29 so we have lots of celebrations in February already, and we both feel that V-day has become such a commercial holiday….. I do always make him a card, though, because how could a card-maker NOT make cards for every holiday? Thanks for the chance to win, this pack looks like it would make some great treats for my son’s teachers and classmates!

  64. Love all those Fancy Pants papers. I particulary like to tune in each week for your tutorials and great ideas. I like to scrapbook and make cards so all of your projects inspire me! Keep up the good work!!

  65. Thanks for the chance to win! Me and my husband always exchange cards and watch a movie. Thanks for the beautiful ideas!

  66. I’ll make a heart strawberry cake for my 7 children. I began that tradition my first year of marriage…a long time ago!

  67. What cute ideas. I have many grandchildren and they will love receiving these for Valentine’s Day. Thanks for sharing.

  68. We don’t celebrate in a large scale way but I do make mini heart shaped cakes for dessert.

  69. Cute little tag pouch! My family celebrates Valentine’s Day in a big way. We usually bake a heart shaped cake or chocolate cupcakes which my daughters decorate with lots of icing and goodies. We have a special Valentine’s dinner as well. We open our special hand-made cards and the girls get a little present that is always a pink or red combo to fit with the Valentine’s theme. Sometimes we have streamers decorating the room. My husband usually has a beautiful card for me and a box of chocolates – which I get to enjoy much longer than a bouquet of flowers. Sometimes he surprizes me and also has flowers and when he does, he always gets a separate one for each of the girls as well. It makes for a very romantic day!

  70. Thank you for your wonderful ideas! Love to see what is coming next. Nothing out of the ordinary for our Valentines celebration, usually dinner and a movie!

  71. We do celebrate Valentine’s Day and that usually includes our two boys! I make cards for my husband and boys, and we usually have a nice cosy supper at home because we often go out to the restaurant and it’s nice to be able to juste enjoy the comfort of our home. Also, our boys usually get a little special treat in their lunch boxes like, for example, cookies in a heart shaped box that I once found on a scrapbooking site !

  72. Love the paper, would like to use it for Valentine projects. I usually celebrate Valentine’s Day with my husband by making him a card and sometimes a gift. I also like to prepare a special dinner of some of his favorite foods. He usually gives me a gift and a card.

  73. I enjoy, so much, your Tutorials and these 2 Valentine projects are so perfect to send to my
    grandchildren…a little gift card for a book store and just a tad bit of candy treat. Thanks so much, I really appreciate your creativity.

  74. We do celebrate Valentine’s Day. I usually make a special dinner for my husband. I make special cards for my granddaughters. Thanks for a chance to win.

  75. I found the tutorial very helpful especially the two tips about the Scotch Removable Tape and the exact way to measure the tag using the die cuts. Thank you so much for sharing, and now I’m going to the blog to see what other goodies you have. It’s amazing how much detail is involved in paper crafting, but I love it so!

  76. Hi! First of all I want to comment on what a great Freebie!!! Then to answer the question…I always celebrate Valentines Day with my Hubby. I make him a card and he gets me one. One year he made one for me too. He always gets me flowers too. Mostly roses never the same color every year. He knows I like variety. Then we go to a nice resturant to eat.
    Love the projects….so cute!

  77. Thanks for the cute ideas. I love the name ” Fancy Pants” makes you want to check out their product. I have to admit I don’t do much for my dear hubby, but do get a little something for our 3 kiddo’s.

  78. Each time I watch one of your tutorials I learn a ton! I see new products and techniques that get me excited about stamping and crafting. Thank you for sharing your creativity, knowledge, and love for crafting. I am going to make some sweet Valentines for my family using what I have on hand today and then I will be in search of the products you demonstrated!

  79. Very cute projects. We definitely celebrate valentine’s day in my family and I usually make hand stamped valentine treats for my kids to take to their teachers and classmates.

  80. My husband and I do celebrate Valentine’s Day. We usually get each other a small gift, then usually go out for supper, although some years we make a nice dinner at home together instead.

  81. I love the Valentine projects you have prepared for us. My husband and I usually go out for dinner on Valentine’s. And I always prepare little “surprise” packages for my two beautiful granddaughters which will include “Little Debbie” cakes which are their favorite junkfood treat. The papers in the give-away will make some great cards for them! Thanks!

  82. I will be making a few of these tags and make a treasure hunt round the house with hubby’s favourit chocolate cake at the end of it. Always do something special keeps the flame alive and lots of fun.

  83. Hi,
    This is the first video that I have watched on your blog. Very informative. I must make some of these for V Day. It will be a bright spot on these cold winter days in Montana. I think that I will insert a movie pass with the little note card. Thank you for sharing.

  84. Love those papers! We usually go out to eat at some point – it’s a little harder now that there are little kids involved, so often we’ll take them out to a family restaurant on V day, and then go out the two of us later.

  85. I really enjoyed your video, instructions were very clear and will be easy to follow. Thank you for the great tutorial. Love it!

  86. My husband passed away 5 1/2 years ago , but I still celebrate Valentine’s Day by making cards for my daughter and my two grandchildren, and also my sisters. My birthday is the day after and my mother always made me a heart shaped cake …
    Thank you for your great inspirational videos, and also the chance to win this great prize.

  87. No big celebrations here, but I make cards for my mother and a sweet niece. Both love to get mail…. Thanks for another great video. The giveaway ain’t bad either!!

  88. I always make my husband a pretty Valentine’s Day card and we usually go out for a special dinner. I love the paper packet and can think of a lot of things to to with it. Thanks for the chance to win.

  89. I love your video tutorial on the Love tags, very easy, very quick and very cute! I,m going to make some later today. Thanks again for sharing.

  90. Nothing much as far as traditions. But I do get something for my daughter and send treats into her class.

  91. Valentine day is one of my favorites. The thought of lovers showing their affection to each other warms my heart. Thanks for a great video, you have wonderful ideas and the instructions are easy to follow.

  92. Love the little pouch! What great ideas for using the spellbinders dies. I love making little treats for Valdntine’s. thanks!!!

  93. Hello!

    Thank you for the wonderful video tutorial! I love Valentine’s Day second only to the Christmas holiday and love making the cards, which I send to family and friends. I am retired and single so no romantic dinners, etc. but love to make the cards and projects! :<)

    The collection is awesome and would be so lovely to win! Wishing you a happy day!


    Barbara Diane

  94. What lovely simple projects! It’s all in the papers and embellishments – the strip of diamonds really sets the stage for the papers to shine beneath them.
    We celebrate Valentines Day in our house. I make a nice dessert treat for my husband, something he likes but only gets on special occasions so he is always surprised, and a nice supper. He forgets AGAIN! LOL! Then on another day when we are out running errands and the restaurants are so crazy he will just pull in and say “let’s have dinner here” and I know it’s his Valentine’s Day for me.

    Andrea – how do you store your Spellbinders?


  95. Hubby and I delight in sending the grandkids valentines. We can get as mushy and cute as we want.

  96. Wow love what you created and love all the DSP!!! We do celebrate Valentines day but as a family. I make special cards and candy holder type things for the kids and my husband and we have a special dinner together, play games, and have a “special” dessert. My husband usually with the help of the kiddos always makes us all Chocolate covered strawberries too! Its fun to just be together.


  97. As Always I love your tutorials!!! mmmm Valentines Day another wonderful day of the year. Not only is it a great day to celebrate LOVE .. it is my dad’s birthday and this valentine’s day he will be 60!!! Lots of cards to make!!! Since having our daughters we celebrate with them as well .. we usually prepare a wonderful gourmet meal at home to enjoy and spend the evening watching family movies. LOVE LOVE LOVE!!!!

