Please Welcome New Trend Reporter Aliya White

AliyaNEWREPORTERKeeping up with the latest trends in paper crafting can be hard and even more time consuming. With that in mind, we have added another Paper Crafter’s Library Trend Reporter to our group. Each week we have a new trend article for you chock full of ideas and samples taken from different companies and websites on line to bring them all together in one place for you. We know you love this weekly feature and want to continue to keep you up to date and “in the know” for the latest in the paper crafting world. 

Aliya White will join current Trend Reporter Katherine Elliot in bringing you these fabulous articles.  She is very excited to get started and continue to explore all the avenues of the paper crafting world.

You will see her first article next week. In the meantime, you can visit her blog here and see some of her own work.  

Learn more about Aliya:

Although I have always had a creative outlet in one form or another, I got hooked on paper crafting when a good friend of mine taught me how to wet emboss.  I was thrilled with the alchemy of changing  a blank piece of paper into golden communication.  I have been paper crafting for over 10 years now. 

I do some mixed media projects and have made a few scrapbook pages.   My true love is making  greeting cards because they are meant to be shared.   I personally love getting mail and I share that mailbox thrill with others.  I sell my greeting cards on Etsy under the store name Plays Nicely with Paper.  When I am not crafting or on Pinterest,  I work in marketing research and love talking to people to figure out what is important to them.   My husband Richard and I are working on creating new additions to our family.  In the meantime, he happily lets me buy all the crafts I want.  As long as they stay in my craft room. 

I look forward to sharing it all on Paper Crafter’s Library.

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  1. So happy to have you join PCL, Aliya! Sounds like your hubby is a bit like mine. As long as I contain myself, there is peace in the house… it’s just so tempting to spread it all around… hee hee…

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