Today we are very pleased to welcome back Nunn Designs a company created by designer Becky Nunn which offers gorgeous handcrafted jewellery findings.

About Nunn Designs

Elements of Inspiration is the original, flagship line created by Rebecca Nunn and her team of artisans at Nunn Design. The timeless beauty of each piece is a direct reflection of Rebecca’s original inspiration, kindled during a year spent in the north of Italy as a foreign exchange student. There, she was transported by the sensory richness and artistic creations of the Old World. These enchantments left a permanent impression, and spurred several return trips to Europe, and later to Bali and Australia.

Driven by her love of crafting, art, and design, Rebecca became deeply passionate about supporting, inspiring, and nurturing the creativity of other artists. She founded Nunn Design, and began producing the products you see here, as a tangible way to manifest that passion: to help facilitate your inspired process, and to allow your unique creations to be the focus.

The artist’s path is one of great mystery — a moment-to-moment exploration of the heart, the intuitive, the inner voice. We hope to add fuel to that mystic fire. We are proud to offer you these pieces of superlative quality — each one intentionally crafted to serve your ultimate vision. And we are committed to bringing you the innovation, ease, and education you’ve come to expect from Nunn Design. We are humbled and delighted to help you follow your art.

BeckyheadshotBecky Nunn’s mission as the founder and owner of Nunn Design is; “Through collaborative relationships, Nunn Design inspires and nurtures creativity”. Becky believes that everyone is creative and that we are born with natural abilities and a desire to express ourselves in some creative form or another.

To be inspired and nurtured, visit Nunn Design at www.nunndesign.com

Aster Necklace


How it was created:

My parents celebrated their 60th wedding anniversary this last year, so I created a fun little bobble to wear to their anniversary party. I painted glue onto the bottom of a glass dome, placed it where I wanted it, squished it back and forth to get the excess glue and bubbles out, cut the image around the dome, trimmed the image to fit, and then glued it into a framed pendant small circle. I repeated the steps with another dome, image and framed pendant and then attached them to a chain with toggle connectors and a heart charm.


I experimented with attaching my pendants to a large loop charm bracelet…


…but went with the necklace in the end.

Instructions can be downloaded here: http://www.nunndesign.com/cheatsheets/DIY_Glass-Dome-Necklace_Nunn-Design.pdf

Supply List for Glass Dome Necklace:

Framed Pendant Small Circle Single – Antique Gold (fpscs-gb)
Patera Glass 22mm Circle (pg22c-b)
Large Jump Rings-Antique Gold (ljrg-b)
Small Heart Charm – Antique Gold (shgo-b)
18” Small Fine Cable Chain – Antique Gold (sfcc-gb)
Small Jump Rings – Antique Gold (jrg-b)
Twig and Connector Set – Antique Gold (ttb-gp)
Nunn Design Glue


Hornad Necklace


How it was created:

Butterfly images were punched from our Collage Sheet Butterflies and glued to both sides of a flat tag grande circle.  Once dry, one side got a dose of UV resin and cured under a UV lamp for 20 minutes. Then the flat tag was cemented with Bond Cement into the open bezel and filled with UV resin for the other side. The same steps were applied to a double sided pendant to dangle from the open bezel. After that, all it took was some assembly and bam! A double sided butterfly necklace!



Instructions can be downloaded here: http://www.nunndesign.com/cheatsheets/DIY_Resin-Butterfly-Pendant-Necklace_Nunn-Design.pdf

Supply List for Double-Sided Resin Butterfly Pendant:

Grande Pendant Circle Open – Antique Silver (gpco-sb)
Double Sided Pendant Circle – Antique Silver (dpc-sb)
Flat Tag Grande Circle Single Hole- Antique Silver (ftgcs-sb)
Twig Connector Bar – Antique Silver (tcb-sb)
Large Textured Cable Chain – Antique Silver (ltcc-sb)
Small Hammered Cable Chain – Antique Silver (shfc-sb)
Small Fine Cable Chain – Antique Silver (sfccsb)
Ring Toggle – Antique Silver (rt-sb)
Simple Toggle Bar – Antique Silver (stb-sb)
1/2 Collage Sheet Butterflies (csbf)
Nunn Design Glue 2oz (glue 2oz)
Gel du Soleil 4 oz (gel 4oz)

Punch Large Circle – 1.25 inch punch (plc)
Punch Small Sided Circle – 13/16” (pdsc)
UV lamp

Other Supplies:
Bond 527 Cement
22 gauge silver wire

How to Enter the Give-Away

 krtb-sp-150x150c     krte-sp-150x150c     krtn-sp-150x150c

Nunn Designs is graciously giving away ONE of their kits to a lucky blog reader (three options are shown above). To enter the give-away, leave a comment including which kit you would like to win (bracelet, earrings, necklace) in the comments section of this post. We’d love to hear about whether or not you have done any jewellery making of your own, or whether you’ve incorporated these types of pieces into your cards, scrapbook layouts, home decor pieces, altered art, art journals, mixed media pieces etc.