  98. What a great way to give someone something small. I just love this DSP, so many great colours. I love Friday freebes as I get to have a good look at something, which I love to do before buying.
    thank you

  99. I love Valentines Day and all the makings. Last year I sent my Valentines to many of our adult friends and everyone loved them. So again this year I am busy creating more to send. I love all your ideas and will be using some of them. I also have several grand kids to get their little Valentine packages ready. It may seem early but part of the fun is working on the projects and getting new ideas.

  100. We don’t really celebrate Valentine’s day. We get each other a card and sometime go to dinner.

  101. We do celebrate Valentines Day! Last year I made a gourmet dinner and we ate on the good china. Wish that every day would be Valentine’s Day!

  102. Valentines Day is very special because I have the love of my life. I actually get to celebrate it everyday but on this day everyone gets to know how much I love my husband. We usually always spend the day together. Thanks for all the wonderful ideas and videos.

  103. That is an amazing project, Thanks so much for the PDF it really makes it easy to follow along with your YouTube tutorial. As for the giveaway its simply amazing paper stack collection, I hope I win! See on you on January 13th!

  104. Oh I love this paper! Being new to cardmaking…last year was the 1st time I made my hubby a Valentines card! been making them ever sonce for all holidays or I at least try. Kind of into scrapbooking as well. Thanks so much for the chance to maybe win the blog candy
    Sue O

  105. Sure, we all celebrate love! I am traveling around Valentines Day, and have to work fast to get finished with my cards before I go. Thanks for the great ideas!

  106. Wow, You are so awsome. Everything you do is so easy to follow and always beautiful. I love your things. Twila

  107. I do celebrate Valentine’s Day with my husband. Usually cards are exchanged (mine is hand made) & then I might make a special dinner or we might go out. Thanks for all the great ideas & videos.

  108. My husband is a tax accountant and Valentine’s Day is when he is up to his ears in taxes, but he always makes his last appointment for the day with me so we can celebrate. Last year for breakfast I made my husband a belgium waffle and cut it out into a heart shaped waffle topped with strawberries and whipped cream. He loved it. PS – I love all of your tutorials!

  109. After 42 years of marriage, we usually just exchange cards and sometimes go out to dinner. Thanks for the giveaway. I could make hubby a really special card with some of this paper.

  110. Valentine’s Day is one of my favorite holidays as it helps extend the holiday season in my mind! We usually have dinner with our best friends and exchange little gifts with each other. These will be perfect additions to our celebration!

    Many Blessings,

  111. I made my bloke a Valentine’s Day 20 years ago, the card was just so beautiful I kept it, so he receives that same one every year since then. We usually babysit the grandkids so their parents can go out for a romantic dinner.
    Rene from OZ xo

  112. Valentine’s Day is usually very low key for us. DH usually gets flowers & chocolates for our daughter & I usually get my favorite milkshake. Thanks for the chance to win – I love Fancy Pants Designs.

  113. Love the pouches and box. My hubby and I usually just exchange cards. We will be just getting back from our vacation in Jamaica – that’s celebration enouch.

  114. My husband has given me flowers and chocolate every year of our 29 year marriage except the year he was overseas by himself for the Air Force. We usually go out to dinner, depending on our work schedules.

  115. My husband and I some times celebrate Valentine’s Day and some times we don’t it just depends on how complicated our lives are at the time. I hope to create some fun projects this year to celebrate and that paper pack would be great to have for those projects. Thanks!

  116. Our celebrations are very low key. Just the hubby and me, so we have a nice dinner out, before or after, but never on the holiday. That day we always stay home, and let the party people enjoy the day. Love your work, hope to win your candy

  117. I love this paper kit. Thanks for sharing your ideas with us. I love Valentine’s Day however my husband is not to much of the ROMANCE guy so we don’t do much. He believe that we celebrate each other every day and we don’t need a HOLIDAY to give each other a gift. I will make him a Special card along with the ones for our parents and daughter and wonderful grandson.

  118. What a lovely collection this is. It would come in handy when I make individual treat holders for my daughters valentine exchange.

  119. Well don’t have a romantic husband and in France not much of a big deal for Valentine’s day. But do love your tags they are gorgeous.

  120. With my birthday right before Valentine’s Day (Feb 11) we have always celebrated Valentine’s day! When I was younger (actually until I moved out of my parents home) my birthday theme would always be red and pink with hearts. Now that I am married, my husband usually takes me out to eat at the restaurant of my choice, I get flowers and candy, and we go see a movie (or activity of my choice). I make him a card, give him a gift or make him one (one of his favorites is a scrapbook of our 2 boys growing up). And we give the boys each a box of Chocolates and we even buy the pets each a new toy! Everybody gets showered love on Valentines Day! We have also tried to teach the boys that we should (and try to lead by example) show our love everyday in little ways too!

  121. I do celebrate Valentine’s Day!! First with my Grandsons making handcrafted Valentine cards and treats for their classmates and teachers. (No more store bought Valentines.) Then I make special cards for my Daughters and my wonderful Husband. Sometimes we go out and sometimes we stay in.

  122. We have been married for 34 years. My husband usually makes dinner and of course we exchange cards. I also send cards to my grown children and some of the children in the neighborhood, so this candy would really “come in handy”

  123. Oh yes, we celebrate valentine’s day. My wonderful husband always takes me out to dinner and sometimes I get roses. My dad’s middle name is Valentine because he was born on this day. And mom and dad were also married on Valentine’s Day. So you can see Valentine’s Day is special in our family.

  124. Yes I always make my hubby a Valentine card and we give each other a little gift.
    Love the projects, the kit is fab

  125. Of course I celebrate. Usually chocolate for the hubby and cards for Mom and Son. This year I’m also organizing my stamping club to make Valentines for Vets that I will send to our state Veteran’s hospital.

  126. The paper and emblishments are beautiful!!! I could make so many cards and things out of it and give to my special friends. You are always going over the top in showing new ways to do things. Keep up the good work and can’t wait to see what you have for all of us in the future.

  127. I love Valentines Day. I make cut out sugar cookies for my family, we exchange cards and my husband and I exchange a “little something” as Pooh bear would say.
    I have used Fancy Pants products before and they are excellent company, I love this new design, and the video. Thanks for the chance to win this great collection

  128. Thanks for yours proyect ideas, are very nice a pretty. My husband and I celebrate Valentine’s Day.
    I make cards for every ocassion and this one is a very good help to make a differente one.

  129. My husband and I love to be outdoors so we spend Valentine’s Day in the country. I usually make a picnic basket and he brings wine and candy.

  130. I always make my husband a valentines day card and he gets to use my craft room because he loves to make one for me. I think it is special for me because it comes from his heart, he can spend over 1 hour in my den and he enjoys the challenge, and the results speak for themselves.

  131. We ussually get the kids some candy and make a treat for school. This looks a fun kit to play with!!

  132. I love to make Valentines and give them to all the people at church. They love receiving them and feel special. A lot of them have lost spouses/loved ones and don’t have anyone locally. It means so much to them. Love your blog. Thanks for sharing. Mary

  133. Chocolates (being diabetic) and flowers (highly allergic) sadly are off the list for Valentine’s for me….but I spread the love by making wee treats for my friends and kids. I think by sharing and giving the lurve around….it’s far nicer…don’t you. Seeing the smiles on the faces of those receiving too makes it all the better.
    Another wonderful project too Andrea. I have never been a big “tag maker” but the more I see of you tags the more inclined I am to make and use them. Thanks. ooxx

  134. Yes we do celebrate Valentine’s Day at our house as my husband always gets me flowers and a suitably mushy card. We don’t always go out for dinner but we have done. Love the designs you did for Valentine’s tags. It would be great to have the Fancy Pants designer paper to work with too.

