Featured Company: Designs by Ryn and a Give-a-Way

We are pleased to bring you a special guest today and feature her wonderful company. Please welcome Ryn Tanaka from Designs by Ryn.  I’m so pleased to share her work with you as well as a chance to win some of her images.  To be eligible, to win the prize, simply leave a comment below this post  telling us what you like about any of the projects listed showcasing Ryn’s designs (you can see them all below).  You will be entered for a chance to win a package of one of Ryn’s designs.  Here is what the prize pack includes:

Before we show you a selection of Ryn’s projects, here is a little more about Ryn:

Designs by Ryn is the manifestation of a dream that began a long time ago for me. I have always wanted to create a lifestyle that fits me and what I want out of my life. One that would allow me to create during working hours and give me the flexibility in my schedule to travel. For the longest time I wondered if something was wrong with me for not fitting into the multitude of ready made jobs that I tried.  It wasn’t until around three years ago when I attended a seminar at the Small Business Centre in London, Ontario that I realized that many of those misfit traits of mine were what they called entrepreneurial.

I was hooked by that idea but had absolutely no working knowledge of business.  The next few months I laboured over a business plan and submitted it to a program offered at the Centre – the Self Employment Benefit Program.  To my absolute joy I was accepted!

I was given a foundation of business related workshops and an advisor – Gord Evans- who went over and above to help me with my project – a business that offered high quality rubber stamp designs based on my artwork. The beginnings of Designs by Ryn.

In order to have the flexibility of location that I wanted my store would need to be online. Never mind that I was almost completely technologically challenged and didn’t own a computer! The library computers just wouldn’t cut it so I walked into Staples and many questions later walked out with a laptop, printer and… A boyfriend?! Lol. That’s another story all together 😉

He became my “tech department” helping with the many issues that came with designing, printing and cutting my catalogues and product cards from home. I also bought a scroll saw – another foreign piece of machinery to me – determined to hand cut the stamps once mounted on cling cushion. The first day I was in tears having destroyed at least half of my attempts but in time I learned.

The website went through several transformations which took a lot of time (and patience) and forced me to focus on marketing to stores and at festivals.  It wasn’t until this year that at long last it became a fully functioning store.

Since it’s release I am thrilled to see my stamps getting international exposure. I have built a Design Team of three wonderfully kind and talented ladies who consistently do great samples with the stamps. Shirley Deatcher – Canada, Eileen Godwin – UK and Miranda Dagenaars – Netherlands. I also encourage customers to share their work and find myself constantly delighted by what people make. The most inspiring part is that this business is allowing me to connect in a meaningful way to other creative individuals around the world.

That dream of mine is slowly getting there. I am endlessly thankful to all of the people along the way who have purchased my stamps and supported me on this journey.

I am now taking my business for a “walkabout” and am off traveling in South America with a backpack of art supplies. I’ve left my inventory and shipping with a wonderful and trusted lady – Phylis – back home who will handle orders while I am away. I hope to focus my energy on creating new and inspiring stamp designs. My next challenge is blogging about my creations. More to come 😉

Below you can see a sample of projects created by a variety of designers using Ryn’s Designs.


 Once again, to enter to win leave a comment here on our blog but make sure you take a minute to stop by Ryn’s blog because she is also giving away a fantastic prize pack.  The winners will be announced next week on each blog.  You can visit her blog here: http://www.designsbyryn.blogspot.com/

We hope you have enjoyed today’s projects. We want to extend a sincere thank you to Ryn Tanaka for sharing her beautiful images and inspiration with us.  And don’t forget to enter to win one of the great prize packs from Designs by Ryn.  Leave a comment on this post about one of the projects Ryn showcased and don’t forget to visit her blog and leave a comment there as well.  Be sure to tell her Paper Crafter’s Library sent you.  Winners will be announced next week!


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  1. Congratulations Ryn on your business. Great to hear such a success story. The samples are all beautiful but I just love the cluster of circles. They have so many possibilities. Thanks for sharing your incredible designs.

  2. I love Ryn’s story! I give her lots of credit for listening to her inner voice and finding the job that makes her happy. Way to go Ryn, you are an inpiration! And I am so in love with your designs and I adore the water droplets, wonderful! Headed off to visit your blog.

    Elaine Allen

  3. I have a couple of Ryn’s stamps and like them because they are a little different than the stamps already out there by other companies. My fave card is the first one with the embossed leaves, love the design and colours of this card.

  4. I love the intricate details on all the stamps. My favorites are the two that look like fancy stars! I just love those types of patterns!

  5. Ryns stamps are wonderful!! They are so full of detail and are so versatile – I would love to have all of them. I adore the first project shown! Beautiful use of the leaf stamp! My favourite is the water droplets!!!

  6. I love Ryn’s designs, and she was very helpful when I contacted her. The stamps are so different and unique and the one I own always gets me plenty of comments! It’s fantastic that you have Ryn as your featured artist and thank you for the chance to win 3 of her most beautiful stamps.

