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We are happy to bring you this week’s Featured Company: Splash of Color.  We are so excited to be featuring them for the first time on Paper Crafter’s Library.  In today’s spotlight you’ll learn more about Splash of Color, see a fantastic project by one of their designers and have the opportunity to win the prize package shown below (details at the end of this post).

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About Splash of Color

We are a mixed media driven company Featuring Luminarte, Viva Colour and various Licensed artists. We have a strong belief in both inspiring and educating our customers. We are constantly striving to develop new and innovative products, as well as searching out new and exciting products to distribute. And we are responsive to our customers. We listen, we make things that work, that are easy to use, and are the highest quality for the best possible price… and that will help make creative dreams come true.


Special Splash of Color Guest Designer

Today we also have a special Splash of Color Guest Designer.  Marah Johnson is part of the 2013 Splash of Color Design Team. We are so excited to have her showcase her work today on Paper Crafter’s Library. You can leave a comment below the post telling us what you like about her project for a chance to win a the prize package.

You can see Marah’s fabulous project below, but first, here is a little more about her:

529marahbioshot“I don’t ever remember not making things; an artist mother and a very creativefather raised me. Being an artist is in my genes and in many ways I feel as if I was predestined to be exactly where I am. I was raised in a truly bohemian hippie lifestyle where making things was how we supported ourselves as we traveled from state to state, coast to coast, selling our wares. I met many artists and artisans along the way, and being the precocious little one that I was, I always asked everyone I met to show me what they were making. Nearly every one of those artists would teach me something. My mother, who is currently a fine artist, taught me more than I can ever give her credit for… from sewing, to creating natural dyes, to plaster casting, candle making, papier maché, knitting,crochet, embroidery, carding wool, spinning wool, weaving, beading, jewelry… the list goes on and on. Suffice it to say she gave me my creative wings and I chose to fly. I have now been in the craft industry for about 14 years! I don’t think I could tell you what part of my creative career I love more – teaching, creating, product development, and marketing all provide a bit of an adrenalinerush for me.
“In addition to being a mixed media artist, versatile designer, product developer, and teacher, she’s wearing yet another hat and title: VP and Brand Manager of Splash of Color. Marah Currently resides in Huntington beach, CA.


Splash of Color Guest Designer Project: Mixed Media Card


Silks By Luminarte Twinkling H20’s by Luminarte Iridescent Glitter Paste by Viva Colour Stencil- Quatrefoil by The Crafters Workshop Stickers by Mixed Media 101 for Splash of Color Pallet knife ¾” wide paint brush Adhesive (pictured below)

Mixed Media Card Instructions

Step 1. Direct to rubber-stamping using Twinkling H2o’s by Luminarte.
• Choose Twinkling H20 colors, I suggest at least three different colors per image to create depth and texture. • Hydrate Twinkling H2O’s with water and let sit until the paint becomes a nice creamy almost honey like consistency
• Use a wide flat paintbrush to paint rubber stamp with a nice even coat of Twinkling H20’s
• Spritz stamp to make sure stamp is hydrated evenly and stamp image.
• Stamp background image directly on to card
• Stamp several butterfly images on an extra piece of card stock
• Let butterflies dry and cut two out for center of card





Step 2. Glitter paste and stencil background
• Using Silks by Luminarte and a sponge applicator put a coat of silks on to stencil and let dry.
• Once silks are dry on the stencil, place stencil on card and using Iridescent Glitter Paste by Viva Colour stencil only on the outside border of card. You will notice that the silks are activated by the Glitter Paste and create an outline around each stencil shape.
• Use a LOW TEMP heat gun to increase dry time of Glitter Paste by Viva Colour


Step 3. Finishing Card
• Layer both butterflies one on top of the other and adhere together only in the center of the bodies leaving the wings to fly free
• Add sentiment

We hope you have enjoyed today’s feature. We want to extend a sincere thank you to Marah Johnson for her fabulous project and Splash of Color for sharing their company with us. Be sure to visit Splash of Color to see more of their great products. You can visit Marah on her facebook page here and Youtube page here.

In order to enter the give-away to win the prize package shown above, please leave us a comment in the comments section of this post. Winner will be announced next Wednesday on the Paper Crafter’s Library blog!

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