  135. Of course my husband and I celebrate Valentine’s Day, but we celebrate it with our anniversary, which is February 10th. The problem is that if I BUY him a card, he says, “You’ve got all those stamps and you’re buying a card?” and if I make him a card, he says, “Oh, you don’t care enough to go to Hallmark, huh?” Very funny! Damned if I do and damned if I don’t.

    You’re samples are adorable by the way!

  136. Thanks for the cute ideas! I celebrate Valentines day with a nice dinner with my husband and also as a special day of remembrance for my sister whose funeral was on Valentines Day in 1987 – she is still missed! Thanks for all you do!

  137. I always make my husband as well as my Grandchildren Valentines card and treats. I would love to win the Fancy Pants Collection. What great patterns and extras to work with.

  138. I LOVE your ideas!

    I do small gifts for my family for Valentine’s day 🙂 DH isn’t a holiday person, but he does get me a card.

  139. Yes we always have a special dinner at home with family. We have a cake after. There is nothing better than having family around.

  140. Cute ideas and good looking paper too! Yes we celebrate Valentines, not as much as when our daughter was younger but I usually bake something nice, and have a nice dinner! Oh and make cards if course!!!

  141. I do celebrate Valentine’s Day but being a single parent I only give something special to each of my kids. One year they even took a bunch of candies and positioned them on the counter to look like a giant heart for me. It was very special for me.

  142. We exchange cards, then order in, ususally Chinese and relax at home with a good movie and bottle of wine! Thanks for the chance to win these gorgeous papers and embelishments from Love Story, I can think of many projects to use them on! What great fun!

  143. This yr my daughter and her husband celebrate their 10th marriage annniversary on Valentine’s, an extraspecial day to be sure.

  144. When my daughter was young I used to make heart shaped sandwiches for her lunch and tuck in a special surprise on Valentine’s Day. Now, we don’t really celebrate it as a special day, but share love all year ’round.

  145. We do celebrate valentines day. I make him a card – I sure wish that there were more papers with red,black and more masculine patterns. Then I usually give him a gift and If I have been really good I might receive some beautiful jewelry.

  146. We definitely celebrate V-day, but in a family way! My husband usually gets me something health-conscious as a gift — maybe a workout DVD or a gym pass or something that is HEART-healthy! I make everything for the kids’ lunches red or pink (my son isn’t a big fan of the pink!) — cranberry juice, a valentine’s day snack, a special “love note” for the lunch boxes, and then a heart-shaped sandwich (since red bread doesn’t appeal to them — I tried one year to sprinkle the PBJ with red sugar and it came back home with a “thanks anyway”!). We go to our favorite Chinese restaurant (where everyone knows our name, just like Cheers!) for our dinner. A nice glass of champagne or sparkling cider finishes the day! Love your samples and the gorgeous papers!

  147. With 4 kids, our celebration is geared towards them. We start the day off with pink, heart shaped pancakes and then they head off to school with their handmade valentines. We finish off the day with a special dinner and homemade valentines that we exchange (although I allow my husband a pass on this and he usually just gets me flowers 😉 The kids love any reason to have a celebration, and I love any excuse to make cards!

  148. Yes to Valentines. Since my kids were born, I concentrate on making them and my hubby cute gifts (have to be crafty of course 🙂 ). thanks for the chance to win Andrea!!

  149. I have had the same Valentine for 30 years and hope for another 30 to come. My husband is quite a romantic and always does something sweet for me. I thank God everyday that I have him and will do something special for him myself in 2012! Please enter me in your free give away! Thanks and keep up the good work!

  150. Such cute projects!! I am divorced, and my son is grown, so I don’t really celebrate Valentine’s day, but I do love making all the cute little treat holders and notecards etc to show my friends who do celebrate it. Thanks for the drawing.

  151. My husband always gets me flowers and candy and makes me a yummy dinner. I help me daughter make Valentine’s for her good friends. usually this involves papercrafting, stamping and candy.

  152. Great idea as always!! Thank you so much for all the great ideas you have given me since discovering your website!!

  153. I love the heart cutout on the little bags. I make shortbread cookies for little gifts all year, many different varieties both savory and sweet and always package some up for Valentines day. I must make more little bags for them. Makes me think I NEED the Stampin up heart punch if it is still available. Thanks for the great ideas.

  154. Such an adorable tag! I always make my hubby a sweet card and we usually go out for a nice dinner.

  155. Yes! I love Valentine`s Day! I think it is important to tell your significant other everyday how much you love them. But I love the idea of there being one extra special day. We always buy each other something special. Every year my boyfriend and I order in Sushi, have a romantic candlelit dinner with a lovely bottle (or two) of red wine. It always turns out to be such an awesome day!!

  156. We celebrate Valentine’s Day with cards and homemade treats.
    Thanks for all your great ideas. I enjoy every one!

  157. Thank you for the opportunity to win this beautiful package. PICK ME :)! I do celebrate Valentine’s Day because this holiday is all about Love. I like to make cards for my husband and children and sisters and grandchildren! The list keeps growing but I am so grateful!

  158. I usually make a card and bake something cookies/cake and surprise my hubby with it…..

  159. This was great fun to watch and I learned several things.
    Thanks for all the demos–I feel like I’ve been doing this for years
    instead of just the months since I signed up.

  160. I love making Valentines for everyone on Valentine’s Day-that is how I celebrate! Send love to all the special people in my life.

  161. I usually buy my son some sweets, just like my parents used to do with me when I was a kid!
    I remember my dad giving me a small heart shaped box of chocolates. Sweet memories 🙂
    I love Fancy Pants so much! I really liked their Beach Bum collection last year. Very bright and cheerful colours.
    Thanks for the givaway!

  162. I celebrate all holidays! I usually make a special card for my husband and I also make cards for my sons to give their girlfriends. Then I usually prepare a special meal for my sons and their girlfriends complete with a special desert and a themed table setting.

  163. I love your site, I have been following you for quite some time now. I so wanted to be considered as a new addition to your design team, but the timing just wasn’t right, guess I’ll have to wait until next time.
    As for Valentine’s Day, YES YES YES I love to and do celebrate all of the holidays throughout the year. While organizing and getting my Christmas decorations put away, I found my containers for Valentine’s Day and Easter. I usually do most of the decorating and fun stuff for the holidays, but the last few years Valentine’s Day has become the holiday that my husband “does up” for me, with decorations, flowers, and dinner. Here’s hoping I win the draw, I love those papers, and I love making cards for all holidays and occasions, and sometimes for no reason at all.

  164. My Hubby and I usually give a card and sometimes a little gift, it’s the thought that counts not the expense, it’s our silver wedding this year so that Paper collection would be very well used for lots of celebration crafting. Keep up the good work with the fantastic posts and ideas, I love the Pdf handouts too as I am not great at remembering what you did in the tutorial when I get the chance to have a go at making the projects!

  165. I usually make cards and a nice box filled with heart shaped chocolates for my two boys (13 & 8) I hide them in the mail box for them to find, they know it’s me but love it all the same. 😉

  166. We celebrate valentines day always with a small dinner we cook together. Each day is special to us as we both work oposite shifts so the time together must be meaningful. I always make my hubby a card but he always buys one for me that always makes my cry.