  7. I love Ryns stamps, they are so beautiful and versatile! I already have some of her stamps and they are not only beautiful but also great to use! The water droplets are my most favorite stamp, but the others are great too!!

  8. What a great success story. You are an inspiration, Ryn. Your designs are beautiful and I wish you continued success. What great exposure to be highlighted here at PCL! I love the water droplets and the clustered projects the most. I’m heading to Ryn’s blog next to see what else she’s done. Thanks PCL for featuring both known and new designers.

  9. Wow, stunning cards, stunning stamps. Just as I think I’ve found my favourite card, I see the next one! They are all so unique, vibrant and with the unmistakable style of Ryn. Thank you for the chance to win these beautiful stamps x

  10. I SO LOVE these waterdrops especially. A friend was using these stamps last weekend I so wanted them! I love your designs, thank you for a change of winning this set.

  11. WOW!!! These designs are fantastic. Congrats on your new business. The droplets design is really lovely.

  12. I’ve only been into stamping for less than a year and I love it! The story of Ryn is wonderful and she looks as though she has made the right choice for herself. I love the droplets stamp as well as the others, Thank you for the chance of winning the stamps. X

  13. all of the projects are gorgeous, all have a brightness about them. I htink my favorite would be the hummingbird, I love the detail and coloring, and the small flowers really pull it together nicely. thank you fo rsharing, and joined Ryn’s blog too so I can see more beautiful creations.

  14. Run, congratulations on living your dream. Your stamps are works of art. Love the water droplets. They are so realistic. Have fun and successful walk about.

  15. Beautiful unique designs. It’s nice to see stamp artists stepping out and sharing their talent with the rest of the world. Can’t wait to see her new creations when she gets back from her art trip!!

  16. Wow! I haven’t posted a comment in quite a while – too busy to do anything but read the posts. But this one made me stop and go back for a second look. Ryn’s designs are lovely, and the projects are gorgeous. The water drops have to be my favourite, but it’s hard to choose just one! They way they look 3D is absolutely amazing. Congrats to the artists who designed the projects, and to Ryn who designed the stamp!

  17. Wow I am so impressed by Ryn’s cards and stamps they are gorgeous! The water spot tag is simply amazing! I am so glad you introduced her to us!

  18. I love all the projects that were shared with us, but I have to say that I was really “wowed” by the the tag with the droplets!! These look like a lot of fun to play with 🙂

  19. Ryn – so inspiring. Would love to win your stamps ( my friend Tracey has your rain drop one and I love it!- I am so jealous! )

  20. What an inspiring and interesting story. I have been an admirer of Eileen Goodwin’s beautiful work for some time now and recognise Ryn’s designs in much of it. What I particularly like is that Ryn’s designs seem to allow the individual artist to express their own flair without dictating or dominating what that looks like.

  21. Wow! I would love to see the other stamps you created. These stamps are wonderful. Can’t wait to see the rest. I will be a visitor on Ryn’s blog.

  22. How beautiful are the designs showcased! These are surely really quality stamps – love the circles and water droplets.Well done Ryn

  23. A friend has the raindrop stamp and I would love to have it and the other two would be a very welcome bonus.

  24. What a lovely success story, so nice hearing about how it all started. I already follow the design team blogs, and have to say, the creations never cease to amaze me…..Keep up the good work ladies, so much inspiration xx

  25. Wow! The work is awesome. I really like the tag. It truly is a blessing to pursue your dream because you never work again. Much Success.

  26. Such great original design that are so versatile and really useful stamps.
    Love them all xx

  27. Such great original design that are so versatile and really useful stamps.
    Love them all xx

  28. I love your story and your stamps. The cards above are great. Good luck to you in all your endeavors.

  29. Wowzers– Andrea!! Thank you for giving Ryn the designers spotlight on Paper Crafters Library!! She is truly a gift to the crafters world. Her gift of seeing and humility will take her far:). Thank you for sharing and for the op to win this over the top stamp set:) be blessed
    ~Beyond Measure

    1. Ooopsie— I forgot—the water droplet tag is really breathtaking and the stained glass effect of the hummingbird is astonishing:) be blessed
      ~Beyond Measure

  30. I’m absolutely in love with Eileen Goodwin’s tag using the “Circle Cluster” set. It was her that introduced Ryn’s designs in one of our groups & it was her amazing renditions of this stamp set & example that has touched many of our heARTs.
    I’m so inspired by Ryn’s story and the heARTistry displayed here is no exception as to how much it touches my personal inspirational journey. My Best of wishes to you Ryn and I look forward to all of your creative shares on your journey too!
    Thank you so much for this showcase. HUGS xx

  31. Absolutely love the droplets stamp, never seen anything like it. Also love the yellow tag with all the circles.

  32. These are fabulous designs. I love Designs by Ryn stamps. My favorite one is the one in which contained the water droplet stamps.