This give-away is open for one week – the winner will be announced next Wednesday. Please ensure that when you leave your comment you include your email address (it is kept private) because we will need that to contact you if you are the winner.

We also encourage you to take a minute to visit the Nunn Designs Blog – please leave them a comment letting them know that we sent you , and then we encourage you to look around as they have LOTS of fantastic project ideas as well additional video tutorials. It is only through the generosity and kindness of sponsors like Nunn Designs that we are able to offer YOU – our fantastic audience – these give-aways so we appreciate you showing your support here and on their blog.


48 replies on “Featured Company: Nunn Designs and a Give-Away”

  1. Thank you so much for the intro to Nunn Designs! The work is stunning!
    My fav jewelry to insert into my papercrafting art are vintage earrings. They can be used as several ways including flower centerpieces, which is my go to! The earring kit would be my choice! many thanks~L

  2. I checked out the web site. So many beautiful kits. My favorite is the traditional bracelet in antique silver.

  3. Thank you for the wonderful giveaway. I am an avid jewelry maker and have recently started using epoxy clay and chatons into my media mixture and techniques. I have been making jewelry for 4 years now and am still learning every day new techniques, processes, medias, etc. I love Nunn Design and all of their products.

    If I won this giveaway my choice would be to have the Kit Traditional Necklace-Antique Silver.

    Thank you again for the wonderful opportunity.

  4. I’ve done just a bit of jewelry making. These are all stunning! I would LOVE to win the bracelet kit!

  5. i submitted a comment earlier, but alas it is not showing.

    the kit i would like is this one: Kit Traditional Necklace-Antique Silver

    i have been creating jewelry for a few years now and love it and love Nunn Design products and projects.

    Thanks for the giveaway.

  6. I just love love love your product. I like the bracelet from the kit above. I do a lot of polymer clay mixed with jewelry.

  7. I’d like to win the bracelet kit. I have used Nunn Design items in my projects and am planning next to play with epoxy clay and Nunn Design bezels.

  8. The TRADITIONAL ANTIQUE SILVER RING really had me dreaming up ways to incorporate my beloved SEA GLASS in a new form of jewelry that I have never tried before ( I usually do wire wrapping) – I think that the earrings in the same ANTIQUE SILVER would be FUN too!!

  9. I love making jewelry , especially as gifts for friends. I’ve made many necklaces and just completed Nunn Design earrings for my college friends for our reunion. I would love to win the necklace kit. Thanks for the chance!

  10. I love Nunn Design and would love to win the bracelet kit.
    I have been experimenting with the jewellery clay for a couple of weeks and love it – I just cant get enough of it. But being in New Zealand I have to wait for weeks for it to arrive (checking the mail box every day!).

  11. Love all the giveaways. Fingers crossed. Love all the Nunn products and the fact that the quality is superb and American made.

  12. Love Nunn Design. I use their bezels in my jewelry making. Would love the earrings kit. Thanks.

  13. I love making bracelets beaded, and bangles. Love using bling and metal embellishments on my scrapbook layouts, and bling on my cards….

    I would love the necklace kit, as I would like to start getting ideas to branch out from bracelets. Thanks for this opportunity! I love Nunn Designs!

  14. I’m a big fan of Nunn designs, I’d love to have the traditional bracelet in antique silver kit.

  15. I love Nunn Designs. They have such great quality and value for the prices. I love the necklace because it holds more promise for embellishment. I have used their pieces in scrapbooking and jewelry making. Their website is full of ideas and tips. They have great tutorials as well.

  16. If I would lucky enough to win this giveaway I would like the bracelet. I made jewelry many years ago. My granddaughter is making jewelry now. I forwarded this post to her and I would give this kit to her to make for me If I win. Love the pieces. thanks for offering them.

  17. I’m an avid jewelry maker but I’ve not used the items seen in the post. I’m eager to try epoxy clay which is I suspect what is used in the kit. I’d love to try the necklace because I wear them most. I’d also love to use resin and I’m dying to try Nunn’s bezels which I’ve seen on Artbeads cafe videos. They look great.