  167. I used to bring home a teddy bear, candy and a flower for my daughter. Now that she’s older it’s iTunes cards and candy, she’s out of the teddy bear phase 🙁

  168. Quite a few years ago I made a Valentine in the shape of the Dairy Queen (ice cream) sign for my husband. Our local DQ opens each new season on February 15th -so it was a coupon as well. Every year since, he posts it on the fridge so that I will honor it again!

  169. Usually, I dont do too much for Valentines Day.. but I love making decorations and cards for Valentines day! You come up with the cutest ideas.. thank you for all your inspiration! 🙂

  170. These are so cute to have on hand so I could put them in the lunchbox for my daughter. Our anniversary is February 3rd, so we don’t really celebrate for Valentine’s day or for that matter, we don’t celebrate our anniversary…going on 16 yrs. Thanks for all the inspiration you share with us.

  171. This will be the first year I will try and make a card for my husband. Can’t wait to try. Thank you for all the videos and inspiration that you leave us with.

  172. Always exchange cards but share a dinner with our young boys…after all, “all because two people fell in love!”

  173. I always look forward to new ideas so I can give students and my grandkids something special. They enjoy homemade gifts especially if the gifts have candy or cookies in them. Love your ideas!

  174. My husband and I met lat(er) in life – I was 50, he was 45 – on Valentines Day so needless to say, it’s a very special event for us every year! If we can, we’ll go away for a few days but at the very least, we go out for a romantic dinner and exchange Valentine Cards and gifts.

  175. We usually have a special dinner and I make a special dessert too. My granddaughter’s birthday is on Valentine’s day so that makes it very special.

  176. I love to celebrate Valentines day by making little treats for my family and friends. I also look forward to the sugar cookies my mother-in-law makes for us each year!

  177. Yes I celebrate Valentine’s Day. I always make cards for my coworkers, my kids and my husband. He always brings me candy but that won’t happen this year because he is in IRAQ. He will miss Valentine’s Day and our Anniversary in March. So this year I plan on making a very special card to send to him.

  178. I make or help make dozens of valentines for my 40 math students, my boys and grandchild (this year maybe another) and hubby. In addition, my teacher’s sorority makes a bunch for the local Vets Hospital. I go through a lot of red and pink paper in February!

  179. We used to buy each other romantic gifts for Valentine’s Day but after almost 40 years of marriage, we just go out to dinner together on that day.

  180. We don’t commemorate “Hallmark” holidays per se. At best we make a nice dinner at home and just spend time together and maybe watch a movie with some yummy chocolates!

  181. Love the love story papers. So many cute ones. Your tag pouches are cute, too. Nice for a lunchbox note. Thanks for the tutorial.

  182. Wow! Awesome give away! I usually make 10 dozen frosted valentine cookies for the employees where I work. Usually go out for a nice dinner.

  183. Your tags and box are simply adorable. Love the pocket in the tag. I celebrate Valentine’s Day with my husband every year. We go out to dinner to our favorite resturant. I also send cards to my grandchildren. Thanks for all the great inspiration you give.

  184. My husband and I try and go out to a nice dinner. This year with a newborn I think we will have it at home with all the kids and make it a special family night. I love this new paper from Fancy Pants. I thinks it great. Thanks so much.

  185. I celebrate by makin jg my husband one of his favorite dinners. I make him a card and some kind of paper container for his hershey Chocolate. I love your ideas as it. Becomes tougher after 41 years

  186. Beautiful collection! Your things are always great. We don’t do anything too special anymore for Valentines. I make hubbie a card and we go out to eat but usually at lunch time to miss the Valentine dinner crowd. Being retired has it’s advantages!!

  187. I love the Fancy Pants collection!!! Thanks for a chance to win! We do celebrate Valentine’s Day. Hubby works out of town all week. Our anniversary is within 3 weeks of Valenine’s Day, so we celebrate them together. Hubby is the chocoholic and I am game for dinner out any time!!! LOL

  188. Love the project – thanks for sharing Such a great collection of papers from Fancy Pants.

    Hubby and I don’t specifically celebrate Valentines Day as we treat each other to gifts and dinners throughout the year.

  189. We usually decorate for Valentine’s Day. When the kids were little we had window clings that they stuck on about every window that they could reach. We make cards for each other and usually have some sort of small gift for the kids (sometimes chocolate, sometimes something else). Thanks for sharing how to make the pouches and for the chance to win.

  190. Thanks so much for these free videos and the chance to win goodie papers. I love FP papers!
    Love what you do!

  191. I usually make Valentine’s cards for our children and grandchildren and we celebrate by going out for lunch or dinner. I love your ideas made using the Fancy Pants Design kit.

  192. WE don’t really; cards and chocolate (for kids) and hubby makes a black forest cake. Other than that, dh says that “everyday is Valentine’s Day”. :0)

  193. Valentine’s Day is very special to me because it is my wedding anniversary. We always go out to dinner to a nice restaurant, and I always get a special gift from my husband. On our third anniversary we went on a cruise with my sister and her husband. I created a scavenger hunt for him, and at each clue spot, there was a little gift for him, until the end where there was a really special gift he had wanted.Thanks so much for the chance to win!

  194. I always make a card for my hubbie, and he and the kids make me one. We usually celebrate together but when it falls on a week night, it is hard. I also decorate the house a little bit for the kids.

  195. Thanks so much for the opportunity to win! My Valentine’s decorations are already in place. My husband and I exchange cards (I make his) and usually some small gift. I still give my grown children something and, of course, the grandson!

  196. We ususally go to dinner a few days before as a family. For our youngest son we make valentine’s day cards for his entire class and 3 teachers. Our oldest loves to make something origami for his girlfriend. Thank you so much for the wonderful “how to” videos. I love in this video that you show that “old” things can be used again. Happy crafting.

  197. Thanks for all the inspiring ideas! I make cards for relatives especially nieces and nephew, and we go out for dinner some day other than the holiday – it’s too much of a zoo that night. I’d love to win this super cute set of papers!

  198. Those are great tags! Love all of the bling … that’s my thing. 🙂 We do celebrate Valentine’s Day. Usually my husband and I go out on a night close to Valentine’s and on Valentine’s Day, we celebrate with our 3 boys. My youngest two boys usually let me help design and make their treats for school. They’re favorite is to make anything that has to do with the Big Shot.

  199. Just stumbled on a keepsake box my husband keeps stuffed with memorabilia & every card I have given him….I know how sweet is that & how did it get past me for 8 yrs. This year I want to make plans for an extra special Valentine’s Day & card so it makes the box. Thanks for chance to win & great video tutorial.

  200. I make a card for my husband, children and grandchildren. He has on acassion, made one for me, or buys one. We go out for dinner and enjoy one another’s compnay.
    Thank you for sharing your card ideas.

  201. I love Valentine’s Day! I usually go out to a nice dinner.
    Lots of fun making Valentine cards. Love the tag pouches and the treat pouches! I’m partial to heart designs and love the red/pink/white colors associated with Valentines too. 🙂

  202. I do celebrate Valentines Day and do a variety of things. A week ort wo before I bring our all dishes, trays, cookie cutters and concentrate on pink, hearts and reds.You can cut hearts out of toast and cheese. Then I make candy treat bags and candy bar wrappers. No one is safe:spouse, sisters, nieces and neighbors. If I go out to lunch, the waitress gets a little something stamped or stickered as an extra tip. My hairdresser and estitician look forward to my gift bag rather than cash. Your give-a-way would go a long way to help me
    achieve my goal. Cute ideas. Thanks.

