Art Journal Express #22: Video Tutorial “Define Yourself” Art Journal Page

ArtJournalExpressLogo-550WWelcome to another edition of Art Journal Express brought to you by me, Andrea, from my blog Andrea Walford Designs.

Art Journal Express a free video tutorial series where I show you how I created one of my art journal pages from start to finish.

Today’s art journal page is called Define Yourself – and it evolved out of an ongoing dialogue that I have been having within myself about life.  You can watch the video tutorial from HERE.


The videos are hosted on a You Tube Channel that is separate from the Paper Crafter’s Library You Tube Channel, so if you don’t want to miss a single edition of Art Journal Express please subscribe to that You Tube Channel (you can do so from the video tutorial page from today’s post).

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    1. Hi Jasmine – Immediately after I spray on the stencil I will use tissue or deli paper to blot off the excess paint – I then save those pieces to use in other artwork pieces. I may then sometimes use baby wipes or soap and water to get off as much as I can. Typically though I don’t clean my stencils any more than by blotting the excess paint. Acrylic paint is very quick drying and it dries permanently so it will not come off and contaminate any other mediums you may use in the future and unlike a product like embossing paste will not affect the use of your stencil.

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