  18. I just discovered Nunn Designs and have started using their products, which are unparalleled on the market! I have used epoxy clay and chatons and would love to make the bracelet, as I’ve not tried a version like this. Bracelet it is!

  19. Oh Heavenly Angels!!! I am truly in love with the gorgeous butterfly necklace!!! Would be in Heaven if I was lucky enough to win a kit to make one of my own!!!
    I have done jewelry making in the past and am just getting back into it in the last few months. I saw a Nunn Designs necklace one day and decided that I wanted to give it a try and I fell back in love with jewelry making. I forgot for a while how relaxing it is to sit and make a beautiful piece of jewelry.
    I love experimenting with different mediums and just ordered some resin to play with. I am excited to try something new.
    I would love to win this wonderful giveaway and thank you for offering it to us!!! Have a great day!

  20. Your jewelry is fascinating. I’ve looked at pictures in magazine for months but have been afraid to try! I would love to make the bracelet …your things made with resin are so cool!

  21. I do make jewelry though I haven’t had an opportunity to play with any of the Nunn products. I have heard however that they are first rate. I really like the bracelet kit and thank you so much for the opportunity to win it.

  22. Thank you for having this contest. I love Nunn Design products and have not yet tried these kits, so I would love to win the earring kit.

  23. I do make jewelry, although I’ve never tried the resin or dome pieces with pics in them. I love the butterfly piece, although the necklace with the cameo’s in it tugs at my heart as this year is my parent’s 60th anniversary. What a great idea. I’d love to win the bracelet kit and try this out. Thanks

  24. Wow I just love these jewlery pieces so unique, I havnt tried jewlery yet as I am an avid card maker, however I feel the need to add some style gifts to my cards. Thanks for the inspiration. I would live the chance to win a kit. Karen fro Durham.

  25. I am always delighted to find a new supplier of kits and these incorporate paper! I can’t wait to get my hands on one. Thanks

  26. Love love love, you anniversary necklace. My parents just celebrated their 40th and it would be lovely to make a similar necklace. I also like the idea of placing the photo charms of loved ones who have passed on your wedding bouquet.

  27. I would love to win one of these kits-probably the necklace since that is what I make most of the time for myself. I don’t wear bracelets much. I like the fact that they are available in silver and gold. Not sure which I would chose if I won this giveaway. Thanks for the chance to win one of these lovely kits.

  28. I haven’t done any epoxy/resin work, just beading. Beautiful necklaces both! I’d love to have one of the butterfly ones- definitely something I’ll be thinking of in the future! Thanks for the chance!

  29. I would love to win the necklace. I love making jewelry and have worked with both resin and crystal accents for jewelry.

  30. I have tried beading and wire jewelry making, not tried epoxy or resin yet. The three sets are fabulous but I think I would pick the earring kit. Thanks for the chance to win.
    have a wonderful day!

  31. I love all of these kits and what you did with the Hornad Necklace!! So beautiful! All of your kits are beautiful (checked out your blog), and I fell in love with the bracelet kit!! I would so love to win this. I have never done a kit before, but if I can get these results I will have to make more (especially for gifts and incorporating in my many designs). My e-mail address is gdailey@concentric.net (if I should be so lucky!!).

  32. I am familiar with Nunn design and was very excited to see the new releases and projects!! Thank you for taking the time to share this fantastic artist with the subscribers! Fantastic and better yet – HIGH Quality jewlery and other project elements!

  33. I’d love to win the earrings. I’ve done limited jewelry making but have started picking up supplies and hope to take a class this fall.

  34. Love all three, but the bracelet is my favorite. Thanks for the chance to win, and for the detailed step by step tutorial on the butterfly necklace on Nunn Design’s blog.

  35. WOW, such great stuff shared here ! Totally stimulating for the creative process……I love the wonderful spirit of sharing techniques and how there are myriad ways to use and incorporate the Nunn Design pieces with other design elements and paper crafts as well…..I am just embarking on the crystal clay and ice resin, all resins materials/mixed media, and am in the design-thinking phase of clasp creating…..I’d love to come up with some unique clasps to use for bracelets and necklaces……The Nunn Design pieces with unique paper craft materials would be a fabulous way to start ! I would love the bracelet kit, it is just SO exciting. Many thanks for always making the art world a better place to learn and grow and share. You are all the best :))))

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