  203. I make my husband a cute card and a heart shaped cake. For my 2 son’s, I make them some extra special treats. At the end of the night we snuggle up together, watch a movie and enjoy our treats. Good luck everyone!

  204. This is one of my favorite projects that you have done. Thanks so much for the idea. I will be making these for my grandson’s kindergarten class for the students to write notes to their parents. Great idea.

  205. I usually make cards for my extended family and will make a Valentine dessert, too. Love your ideas!!!

  206. I decorate the house and we really celebrate Valentine’s Day as it is my birthday and the 15th is my husband’s birthday! Almost as important as Christmas in our house. We usually go out for dinner and I always cook something special for the 15th. A great way to celebrate each other.

  207. I carried on the traditions from my youth I get up early and set the table and make a special breakfast.
    Also make cards and have those at their places for breakfast. We typically go out to dinner.
    It’s a special day to remind my boys how much I am blessed to have them in my life and I love them very much 🙂

  208. I always make my hubby a card and buy him chocolates. He always buys me roses. Love you site. Have a great day. Hugs n’ Stuff, Lynne

  209. Last Valentine’s Day I came home from work and found a bottle of champagne chilling in a champagne bucket, a dozen red roses, a box of chocolates and a beautiful card from my husband. It was our first Valentine’s Day as husband and wife. Anticipating a romantic evening, I took a quick phone call from my new sister in law who informed me she had just had her hardwood floors resurfaced and couldn’t sleep in the house with the fumes. She would be sleeping at our house that night!!!! So much for romance!!! Luckily I’m crazy about my sister in law so no hard feelings!!

  210. Ohhh…I love those checks and the pouches! I always make Valentine Cards for my 8 grandchildren and place a bit of money, gift card, or something special in each one. They always know that even though Christmas is over, they will be getting a little something from Grandma in February!

  211. I make a card for my hubby and son, and we also have a night of card making a few weeks before Valentines Day for our ladies group at church. We ( several of us are stampers) design a few cards and bring everything for all the ladies to make a card for their loved one.

  212. What a great collection of paper and the projects you created are just beautiful. We used to buy presents now we always the day before go to each of the kids house and give valentines cards and hugs and goodies to kids and grandkids. Then on valentines we go to a movie (my choice) and then go to a nice dinne, Love Vaalentines Day

  213. Thank you so much for all your designs. This paper looks so awesome. I always make cards for my daughters class at Valentine’s and my Hubby and I used to go out for dinner on Valentine’s but we don’t anymore cause everything is so expensive so I just make a nice dinner at home and spend my night with my family.

    Again, Thanks for the designs and ideas – LOVE THEM.

  214. We celebrate with cards and chocolate for the kids, grandkids and a special card for my husband. If we can, we try to get together for a family dinner (2 children, spouses and 5 grandchildren) — sometimes dinner out, sometimes one family hosts — not sure what we will be doing this year (kids are into hockey, basketball, dance, etc.) — I’m sure we’ll work something out.

    I always enjoy making the cards and helping the grandkids with their cards. Thanks for sharing your ideas/tutorials.

  215. Thanks for those great instructions and the chance to win the Fancy Pants Love Collection which looks great. I’m headed over to their site to see what other products they offer and also to Sunny Stamping store to see check out those tapes and whatever else I can afford.
    We celebrate Valentines Day quietly at home – a special dinner and cards.

  216. I celebrate Valentine’s Day by sending cards. The “celebration” part is making them. As a matter of fact I just made 2 of them today!! Thank you Andrea for the chance to win!!

  217. My husband and I exchange cards and a small gift. I give our five grandchilden cards which course are all made by me. I work in a convience store and give all my regular customers a small treat with some small card attached.

  218. I have always celebrated Valentine’s Day. Now that I am retired and have grandchildren, Valentine’s Day seems more relaxing . I have more time to prepare Valentine cards for my precious grandchildren. They love getting mail and I make the cards with the cups that hold candy so that is a special treat for them. Also, in the sunny South, I am able to hand deliver cards to friends LOL and this year I am organizing a Valentine’s street party. Should be a great time. Thanks for the wonderful ideas. Will use some as part of my table scape.

  219. I love Valentine’s. I think it is a great day to just remind all the people in your life how much you love them.

  220. I celebrate valentines day by making cards for my 8 grandbabies, special friends relatives and of course my loving hubby! I belong to a card swap group so will also make 8 cards for our meeting. The hearts and bows will be flying out of my work room. We will celebrate the day with a nice dinner out! Thanks for all of your wonderful projects.

  221. Very cute pouches!
    We do celebrate Valentine’s Day but in our house it’s all about our daughters. I make a card for my husband, and he usually does something for me, but the real treats are for the girls. I always make something for them and, now that they’re away at college, I’ve been extending the treats to their roommates. They all love what I send and it reminds them that they’re being thought of.

  222. We celebrate Valentine’s Day by having a quiet dinner, and buy each other candy! We celebrate on the weekend if it falls on a week day because I work nights. I still mail my kids’ Valentine cards and candy even though they are grown!

  223. We usually spend Valentines Day at home with no particularly set agenda. There is always chocolate involved. Sometimes we cook a nice dinner and sometimes we do a quick dinner and spend the evening enjoying each others company watching tv or a movie. This year I think a rerun of Crazy, Stupid Love is the perfect plan. That is the most realistic, funny love story I have seen in a VERY long time. Love isn’t always sweet and mushy. Sometimes it is angry and frustrating and one sided, but it always ends up winning in the end. That’s REAL love!!!

  224. Super cute set and great projects to go with it!

    We celebrate it as a family by making heart shaped pancakes and muffins and sometimes a Valentines themed book. Of course, everyone gets a homemade card!

    My favorite is going to The Melting Pot – a romantic fondue restaurant that I enjoy going to. My hubby and I usually go a weekend or two before or after Valentine’s Day to avoid the crowd!

  225. I love making valentines and treats holders for my family. Thanks for sharing such wonderful projects.

  226. Super Cute Idea. We just try to spend the day together, maybe a movie or dinner never know what is going to happen in our crazy home. Thanks for the chance and have a great week end.

  227. Valentine’s Day isn’t a huge thing in Australia, it is only in recent years that it has taken off really, but my husband and I celebrate our anniversary on 22 Feb and this is our time to do something special. The paper theme would be just as nice for anniversary celebrations. Thanks for all you do and give, this site is my “go to” whenever I need some inspiration.

  228. The collection is very pretty, this could loads of great Valentines. The grandchildren and one of my daughters cut out Hearts and decorate them. Then we hang them all over her house.

    I would use share this with my grandchildren who are very crafty.

  229. I never use to celebrate Valentines day, but with 2 little kids I make sure we do. I just love seeing the looks on their faces! The pocket tags are very cute, I think I’m going to make something similar. Thanks for the idea!

  230. Ohhhh this kit is adorable and really versatile for a lot of occasions besides Valentines Day. Well being single I like to send out a little lovin’ Toodles and Kaboodles to all my dear friends; I mean who doesn’t like to get a Be My Valentine! I always get that same feeling as I did in elementary school; so excited to fill out all the many Valentines for all my little friends. Such a sweet time. I like to try and capture some of that innocence and send out back into the world. My fondest Valentine memory being about 3 1/2 -4 years old and my mom and I in our pool. We’re face to face, my little arms around my mum’s neck. And she holds me in her arms slowly turning round and round, gently bobbing up and down in the shallow end of the pool. And all the while my mum softly singing ‘Love makes the world go ’round.’- Happy Valentines Day everyone!!

