Faux Mosaic Technique

Hi everyone!

Today I’ve a really different technique to share with you- one that makes use of leftover rubber! You know all those extra bits once you’ve removed your rubber stamps from their surrounds- well this makes great use of them. I’ve kept the card pretty simple to help accentuate the mosaic effect.

It’s called the Faux Mosaic technique and you’ll need to cut up your pieces of rubber, put them on an acrylic block and then… well you’ll have to watch the video to find out!!

Members can view the video and download the pdf handout here.  (You will need to be logged in to access the page)

It’s a great technique to add to your repertoire and will have your friends and card recipients wondering exactly how you created it. On the plus side, you’re being environmentally friendly by re-using too. Give it a go and post your results in the gallery- we’d love to see what you come up with.

I hope you enjoyed this project.  Be sure to stop by my blog, http://kerenbaker.wordpress.com/ to see more of my creations.


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