  33. I really like the colors in the first project with the leaves. And the hummingbird is cute as well.

  34. Ryn, How wonderful that you have taken the steps to make your dreams come true. You are such an inspiration to all of us. Your images are wonderful. I am in love with the water droplets. I remember looking through tole painting books and seeing all the steps & colors used to make a droplet. How wonderful that you can just stamp it and have it look so real. Love it!

  35. Wow all the projects are fantastic but that Celtic Star is beyond beautiful. I am Irish and I can see me using that one a lot. Ryn is very talented and her stuff is certainly amazing. I wish her all the luck in the world and hope she goes far. I went to her site as well and left her some love as well. Loving the chance to win these beautiful stamps. Good Luck Ryn.
    Linda K.

  36. Wow! these stamps are fabulous. The droplets tag has me in awe. Great story. Thanks for the chance to win.

  37. I wish you all the best on your journey and I love the intricate details of your creations.

  38. Her designs are fantastic and my very favorite it the water droplet! That is so very awesome!

  39. Ryn’s stamps are beautiful. I really love the one with water drops. Thanks for the opportunity to win

  40. Hi,

    I was going to say I love the leaves in rust and turquoise, but then I saw the hummingbird and the water droplets. So, it is a tie between all three of them. Great imaginative designs. Well done. It would be so cool to win some of the stamps by Ryn.

  41. Breathtaking works of art that you and your design team show.Quality of the stamps top notch – I love the circles and droplets. I wish you all the success you deserve and will be pleased if I can get one cirlcle to standard as I start to use different medioms for my crafting! Thanks Ryn!

  42. What a lovely story ! The stamps are awesome, I so love hummingbirds and have at least a couple of feeders in the country LOL. The projects are so lovely; what vibrant colours

  43. Wow! I love the water droplets. Seriously unique and beautiful stamps. You have a real talent.

  44. I am a big fan of Ryn and proud owner of some of her stamps. Her stamps are fantastic and of great quality. So nice to see her work recognized. Thanks for the give-away – would love to have more of her stamps 🙂

  45. Well done on your success so far. I absolutely love the water drops stamp – I’ve seen it used by Eileen Godwin on several occasions and it always looks stunning. So dimensional and real!!

  46. Hi, just found your site today and have ordered the water drops stamp, wow it almost looks like real water on the cards, you are very talented, fantastic, have only been crafting about 8 or so months so busy collecting stuff, your stamps will go to top of my list, have a birthday coming up in a few months so I know whats going on my top of my list for gifts( Ryn Stamps)

  47. I have followed Ryn for a long time and I simply adore her designs. She is talented and beyond…..
    I am thankful for everything that has been shared and I continue to send Best Wishes her way.
    Thanks for the fantastic designs.

  48. I am always amazed at the endless creativity in the world. These are just beautiful and I can’t wait to try my hand at it. Thanks so much for sharing and letting the rest of without an original idea follow you.

  49. This is my first introduction to Ryn Designs–and I am in love! The stamps are beautiful and the water droplets and circles are my favorite. What beautiful and creative designs on the cards and tags. I can’t wait to shop at her ‘store’. Also, what an inspirational story of building her own business. All the best to you and much more success.

  50. I love the stamp designs. The projects have a great use of colors and textures. They are very dramatic.

  51. All examples are bright and beautiful. I like the water droplet stamp because it is so different and yet realistic.

  52. What a great story thank you for sharing. I wish you the best of luck. Your stamps are amazing.

  53. Ryn is definitely a spectacular designer and it is difficult to choose one as my favorite, but I would have to say the tag by Eileen Godwin. I always give into the bling and the way this one also features sequins really catches my eye!

  54. Ryn, Your story is truly inspirational and will give hope to countless others to pursue their dreams. Love, love the droplets on the tag and wish you could have explained exactly how you did them. They look so real and wet. Thanks for sharing and giving the chance to win your amazing stamps.

  55. Wow. The water drops look like if you touched them you would feel wet. That is more than art…simply amazing!

  56. Congratulations on the success of Designs by Ryn. These displayed items are absolutely awesome. I think I need more experience before I try. Great cards and tags!

  57. Congrats Ryn! Such talent! Beautifully intricate and detailed stamps. I adore those sample cards, every one is beautiful. I am drawn to the water droplet stamp and am already pairing it with a few of my fish stamps. I would use Stampin’ Up markers to color some of those stamps. I can use various colors on a stamp, then huff on them (as I would on a cold window to fog it), then stamp on my paper. I hope I win! I could use some more stamps for my bookmark ministry and my church’s card ministry.

  58. Ryn, I loved your story. What success and a boyfriend to boot! I just love the water drops, they look so life like. Congratulations on a job well done and good luck in all you do!

  59. Oh my goodness Ryn I love your stamps, especially the water droplets and leaves. All the best with your business.

  60. It was inspirational reading about Ryn’s story. I love the stamps, in particular, the water droplets. I plan on getting that one. Carol

  61. This is a fantastic post — what a great success story !! I really like all the designs, but my favorite has to be the tag by Linda Cain. The butterflies are so beautiful, and I love the vivid colors as well.

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