  231. Hello – Yes – we celebrate Valentines in our house. As my girls get bigger and are out of classroom card passing…I now try to find cute Valentine Day pajamas and I make a cute little paper craft treat bag for each of them filled with stickers – pens – candy and cute socks – all in pinks and reds. Its lots of fun. I love this paper pack – love that it comes with 2 sheets of stickers. Thanks for the chance to win!
    Karen – Newport News Virginia

  232. I love the look of those sheets of papers, and the chocolate box and the tags is so cute,
    We don’t celebrate Valentines, I just give hubby a big kiss and wish each other well, and that is the important thing in life and enjoying every day together.

  233. Great papers, Fancy Pants have always done wonderful designs, I have been urged by friends to propose this Valentines day, since it is also a leap year, so might have to make some little gifts with some lovely papers to make that a even more special day!! Thanks for the chance for the give-away! Happy New Year to you all!! Look forward to all the wonderful blog posts and projects that will be coming our way during 2012, Keep Up the wonderful good work that you do!
    Bhavana xx

  234. Love valentines day! I make special cards for each of my two girls, a small gift (usually a stuffed animal), and a small candy heart (same as my dad used to give me and my sisters). thanks for the great idea and the chance to win! I really love your site.

  235. When our children were still at home we always had a small gift on their plate at the evening meal. Now we send a valentine & chocolates to them via the mail. Even though they are all in their 20’s, they still look forward to receiving the valentine card and candy. I usually cook my husband’s favorite meal on valentines day-good thing I like it also! Love the papers, and as usual your projects are darling! Would love to win these papers, thanks for the opportunity.

  236. I am in my 70’s and have made valentines since childhood. That has always been the part of loving for those dear to you. Red paper and lace doilies, oh, my what fun.

  237. Love this project , thanks for your inspiration! I find your videos very easy to follow.
    For Valentine’s day, my boyfriend and I make a nice romantic dinner at home and exchange Valentine Cards.
    Thanks for the opportunity to win this beautiful paper.

  238. We celebrate with the 30 children from my Sunday night class at church. We all make Valentines and the parents drop the children off at my home so we can party without interrupting the service.

  239. For Valentines day I usually make my husband his card and we go out to dinner. Our anniversary is actually Valentines Day and we will be celebrating our “20th” anniversary this year. I do not know what he has planned yet. I would love to win this adorable set and love your project ideas!!

  240. Andrea: Your tag project is just too adorable for words. You show me creative and inspiring ways to celebrate not only the holidays – but my every day life. Many thanks for the pdf for this project – and your amazing give away – LOVE how this paper collections looks.

  241. When my boys were young, each holiday brought different items to make the day special. I would make heart shaped meatloaf to celebrate this day. I would go to their classroom and paint hearts on all the kids’ faces.

  242. Well without winning this amazing paper collection I could not possibly make my man the most amazing card for valentines day, now could I !!!!! I would love to spoil him with a weekend away in the mountains – just relaxing and being together – of course with champagne and candles 🙂

  243. My husband suffered a major stroke and suffers from Parkinson, so I make my him a special Valentine’s Day and fix him a special dinner. Always enjoy your work. Thanks.

  244. I love all of your projects, the tag is especially cute. I love learning new things, you are such a great teacher! Thanks for sharing your talent with us all! The Fancy Pants paper is awesome!

  245. Valentines Day is celebrated by exchanging cards only. We used to exchange small gifts when our children were small. Now grown I send them a handmade card with a few candy treats.
    Thanks for the projects and inspiration.

  246. This new idea is so lovely and, as all your projects, so useful. I always celebrate Valentine’s Day with a card and small present for my husband, who I love so much. Thanks, as ever, for the chance to win!
    Love, Ann xxxx

  247. All holidays are celebrated in my house, including Valentine’s Day. As a kid, my mom always made every holiday special by making holiday inspired food and now that I’m in my own home, I carry on the tradition. We will have a dinner of all red foods and heart shaped pizza.

  248. The cards are so nice. I am going to make some of them. I am working so we really do not do anything special for Valentine’s Day. Would love to have a chance to win.

  249. Yes! We do celebrate Valentine’s Day. My husband is awesome, he always remembers me with usually a card and flowers and dinner out, I really love him! Thanks for the chance to win your prize. Always, Linda

  250. I usually make my friends and family cards for Valentines. I will also be celebrating with my students this year.

  251. always send cards to family, kids and make one for hubby…
    thank you for all the work you do and share…
    this year i am planning a workshop for my customers to make a special valentine for their special valentine…hope it works out and i can pull it off…

  252. Yes I celebrate Valentine’s Day – it was the first holiday card my now husband bought me. So 39 years later we still celebrate Valentines by exchanging cards and giving each other small gifts. I love making his Valentine card as well as for my family. Enjoy your ideas. Thanks for doing what you do!

  253. As an elementary teacher and a parent of Februrary-born children, the month of LOVE is a busy one at my house. I craft Valentines for my students and family and usually find a fun note in my lunchbox from my awesome hubby (who likes to surprise me with a stamped love note!) Since Valentine’s Day is one of the most crowded nights of the year at restaurants and we celebrate birthdays all month long, we have a nice family dinner at home.

    Thanks for the ideas! I can get started on my Valentines now!

  254. My “Sweetie” and I have been exchanging Valentine cards & going out to dinner for Valentines Day since we started dating 50 years ago. In April we will be married 49 years!

  255. Cute idea. I teach piano and am always on the lookout for seasonal handout ideas. Thanks for your clear directions and also for the chance to win.
    Barbie Jo

  256. Love the card, love the treat package. I made something similar a few years ago with cinnamon hearts and donated to Meals on Wheels to put on meals for shut-ins. They loved them!!!!!

  257. I love your ideas and really appreciate that you include your instructions. It’s a great way to make someone’s day and to make them feel special.

  258. Of course we exchange cards, but then stay home and cook a special meal rather than go to a restaurant. It was actually more fun when our girls were here since kids always make the festive occasion more merry. Thank you for the video and the chance to win.

  259. Your creative projects are always executed so well in your tutorials. Thanks for the chance to win the items for this valentine project.

  260. I will definately try to make this pouch. I’m a first time viewer and subscriber and I am very glad that I subscribed to your blog. It is very informative with a lot of awesome ideas. I LOVE the video tutorials because I need visuals. Keep up the good work!

  261. Yes indeed I do celebrate Valentine’s Day … being a classroom teacher/substitute I bring a special something to the students, usually a Valentine eraser. I make cards for my children and grandchildren as well as a special treat for them. And naturally I make a very special card for my husband.

  262. Yep… husband and I celebrate Valentine’s Day by going out for a nice dinner and exchange cards. I like to make a special card for him. Then we usually go to a movie…………a nice romantic comedy.

    By the way, I think you do an awesome job on all of your projects. I am truly inspired by everything you do. Thanks for all that you do.

  263. Valentine’s day is so special for us because our son was born on that day. We call him our love child. I made cards out of paper and my husband has even made me cards out of wood. Thank you for being an inspiration to all of us. I come home from school and don’t want to have to think and your ideas inspire me to create. Paper crafting is my therapy!

  264. What a beautiful Love Story Collection! I really like that it’s versatile whether you celebrate the holiday or not! I want to work on an anniversary album and what a treasure it will be especially using this sweet paper collection! 😀

    ~Vanessa W

  265. I hope I win. That said…..I am an old maid orphan. I do share candy and cards with the children at church. When I taught, I gave treats and cards to all my students, the teachers, aides, cooks, janitors, secretary and the principal…’Nuff said? I will take something to school for the adults, to celebrate my retirement, effective at the end of the month!
    I love making cards, scrapbook pages,etc. with my sister and friends.

  266. Thanks for the cute Valentine ideas. What great Inspiration. What a great holiday for paper crafting!!! I love the treat box!

  267. I LOVE Valentines Day! Can’t wait to try these new project ideas!
    I usually try to make something sweet for the family and then ditch ’em all to go out to a really nice romantic dinner with my hubby!

  268. I usually make my husband a card and a home cooked meal usually steak. This year will be our 25th Valentines Day together.

  269. Cute projects. I like both of them! We do celebrate Valentines Day; some years more than others. My husband and I usually go out to dinner and sometimes we buy each other small gifts.

  270. I don’t usually do anything for Valentines, but this year I want to make special gifts for my two boys, and what a way to help out with this kit! My husband is great, always getting me something, whether it be from the dog or him, so this year I expect it will be from the kids!

  271. My husband and I always go out for dinner the night before or the day after. It is too busy on Valentine’s Day and it makes the meal not as special. On Valentine’s Day we have a special meal for our family. We often, though not every year, go around the table wih everyone saying why we appreciate/love or what makes each one special about everyone seated. Then we have cinnamon candy hearts. I always make a card for my husband and he usually buys me one, pays one of the dd’s to make one for him or just buys me a treat. Last year we both bought each other a box of Laura Secord chocolates! The kids had a good laugh about that! 🙂

  272. I love paper crafting, so I will make a Valentine’s Day card for my husband and treats with hand made tags for my 4 grandsons.

  273. I make a Valentine card for my husband every year, starting about 4 years ago. He keeps the cards I make for him, on his desk at home. So sweet! I also teach a 4-H class, making Valentines and of course, help my grandchildren make their Valentine’s Day cards, even though some of their schools don’t do Valentine’s Day parties (big bummer!!)

  274. Wow. Love the design. My daughter and I love making homemade cards for the kids in her classs. This collection will go a long way in making that happen

  275. Love your collection and ideas to go with it. I make my own cards for all holidays would love to add this collection to my stash. My husband gets me antique Valentine cards every year and we make dinner together.

  276. Just got started and am loving your blog. These are so adorable and I can’t wait to make some for my grands!

  277. Happy New Year! February is a “celebration” month for us because we celebrate my birthday, Valentine’s Day & also our anniversary (this February 21st will be our 25th!). We stay at home to avoid the huge crowds and long waiting periods at the restaurants on Valentine’s Day and instead go to dinner and a movie the following weekend for our anniversary. I especially love Valentine’s Day because my husband always buys me 2 cards. The first one is always a very sweet, sentimental card that makes me get teary eyed, and the second one is a fun card with cute sexual undertones to remind me that I still make his heart skip a beat! I think this is so darling! :). May this Valentine’s Day & year be filled with lots of love & laughter for you and all your readers.

  278. We always celebrate Valentine’s Day. With 8 grandchildren I have a lot of cards and goodies to make.
    This is a beautiful collections of papers and stickers. The winner will be one happy person.

  279. We do celebrate Valentine’s Day but, something simple and fun. The kids are older and live outside our home. On Valentine’s Day the kids come home for dinner and we afterwards we play a game. I make Valentines for everyone and it would be great to use the bundle you are giving away to make my cards. Thank you for your ideas and prizes!

  280. Thanks so much for giving us a chance to win the beautiful paper pack!! It’s lovely! Our family celebrates Valentine’s Day. We usually try to make valentines for each other and we try to give our children something small….some candy or an ice cream gift card. We also try to have a dinner made out of hearts. We’ve had heart pizza before, heart sandwiches, heart pancakes, etc. We also usually make some type of heart dessert.

  281. I love valentines day. I always buy my husband and myself our fishing license and pit them in a homemade card for him. What better way to spend Valentines day than with your fishing buddy. Thanks for sharing all you great ideas.

  282. We don’t really celebrate Valentine’s Day, but I do always make him something (usually a card and small gift)… he always appreciates things that I’ve made him, rather than bought. He’s very supportive of all the craft stuff I do and even helps me sometimes with ideas, giving his opinion on which design looks better (he has very good taste) etc. I also bake him something e.g. cake, dessert etc. He shows me that he loves me every single day… personally, I think it’s all the little things he does that show how much he loves me, rather than big things. Ever since we moved in together (over 4 years ago), he has made by breakfast every single day… even when I’ve had to get up at 3am for work (glad I don’t have to do that anymore!).

  283. We celebrate Valentine’s Day at my house with special gifts, cards and a special dessert, and now that we have children we celebrate it as a family rather than just as a couple so we all get treated to a special day!

  284. Happy New Year – I have been admiring these papers for sooooooooo long. Thanks for the chance to win them. Happy Valentines Day to everyone

  285. I work at an elementary school with mostly women co-workers. We do a Secret Valentine and exchange small gifts for an entire week. I also enjoy making cards for my husband and my beautiful daughters. Thank you for the chance to win this versatile paper collection.

  286. When I come downstairs on Valentine’s day, there is a large musical balloon and flowers (usually tulips – our wedding flowers). We also go out for a nice meal each year. In 2012 we will have been married 43 years..

  287. I make valentine’s for both my kids and my husband. I like to give them a treat and a nice little gift too! Your ideas are awesome, thanks for sharing.

  288. My husband and I exchange cards and buy the grandkids a small heart with chocolates. We have a nice dinner and relax.

  289. Loved the tutorial! I make Valentine projects for all of my grandchildren & this would be a great one to create.

  290. I love the Valentine’s tutorial. We do celebrate Valentine’s Day by going out to a nice dinner. We now have a daughter who’s Birthday is on Valentine’s Day so I love the ideas and tutorials so I can make fun stuff for her and for her Birthday party.

  291. YES! MY HUSBAND AND I LOVE VALENTINE’S DAY! We generally make or buy a simple card, then celebrate with a quiet dinner. When my daughter lived at home, she always make a GIANT heart shaped chocolate chip cookie! Maybe I should try and do that this year.

  292. My husband and I love to go out for Thai food and a nice bottle of red wine for Valentine’s Day. Love your projects.

  293. This is wonderful. Valentine’s day is so much fun — love to make special things for my loved ones!

  294. Great freebie! I love Valentines days because I can make little goodie bags and cards for friends and family!

  295. I love Valentine’s Day. My favorite part is making Valentine’s with ym kids so they can pass them out to their friends at school!

  296. My husband and I always celebrate Valentine’s Day by exchanging gifts that we have made for each other along with the dozen peach roses he always gives me. But…this year is even more special because we have had our first grandchild, a sweet little girl, born on Christmas Eve. This year we will be truly blessed and deeper in love than ever. I would love to win this set to make something special for him and for my new grandbaby girl even though she will be too young to know what is going on. As always, thanks for all of your wonderful ideas and inspiration.

  297. Very cute tags. Very easy to make. The combination of the papers are really pretty. Thanks for share with us and the opportunity for the Freebie Friday. Usually, on Valentine Day we get out to eat at a special restaurant, my husband and I and our two children.

  298. I’ve been calling Valentine’s Day “Singles Awareness Day” for many years now, since it seems to highlight those of us who don’t have significant others. But I do enjoy making cards for my nieces and nephew to let them know they are loved.

  299. I always enjoy you wonderful and unique projects. When my Children were younger I always made a nice dinner for my husband and us to enjoy as a family. Dessert was usually a individual bowl of chocolate fondue and all the dippers to share. I have a lot of Fiesta ware dishes, so all the pink and white came out those days. They now receive treats in the mail, in boxes and 3’ds I have made from great ideas like yours.

  300. That is a darling pouch with tag. I love the paper from Fancy Pants. I would love to win it. Thanks for the opportunity.

  301. Oh my, look at all your comments Andrea!!! You are da bomb! Valentine’s Day is all about sending cards for me and maybe a surprise gift from my husband (depends on whether he wants me as his Valentine this year — LOL).

  302. My husband and I do celebrate Valentine’s Day. We exchange cards and enjoy a great meal together. We both love to cook so we prepare the meal together. It has been a special evening for us since before we were married.

  303. Valentines is my MOST favorite holiday of ALL because I LOVE hearts. This is an amazing paper collection that I could use on my Valentine projects. thanks for a chance to win such great product!!

  304. Thank you for the cute note card idea. Loved the idea given for the library partners-lucky them. I’m making open heart bags for candies this year to give.

  305. We love Valentine’s day, after all it’s about hearts and love =P Seriously I love thinking up ideas to celebrate Valentine’s day that is different from any other we spent (or at least tweaked). =) Thank you for the ideas and inspiration!!

  306. We celebrate Valentine’s Day by sending cards and going out to eat. I love Valentine cards! Thank you for the opportunity to win.

  307. I make hubby a nice card and we often go out to dinner or something. I also make valentines for my grown daughters. AND for my 4 granddaughters! The oldest two, who are almost-4 and 2.5, will appreciate a Valentine card from Grammy. I’ll send them to the babies too, but have a feeling they’ll just chew on theirs. I’ll have to make sure there’s nothing that can come off those cards – a child-proof greeting card!

  308. We exchange cards and DH buys me a dozen roses (but we wait until the weekend after for the flowers since they are half the price then).

  309. Yes, we celebrate Valentine’s day in a quiet, but romantic way! We have a candlelight dinner and exchange cards. My husband always takes the extra measure to include chocolate and I give him a bottle of his favorite wine. We both enjoy each other’s gifts!

  310. Valentine’s Day is a family event in my house. I make a really delicious dinner followed by a scrumptious chocolate dessert. My husband and I enjoy some champaign and the kids snuggle on the couch with us for a romantic comedy.

  311. I’m a new crafter. I have always love to craft but been busy working, now that I’m retired I have lots of time. This is my 1st year to make a card for my husband, thanks to you, I’m inspired. I have been following you from your stamping up days, and wanted to join your grp, but can’t afford to buy all the accessories and supplies. So I only pick projects that low in supplies and what I have, and this is one of them. Thanks for the ideas. Please have more projects that are easy to do with limited supplies needed.

  312. CUUUTTTE!!!! FREEBIE! Love it! For Valentine’s Day we usually make Valentines very special for our two children. We make a special Valentine’s Day breakfast (heart shaped eggs, toast and bacon or pancakes in a heart shape with strawberries). Depending on when Valentines Day falls, we have also had a special fancy dinner with Chocolate Cake and a raspberry coulis (pretty fancy) and the kids just love it. Then, my husband and I go to a Ceilidh (Irish or Scottish Dance/Party) and get together there with a few friends.

  313. Really great project and perfect papers!
    Would be great to have!
    Thanks for the opportunity!

  314. Each year I try to make a little classroom treat for my youngest daughter’s classmates (now in Grade 4 so that will end soon, sniff sniff). Last year I made cards for my 2 kids AND my hubby – a first. Thanks for a great giveaway. I LOVE Fancy Pants!!!

  315. Let’s see – Valentine’s Day celebration. I make a card of course for my sweetheart of 32 yrs. which we just celebrated on the 8th and give him the card with a box of chocolates. He is a chocolate freak – and then I will usually fix a nice supper later that evening. We both work, so if we’re wanting to do something extra it will usually be the weekend before or the weekend after. And “Home is Where the Heart Is” so we love enjoying our home togther. I hope I win the freebie – I would love to make some Valentine projects with the collection.

  316. For years I have made Valentine’s for each of my 13 grandchildren and I always enclose a dollar bill. Although some of them are grow now and they live all over Texas and even in Florida, they stll look forward to getting their valentines.

    P.S. I am gonna be a great-grandma in April, so I will be making more Valentine’snext year.

  317. Alas, while John and I wish each other a Happy Valentine’s Day, we don’t always follow through with cards.. Maybe, I’ll be inspired by your projects/ideas to make V-Day cards this year.

  318. We always celebrate Valentines day. My hubby usually will get me some kind of seafood that I love so much and we will have a nice romantic dinner at home. He really is a romantic at heart. I am new to the papercrafts and this would be such a great help to me to get started. I love the choices of the package and look forward to many many helpful things on this site. 🙂

  319. We definitely celebrate Valentine’s Day. Usually with cards and little treats all around plus a special dinner and cream puffs for dessert. My mom started the cream puff tradition years ago. Helps me feel close to her even though she’s been gone for 13 years. <3

  320. I love Valentine’s cards and my 2 children and I always make them to give out to classmates. Its fun and there are no rules. I just let them go with it!

  321. I do make my hubby a valentine’s card, of course 🙂 and I get a beautiful card from him! We don’t usually go out for dinner right on Valentine’s Day but our church has a Sweetheart supper almost every year! So that’s really nice. Sometimes it’s a themed night – a few years ago it was a 70’s – 80’s theme! This is so much fun! Last year my husband & I presented a comical skit featuring an ‘older’ couple where the husband’s not-so-good hearing led him to misunderstand what his wife was saying! But in the end the husband truly understood what was special to his dear wife! Truly a ‘Love Story’ just like the paper collection! This year our church is not having an actual Sweetheart supper because many people will be away so they’re planning a spring dinner later on. Happy Valentine’s Day everyone!

  322. These are so CUTE! I love cute things that are also quick & easy. Thank you for sharing them with us.

  323. It seems we have not done much for the past few years on Valentine’s Day. But this year we are going to start again. My husband was involved in an accident on New Year’s Eve on the 417 Highway ending up in a ditch at 110 kms an hour when another vehicle ran into him. He is home with a concussion and I want to make this Valentine’s very special and make sure he knows he is Number one! We will go out for supper at one of our favourite restaurants – East Side Mario’s in Arnprior and just relax and have a wonderful time. We have been married for twenty years (March) and are coming up to our 21st.

    I would love to use the products you are showcasing to make this year a most memorable one.

    Thank you,


  324. I LOVE Valentine’s Day! Within my sorority we do a ‘panty exchange’ at our first meeting of the month in Feb. We pick out a special pair for our secret sister and have fun opening our gifts together. My husband and I celebrate with dinner with our children.

  325. We just celebrate Valentines day by hubby taking me out for dinner at a favorite restaurant or maybe he just buys me flowers.. I buy him chocolates because he is such a sweetie(still after 50 years) and he has a huge sweet tooth.

  326. Every year my son and I make a project for his class, this year we made the rolo pencils with valentine hearts and stamped with be my valentine…sure beats those cheap old paper valentines and we have fun doing it. Then the 3 of us (mom,dad, austin) take turn picking some place fun to go out for dinner and make it a fun family time. Thanks for the great ideas you share.

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